Pangu 0.2 Untether update

The Pangu team has just released an update to their untethered jailbreak. Users who are already jailbroken can venture into the Pangu app on the Home screen in order to update.

The incremental update fixes the Cydia Substrate loading issue upon reboot, iMessage picture sending, and Safari bugs. It’s advised that all jailbroken users update now.

Note: It’s recommended that you do not set a passcode on your jailbroken device due to boot loop issues that many are incurring. This issue is being worked on as well.

To update, launch the Pangu app, which should be located on your Home screen and tap the Manager tab at the bottom of the screen. There, under the update tab, you should see the Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether update. Tap the download (arrow) button to install the update.

After tapping the update button, the new untether .deb file will download, and you’ll be prompted to reboot your device to install the update untether.

The actual Pangu jailbreak tool has yet to be update from version 1.0.1, but we presume that is coming shortly as well. For now, if you want to run the latest version of the Pangu untether, you’ll need to jailbreak using the tool, then update post jailbreak.

Have you updated yet? Does it fix many of the issues you’ve experienced with the Pangu jailbreak? Sound off down below.

  • bln

    after another restore it works now (no passcode enable etc)

    1. install cydia
    2. install pangu uptate in cydia not in pangu app
    3. install latest cydia substrate.
    this is the way it works now for me

  • Gabriel Andrade

    good morning, excuse y ignorance. I unlocked my iphone 5s IOS 8.0.2. how do I unlock it know?

  • Paul Edmund

    I don’t see the update. Was it pulled?

    • Tgod1991

      Yes it was pulled

      • Alex


      • Tgod1991

        Because of it causing issues with some ppl including my self not being able to boot your phone with out entering safe mode (holding volume up)

      • Tgod1991

        But it’s fixed now and pangu updated with Cydia in the jailbreak now. 1 step jailbreak

      • Tgod1991

        Because of the problems it was causing for some users

  • babubhai

    i try cyberduck wincp nothing get connct i connected pc and via same wifi and done all processes but nothing work …and my ssh passwd changed by ifunbox but i also tried new passwd but nothing works trying 4m 4hours .

    • Archigos

      You can use iFunBox to do all the commands/SSH’ing, etc. If you need instructions let me know

      • babubhai

        Yes plz sir I’ll be thnkful 2u

      • Archigos

        We’ll start with the obvious, have the phone plugged in and iTunes closed.

        Open iFunBox and click “Quick Toolbox” at the top. Under ‘Advanced’ click “SSH Terminal”.

        For users that haven’t changed their SSH password, iFunBox will notify you it detected ‘alpine’ and I think it offers to help you change it.

        For you and others that have already changed it, it will notify you that it’s not ‘alpine’ and ask you to enter it… tell it to save the new password and at the prompt that opens, type in the commands that you need. 🙂

    • kacy

      use putty
      host name your IP address on iPhone WiFi information.
      port: try 22 if doesn’t work try 21
      input username as root
      and the password the one you changed.
      hope it’ll help

  • dom

    i cant get cydia now though

  • Sandro Michailidis

    So the update isn’t there anymore on Pangu ? Damn they need to stop releasing un-finished stuff bruh .

  • xwantedx

    Can some one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find out why my Cydia APPS are not showing on springboard ? The tweaks are working fine! Please help 🙁

    • praz

      reboot your device

  • Brian

    128gb iPad mini 2 running iOS 8.1 jailbroken and cydia installed no probs. Pretty happy with this jailbreak. I just pray my iPhone 6 plus comes in before they close signing of 8.1

  • Ashley Martinez

    Cydia is telling me that Pangu Untether has an update so I update and my phone goes to a boot loop. Is it because of the passcode?

    • Brian

      Possibly. The first time I installed update 0.2 the update installed and the reboot button popped up. However I couldn’t click it so I hard rebooted. At thatoiny I was in a boot loop and ended up having to restore to stock and reapply the whole jailbreAk. The second time around I hammered the heck out of the reboot button that popped up after installing 0.2 of pangu and it shut down and rebooted properly

      • Ashley Martinez

        I’ve tried it twice and it has send me to a boot loop both times, but I haven’t gotten any update on the Pangu App so i’m kinda frustrated and confused.

