Google Calendar (Android, Material Design 001)

Fantastical, Sunrise, ReaddleTempo… You can safely add Google to your list of stock calendar replacements on iOS as the search giant confirmed today bringing the native Google Calendar experience to the iPhone and iPad soon, though without providing a timeframe for availability.

Google currently does not have a Calendar app in the App Store, but that’s going to change soon as it’s now started rolling out a brand new Calendar experience to first Android 5.0 Lollipop devices.

“Yes, we’re also working on a version for iPhone,” the Gmail team said in a blog post Monday announcing the new Google Calendar for Android 5.0 with Material Design.

The software can turn Gmail events into Calendar events automatically, suggest titles, people and places as you type and augment your experience with a Schedule view that combines photos and maps of the places you’re going to.

The video below shows off what the revamped Google Calendar app for Android looks like.

In addition to suggesting titles, people and places, the Assists feature adapts to your personal preferences as you’re using it. For example, if you often go running with Peter in Central Park, Calendar can quickly suggest that entire event when you type ‘r-u-n,’ Google said.

As for the photos in your Schedule view, Google said it’ll liven up your calendar with images of cityscapes of travel destinations “and illustrations of everyday events like dinner, drinks and yoga”.

The cosmetic addition should add “a little extra beauty to your day and make it easy to see what’s going on at a glance.”

Google Calendar (Android, Material Design 003)

Expect a unified Google Calendar appearance across the iPhone and other platforms.

In case you haven’t noticed, the search company has started implementing Material Design, its new design language for Android development, across a few of its popular iOS apps, including the recently released Inbox from Gmail.

Of course, Apple has supported adding Google Calendars to the stock Calendar app through iOS’s Settings app for quite some time now. There are many benefits to having a standalone Calendar app from Google, including faster feature launches, better inter-app operability among Google’s iOS app portfolio and consistency of the Google experience on the iOS platform.

Google Calendar (web screenshot 001)

If you’re a fan of Google Calendar on the web, the team rolled out a number of time-saving improvements last week. As illustrated above, the new features include real-time updates for new invitations or events, the ability to see selected calendars without scrolling and support for your browser’s Back button.

Check out our list of best calendar alternatives for the iPhone and iPad.

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  • Ian Leon

    I’m very impressed with how fast Google was able to rip off the entire iOS 7 design

    • Jonathan

      More like iOS 6 to be honest.

      • It’s kind of a mixture of both IMHO and wouldn’t exactly call it a ripoff. The skin / OS by Xiaomi is more of an iOS 7 ripoff…

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, I agree.

      • BozzyB

        2011: Android 4.0 Holo Design.

      • Ian Leon

        HOLO came from android 3.0 bro

    • Talking as-if iOS 7 was anything original (http://bit ly/1wT7HbX)…

    • AnArcticMonkey

      LOL I’ve now heard it all. Apple invented colour now? Should we expect Apple to sue the world for using the letter i? Bloody hell I hope people don’t judge me on my use of Apple products because of people like you.

      • Ian Leon

        didn’t say they invented color silly monkey! did I say that? nooo

    • BozzyB

      iOS 7 already took the 2 year old Holo design from Android and also the robotic font…

      • Ian Leon

        HOLO was just a dark, gimmicky, sci fi inspired, interface. It’s inconsistent and doesn’t give a great experience. It’s a flurry of outer glows and glossy gradients.
        Roboto is a DIN inspired font.
        The font in iOS 7 is called Helvetica Neue. It was designed by a foundry called Linotype. So … no

      • Luke

        Okay go rant about your stupid little android quirks to google +. We really DON’T care. iOS 7 looks nothing like “holo”. It’s a lot whiter/minimalistic. If you’re a h8t3r iDB isn’t for you.

      • coLin

        Apple invented the fonts lol

    • Andrew H

      Are you crazy? Apple is white, fluorescent, and a colourful bubblegum explosion, with frosted glass.

      Material Design, is off-white and bright pops of colour.

      While both designs are flat, their ‘look’ is completely different.

      • Ian Leon

        oh you’re right. its completely different

  • Rupinder S

    Excited for this! Google has been on a roll with beautiful apps lately.

  • port87

    id rather have a gmail app with material design on my iphone. please and thank u =)

    • The default mail app works well for me and as for Google Calendar I don’t use it and even if I did Fantastical is my calendar app of choice…

    • BozzyB

      gmail update in material design is also rollin gout on android right now – so I guess an iOS release is coming also in the near future…

  • Lavi Nemo

    When will come the Google keep app to iOS?

  • Ian Leon

    Well they copied a few things from here and there. But all of the people they have copied from are guilty of flagrant rip offs from … guess who, Apple

  • coLin

    nice ad from Google

  • Forget all these childish bickering of these other commenters about Google vs. Apple….who the hell cares! People have preferences…so what! Get over it already. I just want the app!!

    • queenren

      This!!! Thank you!