WatchSpring Featured

It started as a concept, it grew to a mockup, and now it’s somewhat of a reality. Earlier today, WatchSpring, a tweak that brings an Apple Watch inspired user interface to the iPhone, was released to the public.

WatchSpring, brought to life by developer Kigg, more or less completely replaces the stock SpringBoard in favor of the radical looking Apple Watch-like interface. This tweak allows you to actually use the interface to launch the apps installed on your phone, along with perusing the Home screen. It’s a real working tweak, and we have a hands-on video demonstrating it inside.

Note: WatchSpring requires a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 8. Many have experienced issues with getting kicked into Safe Mode post installation. If this happens to you, try uninstalling all tweaks by uninstalling Cydia Substrate and then reinstalling Cydia Substrate. Proceed at your own risk, your mileage may vary. For more details on the Safe Mode issues, check out this thread on Reddit.

To install WatchSpring do the following:

Step 1: Download the latest WatchSpring package.

Step 2: Transfer the WatchSpring.deb to your device via SSH.

Step 3: Install the package using the following command (fully qualify the location of the package and change the name to match the package’s latest name):

dpkg -i

Step 4: Search for “Open” on Cydia from Conrad Kramer and install. It’s a prerequisite for this package.

Step 5: Reboot your iPhone, and you should see a completely replaced UI.

To uninstall WatchSpring, simply launch Cydia, go to the Installed tab, and uninstall WatchSpring.

What do you think? Is this UI growing on you, or do you dislike it in every instance you’ve seen it?

Thanks, Kigg.

  • Willie

    im only getting this because i know i dont have the money to buy an apple watch

    • David Gitman

      Don’t even think about buying it. It doesn’t worth the money

      • I’m 100% sure we’ve only seen a relatively small fraction of its features. Apple doesn’t want Samsung and others completely cloning the thing yet. Wait for March to make a final judgement on its functionality.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Never buy first gen apple products

      • Nuno123

        I’m starting to think that way… Always seem like the buyers are burned and Apple always come up with some stupid excuse so the whole world close their eyes and think that they are always right…

      • James

        I think it’s different now…since Moore’s law doesn’t apply nowadays ?!
        before was from A4 to A5, that was a huge leap..but now? A7 to A8 wasn’t a huge upgrade after all<just my opinion;)

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Not necessarily talking about the specs,

      • zb0t

        I love first gen products. Such a thrill having the first inception of something. Then watching it evolve is beautiful

      • Thomas Eppolito

        Loved my first gen iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I bought my Pebble because it is the best smart watch and one of the only smart watches. If I wanted a phone on my wrist I have a iPhone 6 and duck tape. The Pebble adds to your phone doesn’t try to act like one.

  • David Gitman

    Didn’t I already said its ugly? Why the same tweak twice?

    • The other wasn’t really a tweak. I mean, it was, but it was just a concept app. This is a tweak that actually replaces the Springboard, and is functional. i.e. you can launch the apps on your device.

      • David Gitman

        Omg you replied me! I love your videos Jeff :DDD

      • Be honest it’s mainly his voice you love!

      • wow

        This is sad…

      • efe_eme


    • dan

      because you should learn English

      • David Gitman

        Well English isn’t my native language so..

      • sadaN

        Neither am I (I’m brazilian), but if you don’t wan’t to sound arrogant like you do in every sentence of yours (probably because you don’t know how to express yourself properly in English), you should put some decent effort into learning it correctly rather than assuming that people have to put up with whatever you say just because you’re not a native English speaker…

      • David Gitman

        Well I am sorry first of all. Second I asked why, and Jeff kindly answered me. You don’t have to be rude because I already got my answer.

      • sadaN

        You’ve just been arrogant again, you’ll get it eventually though…

      • David Gitman

        Huh? Well I am sorry..

      • Egroj Carranza


  • yermum

    Didn’t you guys report on this same app a few articles back?

  • ModernSpartan

    Is it compatible with ios 7?

    • Zeyad Kambouris

      No, I tried it on my iPhone 5 on iOS 7.1.2 and didnt work

  • Isaac

    This is Beautiful ! I hope Apple brings this UI resign to iOS 9

    • God no, these random floating balls on your screen is a horrible User Experience. Unless you just mean the round shaped icons.. they are introducing that inconsitantly in OSX Yosemite, so who knows.

      • Okitavio

        Plus, with Touch ID, the lines with the shape of the app icons in the home button is gone, I don’t know if you noticed that. And now it’s only round…

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        yeah i agree touch ID looks good with round icons. i have been using cirrulous

  • Derik Stroisch

    installed just fine right from devs repo on my iphone 6 running iOS 8.1. seems to be working fairly well. few apps are missing icons but that’s fine. excited to see where this goes from here!!

    • Derik Stroisch

      actually I take the SBflip part back. that causes a few problem. don’t open any apps in landscape if you have both tweaks installed.