    • Archigos

      Almost positive it was. There’s currently an issue because iOS 8.x encrypts the drive when you put a passcode or setup TouchID. They still haven’t worked out a ‘fool proof’ way around this yet, so you get the boot loop.

      • Ashley Martinez

        The first time I tried I didn’t put a passcode or Touch ID and it still went to a boot loop.

      • Archigos

        The irony with the boot loop is when I installed the jailbreak, I set up both my passcode and TouchID during the initial setup, installed Cydia and some tweaks, etc. but after reading about the no passcode I turned those off before doing the first reboot (don’t even think I did anything to require it though) and it rebooted fine so I never had that problem. I did end up restoring to stock 8.1 later for a different reason though. I might attempt the jailbreak again a little later today and document the full steps for users still having issues.

      • Ashley Martinez

        Well if you do please let me know. I’m trying to figure it out now but I continue on this boot loop thing i’m just going to put it aside.

      • Sorry it’s taken so long, there’s only like a half hour left of my birthday so I’m actually doing the fresh jailbreak now and documenting it as I go along, once I finish I’ll post a link for it.

      • Ashley Martinez

        No worries, just let me know 🙂

      • I only tested this in Chrome, and if I remember correctly Firefox doesn’t support mp4 video…
        (Remove the spaces)
        http :// blog.ictcsc . net/ios8/

  • Elliott Quezada

    What happens if you are running a Pangu jailbroken 7.1.2 and try to update to 8.1 then jailbreak with Pangu. Will it work?

    • Archigos

      It works the same as updating iOS for any device that’s jailbroken… You have to do a ‘normal’ update or restore to get the stock version first… then jailbreak as if it’s a new device….

  • Wayne H

    After doing the above mention update. And rebooting Cydia icon showed up on my screen. I had ssh the files in early and did the terminal command.

  • meemo

    Can I ask Why its in Chinese>

    • Archigos

      Pangu is created by Chinese developers. They release an English version after the fact (at least that’s the way they did it last time)

  • yeyo

    mine doesnt show a update

    • Alex

      same with me

  • sarfaraz

    i had jailbreak and installed cydia but updated one untethered 8.1 for cydia now my ipad not staring only comming apple logo also itunes not shwing my ipad

  • sarfaraz

    can somebody help after jaibreak my ipad not showing in itunes also ipad not starting

    • lookHOWMADheis

      I would restore and retry make sure you aren’t using a passcode and find my iPhone is off !!

      • lookHOWMADheis

        DFU mode btw

  • Nishchay Kumawat

    So I did the jailbreak, went smooth, installed Cydia as well but forgot about that Passcode thing and now Phone is stuck in BOOT LOOP. What should I do now? Please Help..

    • Sadly, you’re going to have to restore as that’s the only current fix…

      • Nishchay Kumawat

        OK. So i’ll have to put the device into DFU mode and restore it? I tried to restore it using iOS 8.0 but iTunes is showing some error. I’m downloading 8.1 now, will try again. Let’s see what happens.
        thanks for reply.

      • Jasonviphone6+

        This fixes the passcode issue!!

        http://modmyi.c o m/forums/member-written-iphone-news/841217-ios-8-cydia-install-password-bug-fixed-mac-tutorial.html

        If you do it properly!! 😉

  • I figured I’d post it up here as well instead of just buried in a thread, but I wrote a small tutorial (inspired by Jeff’s video) of doing the jailbreak on a Windows 8.1 machine since people seemed to have trouble with SSH commands, etc.

    Anyone from the official iDB team that reads this can feel free to post it anyway/where they want to help the community just send me a message to let me know…

    As stated in the other post, I only tested the site in Chrome and I don’t believe Firefox has native support for the videos I included, but the images and walkthrough should be fine… just remove the spaces in the link:
    http :// blog.ictcsc . net/ios8/

  • Jose Vasquez Garcia

    heyy…i have a problem

  • Jose Vasquez Garcia

    i updated the program ….later i turn my ipod 5 off ….later i turned it back on .. and i froze on the apple logo …been like that for 4 hr…what do i do??

