Next-gen iPhone rumored to feature glasses-free 3D display


The next iPhone released may feature a glasses-free 3D display, according to a report from Economic Daily News. The Taiwanese publication says that Apple supply chain partner TPK is currently raising funds for an upcoming Apple project, and its sources indicate it has something to do with a “naked eye 3D screen.”

As we’ve stated before, Economic Daily News has a spotty track record in providing Apple intel, posting dozens of both accurate and inaccurate stories. It’s possible, though, that Apple is planning to make 3D displays one of the headlining features of its next iPhone, much like Touch ID and Siri were for 5s and 4s models.

The company has in the past shown a lot of interest in 3D technology. It has filed several patents related to the field, particularly for the display and camera, and don’t forget its major PrimeSense acquisition. PrimeSense is an Israeli maker of chips that enable 3D-machine vision, which Microsoft used to build the Kinect.

Obviously, 3D tech is not at all new to the smartphone world. Manufacturers like HTC, LG and Amazon have devices capable of displaying images in three dimensions, and Google has its Project Tango. But the feature has thus far failed to gain much mainstream traction, which means it’s an area Apple could still shake up.

What do you think, would a 3D display make a good flagship feature for next year’s iPhone?

[Economic Daily News via PatentlyApple]