    • Rahimo

      Please !! Can you put a screenshot for your job there ? Please! Thanks in advance !!

    • Derik Stroisch

      well I had it working for a day. until I went to update a beta app I’m helping test (Nin Keyboard) and now WatchSpring causes safemode boot no matter what I do. hopefully there will be an update soon. cause I really enjoyed using it.

      • Giovanni Belletti

        can u still move the icons around?

      • Derik Stroisch

        no you cannot but when you zoom out to see all your apps you can still open them from there. and after a little messing around you get used to all placement.

      • Xee

        How can you disable this tweak and then turn it back on? I know you can remove it, but then how do i install it again with doing SSH again etc?

      • Derik Stroisch

        yeah you’ll have to do the SSH process again. which for me hasn’t really worked. i’ve just been lucky getting it to work again after WatchSpring crashes.

      • ProfSpaceCadet

        I didn’t bother using terminal commands or any of that “hard” stuff – I just used iFunBox to transfer the file from my computer to my iPod (probably could have used a downloader app and then done “‘Open in…’ iFile” to get it into an easier-to-find location) and then used iFile to install it (tap the file then select installer). Resprung (is that even a real term?) and it worked.

      • ProfSpaceCadet

        Anyone else noticing items in the status bar going haywire after opening Cydia with this tweak installed (carrier changing to just dots, time jumping 30 minutes ahead, battery not showing that it’s charging)?

      • Xee

        Did you manage to get it working again? I’m in the same position since trying it with Activator.
        I either can’t install the den file because of some restriction or I just reboot into safe mode…

      • Derik Stroisch

        nope haven’t managed to get it working again since yesterday afternoon

    • Xee

      Does Control Centre still work?

      • Derik Stroisch

        control center does still work. moving apps does not work. spot light from what I could tell does not work either.

      • avd98

        Can u tell me whats the repo?

  • Felipe Fernandes

    Tutorial Video!!

  • Matt

    iOS 7 support please

  • Josh Russin

    Did anyone else also get a PassbookUIService app after the download?

    • Brave Heart

      That’s a built-in system app that has no UI nor icon that suddenly showed up. It’s of no problem, except that it takes up the space of one icon on the springboard. There are a lot of other similar system apps such as,,, etc…

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    This should be ios!

    • John

      Oh God no, please don’t give them that idea.

      That said, it would be nice to move the icons around and not have them so…square.

  • Akshay Khanore

    Will it work on ipad air!!???

  • Chaz

    I like it, it has a ton of potential, but i will wait to see how it develops more before keeping it installed, id like to see it be able to disable and go back to normal layout without having to uninstall the tweak, and also have the “System Apps” remain hidden, but i like where its going

  • feriad mikhael

    Tutorial Video When ???

  • af0erster31

    What’s the devs beta repo??

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    I can see someone using this tweak on a daily basis and saying “Okay, Facebook is… There! Now where’s safari?

    • af0erster31

      Yeah, I think it’s only practically if you use few apps like one or two springboard pages

  • Gabe Saunders

    How would u install it if u where useing ifile

    • James

      I can’t get ifile working on ios 8, FYI

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Definitely my new found reason to jailbreak my iPhone

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Just jailbroke my iPhone 5 trying to find this but it seems to cause SAFEMODE

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      same here

  • askep3

    I like how this went from a video, to a mockup that doesn’t do anything to a full replacement in like 2 days lol

    • Victor Molina

      Just to show people that the jailbreak community it’s not slowing down. Can’t wait to jailbreak my 5s

      • askep3

        In not angry or anything, in happy, I can’t wait to get that tweak and try it out on my 5s. The only reason I haven’t jailbroken yet is because im waiting for a more stable jailbreak, and for more developers to update their tweaks

      • zoltantroll

        I just bought a new 5s and got lucky because it came with 7.1.2 on it and I’m in the same boat waiting to update to ios 8

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Looks Nice but may be not that funtional on day to day basis!!

    Hey Jeff, I would love to see your videos on Android VS iOS. E.g iPhone 6 vs Nexus 6. Are they incoming??

  • HenrynotHarry

    When I do the steps it boots into safe mode, what am I doing wrong?

  • Andrew Roth

    Does this work on an iPod Touch?

  • Victor Molina

    Can you rearrange icons to put which icons are small an which icons are bigger.

  • Giovanni Belletti

    People please read the article. This is only for IOS 8 Jailbroken devices. That is why your having problems

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    After days of struggling and finally got the Pangu 1.01. whatever!? bullshit to work running by running via Parallels..I got my iPhone 5 jailbroken with that said today I tried to catch up and get all the apps I wanted and this WatchSpring caused a couple errors (SafeMode) for me. All I did is re-installed Cydia sub & reinstalled WatchSpring and it took effect on my phone. I’m also getting the tweak from the Dev portal.

