ForceReach 2

ForceReach is a new jailbreak tweak for Reachability enable devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It serves as a way to extend the capabilities of Reachability, allowing you to invoke the mode while in landscape orientation, and eliminate the timeout that occurs after a few seconds of it being active.

Want to see how ForceReach works in action? Check out our video walkthrough inside for the in-depth details.

After installing ForceReach, you’ll find a new preference panel in the stock Settings app. You’ll find four switches that can be enabled in ForceReach’s preferences. Two of the switches allow you to enable Reachability in any orientation and disable its timeout respectively. You’ll also find an “after touch keep alive” setting, which removes the interval before Reachability is disabled after touching a visible area. Lastly, you’ll find the so-called “extreme mode”, which forces Reachability to activate in any possible state.

The result of ForceReach, at least at this point, is sort of a mixed bag. Yes, you can invoke Reachability in landscape mode, something you could never do before, but I question the overall usefulness of such capabilities. I guess it could be useful if holding the iPhone in one hand while in landscape mode, but it seems like such occurrences would be few and far between.

ForceReach Settings

ForceReach also suffers from a few bugs. One of the most prominent bugs is showcased when invoking Reachability while in landscape mode on the Home screen. Watch the video to see what I mean.

With everything said, I think there is some definite tweak potential for Reachability. For example, it would be cool if you could reveal extra widgets hidden behind the Home screen by means of it. The possibilities are wide in scope, but I’m just not convinced that ForceReach addresses those in its current state.

If you want to try out ForceReach, head over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia where it can be had for free. Also, let us know what tweak ideas you have for Reachability in the comments section down below.

  • iNeedANameHere

    I’ve been getting really annoyed trying to use Reachability on my iPhone 6. I find myself racing the timeout to do what I need to at the top of my screen. I can’t wait to try out the unlimited Reachability timer.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Reachability capability, Reachability capability, Reachability capability.

  • Danny Téllez

    Loving the amount of tweaks already being released for the new iPhones!

  • ClaudieX X

    I Like the widgets idea…!

  • Ali

    Anyone noticed Jeff has been asking us to like the videos more often now? Wonder what changed.

    • iNeedANameHere

      I feel like its directed towards the people viewing from their Facebook page

    • Tommy Gumbs

      I feel this video was 4 minutes too long.

    • SoylentGreen

      Revenue orientated? This site is deffo just apple advertising wrapped up in semi-reviews, that said atleast no one needs to worry about law enforcement having a backdoor to new iDevices, they have 5 (yeah thats 1 less than 6) fully fledged ‘access all areas’ ‘passes’ in apples truststore (complete misnomer), who needs the back door when you have multiple sets of frondoor keys. any ‘reporting’ ( very loose use of the the word ‘reporting’) on ios8 imessage encryption myth? They are end to end encrypted but instead of the users controlling their own crypto key in the background for decrypting and reading imessage, we have to trust apple with the certs? Bering in mind that the word ‘trust’ is used with impunity by appl evidenced by the not very trusty law enforcement places in the oddly named truststore

  • s0me

    5 inch or bigger devices cannot be used with one hand if you have small to medium hands. Get over it and enjoy that big screen !

  • Chris Buck

    Those that installed Activator will notice that Reachability will barely to not at all work with double tapping home button.
    I found on reddit that folks had same issue with Reachability after
    installing activator. Fix is simple and just in
    settings/general/reachability turn off then back out of general and then
    back in and turn reachability back on and works again:-)

    • Abol

      But on my idevice it only works for a while (after doing this method) and then stops working, until a respring is performed..

  • Suraj Cre

    is it Force Reach working on iphone 5s

  • daem0n

    how about just adding the ability to include notification bar in reachability. that has been one of my biggest annoyances, why would you have reachability but it doesnt bring down the notifications bar when you get an alert

    • Antonio JcRM

      It is… just slide down in the half empty area when you enable reachability N ur notification center will pull down just as if you were pulling it down from the status bar.

      • Lÿo

        It doesn’t bring down an incoming notification banner.

  • JulianF

    Perfect for porn

  • Antonio JcRM

    This with video pane reminds me of Samsung’s split view. I like it! I can finally keep safari or any other app at one place in reachability mode without it timing out and have a youtube or movie video playing placed in that other half space.