WhatsApp (read receipt FAQ)

As we patiently await an update to make WhatsApp support native display sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the tremendously popular Facebook-owned messaging service on Wednesday enabled a new check mark in the chat UI indicating that the recipient has read your message.

Now when you’re chatting with someone, pay attention to read receipts in the form of blue check marks, as discovered by designer, Dutch translator at Twitter and jailbreak developer Timon Olsthoorn (and many others on Twitter).

This is an over-the-air update so those with WhatsApp installed on their iPhone can start using this feature immediately, without the need to update the app manually.

WhatsApp, which has more than 600 million active users, is free in the App Store.

The blue indicator is in addition to a pair of grey check marks which denote that the message has been successfully sent (single check mark) and successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone (double check mark).

WhatsApp (read receipt 001)

WhatsApp’s online FAQ confirms Timon’s discovery.

“If you see two blue check marks next to your sent message, then the recipient has read your message,” reads the FAQ.

The new blue indicator appears in group chats, too.

“The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message,” the FAQ explains. Again, the check marks will turn blue when every participant in a group chat or broadcast message has read your message.

To check out who has seen your message and when, go to the Message Info screen by opening a chat with a contact or a group and swiping your message from right to left.

You can also tap and hold on your sent message and choose Info from the menu. The Message Info screen shows the following items:

  • Delivered when your media is delivered to your recipient’s phone, but the recipient has not yet seen it.
  • Read or Seen when the recipient has read your message or seen your picture, audio file, or video. For a Voice Message, the recipient has seen but has not yet played it.
  • Played when the recipient has played your Voice Message.

If someone has left a group chat, the Message Info screen will still show the original information with all participants, including the participant who left the group.

The app received its last newsworthy refresh a month ago, introducing a fast camera access button, location-sharing features, new wallpapers and notification tones, additional media auto-download preferences and useful options to archive chats and groups, add captions to media and share Slow-Mo videos.

As for the much-anticipated voice calling feature which WhatsApp promised would come during the first half of 2014, it’s now been delayed into early 2015 as the team needs additional time to work out the kinks.


According to WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum, they have “no real immediate plans to make money at WhatsApp” or bring advertising into the app.

Folks with a jailbroken iOS 7 device may be interested in trying out the new Message Scheduler jailbreak tweak by Mohamed Marbouh which lets you schedule WhatsApp message delivery at a specific time, as illustrated above.

Currently sitting at version 2.11.12, WhatsApp Messenger is available at no cost in the App Store.

[Timon on Twitter]

  • Garry

    wich tweak should i use to be invinsible on whatsapp i have ios 8.1 jailbroken ip6 please help

    • whatsapp lseen

      • Garry

        ?? hwere to get that

  • not for me!!!! -.-‘

  • legioner

    well who needs privacy these days

    • Please tell me that’s sarcasm…

      • Jeroen Claassens

        He’s right though… if you want privacy then simply don’t be on internet. It’s seriously the only way you’ll ever truly have privacy.

      • Depends on which services you use, I could be connected to the Internet an not worry about my files going to someone else’s HDDs. I could be chatting with friends and not have my details sold to advertising firms.

        Privacy doesn’t need to be extreme like you’re making it sound, and neither does privacy invasion, like facecrook does it.

  • Osama Muhammed

    this is why i’m still single

  • Micky Ganon

    Die privacy Die

  • Krikor

    Also if you slide on a message you sent from right to left you’ll get the delivery time and the time in which the recipient read it

    • Osama Muhammed


  • charliez

    There goes the little privacy there was left in this app.

  • Vidur Tangri

    Why don’t they make these features optional? Or does that make too much sense?

    • jack

      it’s facebook what else do we need to say

  • Marcus

    I don’t understand why so many people use WhatsApp. Everyone I know primarily uses texting, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. If you don’t have someones number you can use Facebook Messenger and Snapchat is just fun to use. What’s the big deal with WhatsApp?

    • Different options for different people…

    • Husam Hamed

      Much better and faster than iMessage from my own experience. and it started way before iMessage was out, so many people stayed on whatsapp and didn’t move to iMessage.

      • Amit Soni

        Not everyone is having an iPhone..so using iMessage doesn’t make sense..plus whatsapp is way much familiar than any other app cuz everyone is using it from ages..

      • Husam Hamed

        Right, forgot to mention that.
        And also it has a lot more options than iMessage and other messaging apps.

      • Marcus

        Yeah that’s true that not everyone has an iPhone, but what about just texting? If I go to Messages on my iPhone I have the intention to send someone a message sort of meaning a “text.” If they happen to have iMessage I will send them a message and if they don’t I’ll still send them that message.

      • firerock

        If they don’t have an iPhone why bother to send messages? mostly people have monthly subs for their data plan, use it wisely. LOL

      • Marcus

        iMessage uses your data plan… Also, since you’re just sending literal text through cellular signals it doesn’t use that much data. I also assume that around the same amount of data is used to send an iMessage as well as a message on WhatsApp. I don’t know what you’re talking about…

      • Krikor

        In most countries SMSs are charged individually and it’s much cheaper to use whatsapp for frequent texting. In all Latin America SMSs are almost obsolete, only used by people who don’t have smartphones

      • Marcus

        Thank you, that solves my question. I live in the United States and I’m on a shared plan with my brother so we have unlimited messaging and 6GB of data on AT&T. The SMS’ being charged equally is totally a good reason to use WhatsApp or a different messaging service. Thanks for the response!