    • Derik Stroisch

      did you fully remove cydia sub and reinstall or just run the reinstall? I’m getting nothing but safemode now after using watchspring for a day.

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        Mybad man been busy yeah I completely removed it and redid the whole deb. process

  • Xee

    Awesome! Cant wait to try this tweak/theme out. Hopefully the developer continues to refine it etc.

    Would like to know if:
    Control Centre works?
    Can you rearrange app positions?

    • Brave Heart

      As Derik Stroisch said above, control centre works, but you cannot rearrange apps 😉

      • Xee

        Installed it with no problems. Really like it, but miss spotlight. Maybe Spotlight could be added to App Switcher?

      • Brave Heart

        Or maybe have it slide down when you pan downwards with three fingers 😉 (aka slide down with three fingers). Would be great if the Dev can add that, and I think it’s not that hard to add, just edit the spotlight’s gesture recognized… I think

      • Xee

        Or we could set that up with Activator tweak, allowing custom config?

      • Brave Heart

        True, I heard it too. That’s why I said to edit the spotlight gesture recognizer 😛 and not use activator. I had a feeling it would cause safe mode crashes 😛

  • Alex Lopez

    Does this work on iPads?

    • sharp44MAG .

      Yes it’s working on my iPad Air 2.

  • Devon Bunkley

    Man that’s awesome. I check your page everyday for new info.. Yesterday when I seen the concept, I was like wow but when i saw they didn’t launch I was like dang that sucks.. And now this came out today. Awesome.. Can’t wait until I receive my 6 plus.
    oan: have you tried to press and hold the apps and drag them to see if you can make folders? Just an idea…

  • JPMiddleton

    Finally got all the tweaks needed & my iPhone 6 running Cydia now after attempting this (as instructed) its stuck on the Apple logo with nothing to do but a full restore. Brill.

  • john diaz

    Too much work

  • Sean Keenan

    powering off/reboot/respring puts you in safe mode…….
    also, installing any apps doesn’t show the app icons on the springboard

  • kviin

    To install this all you gotta do is download the .deb file from the page and then open SSH (Winscp) for windows and drag that file, then after run the command in the description, -> then open Cydia search for “Open” install it and then reboot. You should have it once your phone is back up. *Remember to turn off Passcode options so you don’t get boot loop and have to restore.

  • Did you liked it buys ? I didn’t liked it much. It’s not that cool. Looks cool for, when you try to find and App with the cloud of 100 Apps then it would be… tough. I love creation but, sometime that creation wouldn’t be best.

    Thank you for iPhoneDownloadBlog for tutorial with steps (Easy to understand)

  • utubestrong2 .

    Jeff remember DreamBoard the Apple Watch UI def could be a UI Interface for that jailbreak tweak!!!!

  • Christian C.

    It looks cool, but it’s bad for a phone.

  • Whwre sould i put the deb file? i don´t have permission to run a file in /var/root/

  • Anthony Elix

    Hey Jeff. Is it possible for you to do an actual video on how to install this? I tried last night and was unsuccessful. Thank you sir. I appreciate your feedback.

  • avd98

    Is there a more simple process?

  • Mohamad

    tell me exactly what to do???? with the path

  • Gabe Saunders

    open ssh wont work for me what is the problem with it it keeps saying network connection error and i need help to fix this and im using winscp

  • Gaspare

    but if my iphone is always in mode safemode,

    What should I do? I have to remove cydia substrate?

  • Chris McG

    now that ifile is 8 updated is there way to use ifile to install this?

  • Alexander Hansen

    While it’s true you have to remove all tweaks before installing, it does not mean you can’t install them afterwards.

    Here are a few that works perfectly fine with WatchSpring (Tested on iPhone 5s iOS 8.1)

    Winterboard (I recommend Circlus which fits in nice with the UI)
    HideMe7 Lite (Only “Lite” version will install on iOS 8+ devices for now)

    And there you go! I would not recommend any tweak that changes how the home screen works like Barrel, Cylinder or any Springboard tweak in general since WatchSpring is literally using it’s own Springboard and is not compatible with most tweaks that functions the same way.

    I hope it gets updates later on which would add Notification badges on the icons, a spotlight app (Spotlight does not work on WatchSpring without an Activator method) and improvements to the home screen.

  • Zack D’Souza

    omg i want it so bad, and how does the LockScreen work

  • avd98

    Damn, that’s odd, tried to install it but it gives me safe mode, but ill try your way, btw thanks!

  • Darth Kai

    Can you do a tutorial video?

  • Leon Glas

    I dont understand that SSH. What is it and how do i even use it ? i dont get it

  • Jackson

    How do you remove it? It took over my whole thing its not through winterboard and doesnt have a “modify” button in cydia to remove it! im freaking out here!!!