ForceGoodFit Settings

It’s been well over a month since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus officially touched down in retail stores, and even longer since iOS 8 became available. Still, as seems to be the case with each new major iPhone and iOS release, there are developers who take a while when it comes to updating their apps.

Sometimes the delays are legitimate—updates aren’t easy—and sometimes it seems like the delays are extended with little reason. Whatever the case may be, it makes for a less-than-desirable experience on the user end. With a device like the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, such delays are especially glaring, because the apps that haven’t be updated stand out like a sore thumb.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if you could force an app that hasn’t been updated to run as if it had? That’s the underlying premise behind ForceGoodFit. It forces apps that haven’t been updated to fit the screen resolution of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It basically makes apps that haven’t been update look much better than they did before.

Have you been looking for a good reason to jailbreak your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Then look no further.

I really don’t have to say much about ForceGoodFit to sell you on it. Just look at the video and the comparison screenshots below.

ForceGoodFit Netflix

Netflix on the iPhone 6 Plus. On the left without ForceGoodFit, on the right with ForceGoodFit

ForceGoodFit ESPN

The SportsCenter app. Left = normal app, right = app with ForceGoodFit

All you do is venture into the tweak’s settings, and switch on the apps that you want to apply ForceGoodFit to. After you respring, you’ll find an app that looks much more pleasing to the eyes. Case in point, Reeder:

ForceGoodFit Reader

I really don’t think I need to say more. ForceGoodFit doesn’t work for every app, but it works for enough apps that it makes it totally worth the download. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

What do you think? Is this reason enough to jailbreak your device? Sound off below.

  • iPodDroid

    Sounds Interesting! Definitely Checking this one out!

  • Chris

    Works perfectly with apps that follow the style guide but not for anything custom such as my local banking app

  • ChiefSpecialK

    eh… still not enough reason to jailbreak for me

    • What more reason could you need? It could be a long while before apps like Reeder get updated. But who knows…

      • Victor

        Let him be Jeff lol some people don’t appreciate a JB until they see it live in person.

      • ChiefSpecialK

        I’ve jailbroke every iphone since the 3g… I’ve seen it

      • ChiefSpecialK

        Something substantial.. similar app was needed when I got my 5.. jailbreaking is becoming less and less needed to me.

      • Beat Modz

        U CRAZY SON !!

      • Chocolatewe

        No one cares @ChiefSpecialK:disqus

      • Beta382

        Not everyone wants the same thing out of a jailbreak. Maybe he has an older device that this doesn’t apply to. Maybe he just doesn’t care enough. Everyone is going to have their own threshold, and it may not be the same as yours.

        I, for one, am waiting for a handful of things I use daily to work on iOS 8 before I feel like updating from 7.1.2 and re-jailbreaking, including Apex 2, AltKeyboard 2, FlipControlCenter (it works, but not completely), and TinyBar.

      • Ashish Maheshwari

        Almost 60-70% percent of good tweaks have not been updated yet. So, i think its better to wait a few more weeks. But then its a personal choice.

      • Some just prefer to remain under Apple’s control…unfortunately.

      • kron1k 

        Actually Jeff the reeder dev just tweeted last week that he’s got a closed beta and if all goes right it will be out sometime in the next week

      • al7oot

        Works perfect on Whatsapp also ..

      • Leo Parker

        So true. Whatsapp without this tweak is nightmarishly huge.

      • Zangpakto

        Also pixelation.

        If it was so easy to accommodate all the apps, wouldn’t it then make sense to include a small few lines of code to integrate into their system such as how iPhone apps blow up to size on an iPad without losing resolution. If it were so simple, it would have been done already for smooth transitioning between devices.

        I remember same app as this that got destroyed on iPads as the apps resolution become piss poor after applying, still better than nothing if you JB, but not at ALL a reason to JB.

        I haven’t jailbroken in a year or so, reason? I’m happy with what I got, it was fun to play with in the beginning, but years and years of it slowly take the fun out of it. It is still fun creating tweaks for Cydia, but that’s about it, there isn’t much left after a good few sources got shut down.

    • blastingbigairs

      TetherMe, PandoraDownloader, Movie Box, MusicBox??? Really???

  • ins0mniac1

    Awesome. I’m still waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus to arrive, but I’ll be jailbreaking it the moment I first power it up and installing this as my first tweak.

    • Lurker22

      Try 8.1 a few days (I did this) and found almost all the reasons I used to jailbreak weren’t needed anymore…

      • ins0mniac1

        I’m already on 8.1 with my iPhone 5 and iPad Air and have jailbroken both of them with Pangu. Still plenty of reasons to jailbreak (for me at least).

  • Christian Mejía

    Ever since I jailbroke my phone goes into safe mode when I kill apps also it goes straight into safe mode when I try watching a video.
    Anyone else?

    • port87

      to be safe try to install one tweak at a time and explore what’s the purpose of the tweak, if you run into safe mode you know you have to delete it. if anything try to start from scratch, delete all your downloaded tweaks and re-install them one by one and if you run into a problem, try to email or tweet the developer.

      • Christian Mejía

        I’ll have to try that considering I only have like 10 tweaks installed. Thanks

      • Christian Mejía

        Ended up the same way I believe it’s a Cydia bug that was supposed to be patch in 1.1.14. For some reason my iPhone is just KO’d

  • rockdude094

    I was wondering if the iOS 8 jailbreak is stable or is it still in its development phase ?

