The next iPhone released may feature a glasses-free 3D display, according to a report from Economic Daily News. The Taiwanese publication says that Apple supply chain partner TPK is currently raising funds for an upcoming Apple project, and its sources indicate it has something to do with a “naked eye 3D screen.”

As we’ve stated before, Economic Daily News has a spotty track record in providing Apple intel, posting dozens of both accurate and inaccurate stories. It’s possible, though, that Apple is planning to make 3D displays one of the headlining features of its next iPhone, much like Touch ID and Siri were for 5s and 4s models.

The company has in the past shown a lot of interest in 3D technology. It has filed several patents related to the field, particularly for the display and camera, and don’t forget its major PrimeSense acquisition. PrimeSense is an Israeli maker of chips that enable 3D-machine vision, which Microsoft used to build the Kinect.

Obviously, 3D tech is not at all new to the smartphone world. Manufacturers like HTC, LG and Amazon have devices capable of displaying images in three dimensions, and Google has its Project Tango. But the feature has thus far failed to gain much mainstream traction, which means it’s an area Apple could still shake up.

What do you think, would a 3D display make a good flagship feature for next year’s iPhone?

[Economic Daily News via PatentlyApple]

  • Jason Baroni


  • Dany Quirion

    Hope it wont make me dizzy like the 3ds

  • Chris

    As much as I love using an iDevice, thanks but no thanks.

  • Eh, 3D is not a needed feature.

    • Agreed, but so is making it thinner but look where we are now…

      • Cameron

        i disagree completely, thinner feels more comfortable in my pockets, thinner usually leads to lighter which means more comfortable handling too. Keep going thinner as long as performance is not affected, Apple.

      • Cody

        The iPhone 6 is lighter and weights more than the 5s.

      • Cameron

        yes i said usually, obviously in this case would be an exception as the screen is also alot bigger on the iphone 6

      • Himanshu Oberoi

        Because the weight is distributed due to larger screen!

      • Battery performance is affected at the highest level when devices get thinner. I’m sure you wouldn’t have minded the thickness of a 5c, 5s or a 4 with a bigger screen. Just imagine how much more battery life that would’ve added.

      • Cameron

        lol, i feel like im the only one who prefers thinness to battery life, ive never had a problem with battery life to last me most of the day, im quite a heavy user too. The only time when i need that extra juice is when i know ill be away from charging for a long time, eg, camping, airplanes. Then even a better battery life would still not be enough, and ill use a power bank for that. Battery just has to last one day for me, and it always have in every single version of the iphone. Maybe its because i just dont game or watch videos, and im usually connected to wifi? the iphone 6 design has always been the one ive wanted from apple, minus the antenna bands.

      • Rowan09

        You and I know thickness never meant thicker batteries. The larger the phone, the larger the battery.

      • If the phone itself where thicker and the materieals were still thin it would hold a thicker battery. Just think of those phones that took extended batteries whith the addition of getting a thicker back cover. Same idea here, those little millimeters make a big difference.

      • Ali Ghanem

        Lighter Better, but ONE PROBLEM! It can slip or just fall easily from your hands or even from your pocket due to the lightness

      • Benjamin J Schwartz

        Agreed. Without a case my 6 plus is far too thin for comfort.

  • Cody

    And it will still feature 1 GB of RAM!

    • Tim

      If there is anything the next iPhone is getting then it’s 2 GB of ram. As for 3D, the one after that might

    • sNick

      I don’t think so. iPad Air 2 got 2GB of RAM, now the next gen iPhone will get it too.

    • AlbertGomez

      And 8Mp Camera..

  • vihpreti

    and battery..oh my battery

  • Enough with improving displays and body focus more on internal specs.PLEASE.

    • lookHOWMADheis


      • Jonathan

        Looks like you got 5 for you.

      • rockdude094


      • BoApp head


      • Jonathan

        Well, was 5.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        one year later, 16!

    • Tim

      It will be nice to have an IR Blaster. My girl be controlling everything with her M8, I gota find and keep tabs on remotes

  • Matt Ashcraft

    As long as it’s nothing like the EVO 3D.. That was a game changer.. Ha!