      • Umut Bilgiç

        I dont like to pay for sms. So do lots and lots of people. All my friends use whatsapp. And in where i live if you have purchased a smartphone whatsapp is what you install immediately.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Whatsapp was very early to the game. At least that was makes it popular where i live. We have expensive monthly plans for sms, 3g internet is much cheaper per message.

    • Soleros

      In Italy it’s the most popular messenger app.

    • Waleed

      Whatsapp is actually the most beloved App 😛

    • Casseur

      What about the good old BlackBerry Messenger. Available for all platforms, actually secured and full of privacy settings. Just saying.

  • Eni

    I don’t have the blue check marks

    • Amit Soni

      this feature is just rolled out..so blue checks will show to the new msgs..not the previous ones..

      • Eni

        With an update? Becose i don’t see one

      • Christie

        what if the read timing shows ooo? does anyone know what that means?

      • Clear

        Nope, it’s over the air so it’s updated automatically.

      • Eni

        Got it. Ty 🙂

      • vs3894

        on android, if you long press the message, it gets highlighted in blue.

        on the top, near the delete icon, there’s a small “i” button

        click on that to get delivery and read information.

        and to answer your question, yes an update on the playstore.

        i dont know about ios though :p

      • Eni

        Lol this an iOS blog so i needed to know about iOS, thanks anyway, it’s all good now 🙂

      • vs3894

        i didnt see that!
        lol anyways its a slide from right to left on the message i think!

      • Eni

        It’s a long press actually

  • Amit Soni

    Any tweak to share music?
    Which works in ios 8.1?

    • Shariq Riaz

      music messenger

      • Waleed

        Watusi 😉
        Also: Whatsapp+

  • Hussam

    Any clue about the time of the next update??

  • Fevostone

    Viber way better now

  • Hitch

    Flex + Watusi = Fully Invisble.
    • No typing indicator
    • No recieved check mark unless you want it to
    • No online status even when online.

    • Christian Bottome

      witch flex tweak are you using ?

    • charliez

      I use Watusi but even with all the privacy features I can’t hide the blue check marks on the receivers phone ( at least on an Android phone ).

      So it doesn’t really matter if you are invisible when on the app, if someone texts you and you read it, they’ll know.

      • Stasis

        I think this OTA update broke some Watusi features. Like you just said. Also I dunno if it’s just me but I’ve noticed, normally when you have hide read reciepts on and you close the app. All the notifications come in again. This happens everytime you close the app however since this OTA update happened I don’t get the that anymore. Makes me think that it must not be working anymore. Just have to wait for Watusi to get updated I guess.

  • Osama Hamdy El-Sharnoby

    Why is there no support for iPad?!!!

  • Adan

    Nope, hours after seeing the article, many messages have been sent and received without the blue check marks.

    • divesh

      Same here

    • Jukkmoddr

      They are probably not rolling this out to everybody at once, which would be impossible with such a large user network.

  • aw81

    I always thought the two grey ticks meant it had been read, don’t I feel silly…

  • Wood1030

    What’s not mentioned is the fact that most messages are read from the notifications (if enabled). It’s only after you’ve actually launched the app and then read the message that the blue check marks show.

  • kkrrllaa

    Why lose your mind for this? I mean if someone is ignoring you why keep on messaging them, c’mon, grow up, send the people who ignore you straight to hell, wtf… Live free

    • Tommy

      THe thing is they didn;t know the other person was ignoring them until now.

  • omrishtam

    i guess i just won’t use this app anymore, thx whatsapp, you really know what your costumers wants.

    • Andy Wub

      thanks facebook!

  • George

    Why even make an update like this? I’m sure nobody what’s this.

  • any expected update for iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus users ? regarding screen size.

    • Waleed

      if you are jailbroken, u can install whatsapp beta version!

  • Mohammed

    “WhatsApp now indicates if your message has been read”
    You mean read by facebook,NSA,or both of them.

  • Mohammed

    Well,they basically screwed up my relationship with my dad,my mom and my GF.

  • nishaan jariwala

    how can i use this feturs in my iphone 4s i have already instal 2.11.12 version in myiphone

  • Diego

    Waiting the tweak to block this 😀

  • Jeroen Claassens

    The weird part here is, I haven’t got any app updates the past period of WhatsApp. I check the appstore on a daily basis, friends of mine, both with android -cough- crap -cough- devices (jk there) as well as those with iPhones already received the update.

    When I search WhatsApp in the appstore it says the mentioned version 2.11.12 and as latest update 23rd of September with the note “bug fixes”.

  • Antara Jain

    its not working on ios..somebody help me out

    • Adan

      For me it’s not working when messaging someone on Android. With people on iOS it is working. So maybe they need to iron out some more kinks. 😉

  • Aicha1

    Sent a message to a friend who always replies almost immediately. However this time it had 2 grey ticks (apparently delivered but not read) When I swiped my message left it showed time of delivery and “read” but with no time on when it was read. What does THAT mean??