    • CasonAsherTech

      It is quite stable.

    • Shawn

      Ive had quite a few bootloop issues with the latest version. I would hold off.

      • rockdude094

        How about 8.1 itself ? Better than iOS 7?

      • Shawn

        Yes. The new features are. It does seem a bit unstable but has come along quite nicely since 8.0

      • rockdude094

        Hmm its tough to decide, my 5s is on iOS 7 with a jailbreak. Should i update and risk a jailbreak ??

      • iNeedANameHere

        I’d update to 8 and jailbreak while the jailbreak window is open

      • Enrrique510

        This is as stable as it will ge,t until the tweaks get updated. There will be added features later to Cydia though. But Pangu was pretty much done, saurik needed to update Cydia, which he did. And as far as issues for boot loop, video, etc most are being resolved it just happens to a handful of devices(usually do not follow instructions well) but I have 7 iOS devices at home, 2 iPhone 5s, iPad air 1, iPad 2, iPad mini retina, iphone 6 plus iOS 8.1 JB. With tweaks and works perfect so far.

      • kacy

        enjoy while you’re on ios 7….dont update to 8.1 yet.

    • White Michael Jackson

      My crashes into safemode sometimes. and sometimes opening notifications freezes. this is on my 4s though

      • Beat Modz

        lol why would use this on a 4s? it cant get any bigger. if you read the title, it would help with your problem.

      • Enrrique510

        I am sure they are talking about stability of iOS 8 JB.

      • White Michael Jackson

        I’m talking about the jailbreak in general

  • Onetoo

    Looking good on WhatsApp, although not 100% perfect. Read that WhatsApp takes forever with updates so this tweak working in apps with slow updates will suffice while waiting. Thanks for the heads up, Jeff!

    • Duarte Oliveira E Carmo

      To get the best whatsapp in the iphone 6 or 6 plus you can download the beta version which is working quite nicely

  • avd98

    Dear iDB, do you guys think it’s possible to create a tweak to break the limitations of Apple Pay? For example, the possibility of using non-american cards in foreign countries. Because here in Brazil Apple Pay works, but you need to have a US card. If possible, would it be safe?

    • Enrrique510


  • A man

    Off topic
    When I restore will I lose some GB of storage? Because I’d like to JB but when I restored in iOS 7 I lost some storage: I have an iPhone 5s 32GB now 26GB

    • port87

      remember the storage might be 32 gb but it depends how much the actual OS takes up. if you do decide to jailbreak, you can use the tweak “icleaner” to basically clean out the temp files.

      • A man

        Ok thanks!!

  • Tommy

    Does it work on Whatsapp?
    I need whatsapp to be a tad smaller.

    • Rayon

      It works great.

  • jgr627

    Looks promising, but I’m more curious to know is apple pay now working on a jailbroken device? That is a huge deal breaker for me and won’t jailbrake unless I know I’m covered

  • Evan Moore

    This tweak will crash my pulse app which it’s my rss aggregator as soon as I click on an article

  • Duarte Oliveira E Carmo

    I like the concept but it fails in crucial apps like VSCO or even Snapchat

  • Lurker22

    Yeah, still not enough. After jailbreaking my last 2 iPhones, iOS 8.1 really negates any need I had to jailbreak especially compared to the risks and the instability it brings.

  • Cristian B

    I love this tweak! Amazing!

  • Hadi Alqadi

    I love this tweak but I am still scared to jailbreak my iPhone 6, I am afraid it could break my iPhone and void my warranty

  • Hadi Alqadi

    I would love this but I am scared to jailbreak my iPhone 🙁

    • f96lrs

      It’s easy

      • Hadi Alqadi

        ya but Im scared apple might find out I jailbroke my iPhone before and void my warranty 🙁

    • kacy

      jailbreak it… to restore it…go into dfu and restore
      …it’ll be good as new i guess…

      • Hadi Alqadi

        ya but Im scared apple might find out I jailbroke my iPhone before and void my warranty

  • Alex Noyle

    FullForce has been updated to include this funtionality 🙂

  • Chris Weaver

    Sigh- i guess it’s time to do the JB… lol.

  • iamse7en

    Great tweak. Reeder looks SOOO much better. I would open it less and less because it looked so terrible. It works on just about everything. Yahoo (sports and weather) apps look so much better now, but not perfect

  • Snapchat looks like crap….

  • iPodZombie

    Amazingly enough, these even works on iOS 6 apps. Even for Sparrow, which uses so much custom UI that I would have expected it to crash and burn – instead there are only minimal graphical oddities. It even makes the app use iOS 8 native keyboards.

  • blastingbigairs

    Has anyone JB the 6 Plus and still been able to use The Good App for Enterprise??? Does the Good App detect the IOS 8.x JB? Anyone?

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    Still waiting for a logical reason how this is better than FullForce for Phone outside of being cheaper. I know a lot say it’s similar but it’s not near as functional as FullForce. FullForce you can choose between different compatibilities (iPhone 5s, 6. 6+. Stretch for games, etc) and it tells you which apps/games are already made to fit iPhone 6 Plus. ForceGoodFit is merely on or off option and doesn’t tell you which apps are already optimized for iPhone 6 Plus screen size.