  • @dongiuj

    If it does, it needs to be a damn sight better than what Sharp did with its smartphone 4 years ago.

  • E Double

    Yeah no one wants that! It makes the phone too gimmicky. Ask Amazon how that’s working for them right now!

    • GuyWithTheThings


  • Jason Dennery

    Really hope this is just rumor.

    It may be boring, however I’d like an improvement in battery life and multitasking. I don’t understand this obsession with thinness, especially when it comes at the cost of practical features, especially one as important as battery life. I would rather they go back to a slightly thicker form factor, increasing durability and battery life.

    The best display in the world is useless if if it runs out of juice.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    No thanks. The “S” has to stand for something…. iPhone 3GSpeed (?), iPhone 4Siri, iPhone 5Scanner, iPhone 6Sensor (Higher megapixel count) and iPhone 6S Plus

    • Just an FYI, the “s” in 5s stands for security, not scanner

      • Christian Mejía

        It doesn’t stand for anything people just like to put monikers to letters.

      • therealjjohnson

        Right. “it stands for” like there was an official press release lol

      • Cody

        I honestly don’t know what the hell does the “s” stands for, but all I know is that the S version is the best one you can buy

  • 3D Movies have always been gimmicky to me, lets see if Apple marketing can change that…

    • Cameron

      i dont see how Apples marketing would ever change your opinion. Only if they changed their company name…

      • Quit trolling me doofus…

      • Cameron

        You know yourself that Apple’s marketing wont change you, since you’ve proven yourself to be quite well informed in tech. You were asking for it when you could have simply wrote Apple instead of Apple marketing. But you couldnt help it, So yea me neither.

  • I’m heavily skeptical that this will happen. 3D was a gimmick that came and went almost as quickly as when it was first possible with the red/cyan glasses. It looks like crap now and will do for the foreseeable future.

  • Christian Mejía


  • Cristian B

    Let the iPhone 7 rumors begin……..

    • X^-1


  • Logan

    What is it with Apple bringing Nintendo DS. First the front facing camera, now glasses free 3D. Now all they need to do is make a console without third party support.

  • mrgerbik


  • Utrarunner5

    I will never buy this. I have a brain injury and 3D messes up my head

  • Jerry

    Oh god here we go.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    what’s now a rumor on next iPhone will surely be created first by Samsung and friend as always.

  • Jonathan

    Let the rumors begin..

  • n0ahcruz3

    When other companies do it, it’s a gimmick. When apple does it, it’s the most revolutionary, magical thing. 😉 flame me..

  • WiseBlasian

    I laugh if anyone thinks that is gonna happen.

  • rockdude094

    Hopefully it’s not out of focus like apples goals for the future

  • Dani Hayes

    Please do not.

  • Fanboy 

    And it begins! 😀

  • lanceuppercut47

    Forget all this fancy new tech, know what everyone wants in future phones, Apple?

    Battery life.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    I’m Buying It.

  • Shingo

    hologram projection is better

  • babiloe

    well, i still have my optimus 3D, watching 3d movie.

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    They shouldn’t make 3d feature there is no point something else got to give. They should pay attention to the jailbreak community and look at awesome tweaks developers come out with. I’m jus saying. That htc 3d phone that came out was horrible ✋

  • klouud

    battery, unibody-liquid titanium body, and sapphire crystal display. Thats all I want. Oh and 2gb RAM.

  • Ali Ghanem

    3D is a bit uncomfortable to an iPhone 6, it will be better if its on the rumored IPAD PRO

  • DeathSlashsr

    Will it bend?

  • Andres

    Like a 3 DS

  • Jose Rivera

    I’m wondering what’s gonna happen when the 10th generation iPhone comes out… What is it gonna be called? iPhone X or iPhone 7? I’m hoping X…

  • Steven Code

    Oh my god desperate much?
    “Apple” ok….we made it thinner!! Now what…”3d?”…NOBODY HAS THAT! YES!!
    Tim I’m sorry that’s gay

    • SkyFall

      It’s a f*cking rumor. These type of comments are pathetic, plus the last sentence depicts you as a homophobic person.