  • Guillem Pascual

    I’ve got an annoying problem and I’d like to know if it’s only happening to me. Whenever I try to view a large PDF (or ppt) on a browser (be it chrome, safari, dolphin…) my iPad 2 (ios 8 + jailbreak) resprings.

    Just after that respring, it downloads with no problems at all. It seems, to me, a RAM issue, as if it runs out of RAM and the respring is the only way to get it back.

    I am using this tweaks: Cylinder, NoSlowAnimations, Alkaline, Zeppelin, Classic Dock and Activator. Althought it did happen without them too.

    Any clues?

  • ChristopherMay

    Are there plans to fix the touch ID bug?

  • Cj Mack Brown

    my music app crashes ,,help!!!

  • Jasonviphone6+

    Matt have you tried this yourself?

    • Matt Taylor

      Yes I have. I actually have it running fine on my iPhone 6 Plus this way, with Pangu update 0.2 installed and Touch ID enabled.

  • Mona299

    After jailbreak my iPhone 5 battery is draining very fast.

  • nishaan jariwala

    i m jailbreak my 4s 8.1 work perfect but my phn batrey low and i charge my phn than not start my iphone. i m again restore my iphone 8.1 what is the problem jb plz reply when i m again my jb?

    • I’m not 100% sure I know what you were trying to say (I assume English isn’t your first language), but I think you meant that after your battery died you can’t boot your device… This is most likely the same effect that users with a passcode set are having when doing a normal reboot.

      After you jailbreak again, make sure NOT to set up a password on the device until Saurik, the Pangu Team, or a post on iDB says that those issues have been fixed.

      • nishaan jariwala

        this issues solve in new jb update ?

  • Alex

    I can’t see an update available, why is this?

  • Kilroy672

    I was thinking about trying to jailbreak my iPhone 6, but I’m not sure. Is it wise to jailbreak now or wait until Pangu has a “all in one” release? I don’t trust myself trying to install cydia, I feel like I will mess up my phone. It took me forever to un jailbreak my iPhone 5S to I can use my Jump. to get my iPhone 6. Any thoughts??

    • It’s really not that hard to do, but since this jailbreak is supposed to be for Developers and not the general public, there’s still a lot of tweaks not updated or with bugs… so it wont really hurt to wait a little longer. Pangu already released a version with Cydia integrated which saves some of the issues users had manually doing that.

  • André Sélos

    my battery draining fast after jailbreak =/
    iphone 5c here

  • raizer00

    The. Jailbreak causes crashes while I play games or just download tweaks from Cydia any fixes?

  • Giacomo Castellucci

    does the restore function in pangu8 allow to downgrade ?

  • Shining Jade

    um am i the only one that noticed cydia installed with jailbreak during jailbreak …O.O i havent even opened pangu at all went to homescreen and yeaa cydia still hoping no cpu issues im using pangu 1.1.0 english

  • danielcs88

    Do any Uber drivers have iOS 8 jailbroken? I updated and removed jailbreak because the app wouldn’t run on jailbroken iOS 7.

  • nguundja

    some 1 help me . i jail broke my ipad 2 and now all my important apps like videos , photos music eg ……. are all gone . hw do i get them back ?

    • Easiest thing to do is a clean restore from iTunes. don’t restore any data yet. Jailbreak then restore your info.

  • Marion Gilbert

    How do I get my caller ID to work with Pangu ios8 jailbreak It does not show my number to caller just comes up unknown number

  • mattiasmarois

    does anyone know if jailbreaking will fix my music woes? ever since I (regretfully) updated to ios8, my music has been messed up, when I manage to get all my music unto my device it works for a while and I can manually add songs, but that only work for a short period of time before all or most of my music disappears and its a pain in the arse to get it back unto my phone, and I have had to fool around with this almost bi-monthly or more (depending on how often I add music). if jailbreaking my phone won;t fix this issue I will be selling it and going to android or windows