Activator iOS 8 beta screenshot

You know things are starting to roll when Ryan Petrich begins to update his vast library of Cydia tweaks. The first such tweaks to receive their iOS 8 updates landed on the prolific developer’s beta repo just a short while ago.

Activator, is of course, the headlining feature of them all, since so many other tweaks rely on it for core functionality. It, along with AppList and the FlipSwitch framework were updated.

To install Activator for iOS 8, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 8.x. If you’ve yet to jailbreak, you can follow our jailbreak and Cydia installation tutorials.

After you’ve jailbroken and installed Cydia, launch Cydia, go to the Sources → Edit → Add and type Ryan’s beta repo address. His repo address is as follows:

Once you add his repo, you’ll be able to download the iOS 8 versions of Activator, FlipSwitch, and AppList.

Now that we have access to such key releases, this should begin to open the floodgates for other developers to release updated versions of their work.

Are you happy to see a usable Activator for iOS 8? Actually, don’t even bother answering that question, as it was totally rhetorical. Of course you’re happy!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    way to go!

  • I was ecstatic when I saw this pop up in my Cydia updates a few minutes ago. Could explain why I instantly tweeted you guys at iDB.

  • begench

    Thanks to Ryan Petrich. I appreciate when developers don’t just sit but are active with latest updates.

  • begench

    Not sure flipswitch or flipcontrolcenter crashes on iOS 8.1 when accessing switches on bottom shelf of control center. Someone has same problem ? Is there fix for that ?

    • Eddie Hines

      its flip control center which does it. here is a tip…DO NOT uninstall flip control center while in safe mode. it will brick your phone

      • begench

        Tnx mate!

      • Chris Wagers

        Just for the sake of new jail breakers you mean you will have to restore right? It does not permanently make your phone unusable. I remember hearing the term brick years ago and from what I remember people could not restore their device.

      • Eddie Hines

        correct. bricking your phone now means you have to restore it and you cannot continue using it until you do

    • Will McIntyre

      For anyone who hasn’t added Ryan’s repo and is experiencing this issue, add his repo to get updates to resolve the crashing issue on iOS 8.1 (worked for me on the iPhone 6)

  • James G

    Ryan P, you are incredible. Thanks for your continued work!

    Now, any word on getting native springboard rotation to the iPhone 6 that the 6 plus has??

    • yermum

      A tweak for this was released about a fsy or two ago already.

      • James G

        Nice! Can’t wait to check it out once the Mac OS X version of Pangu is released, bundled with Cydia and fixes the iMessage photo pug. I’m holding out ’til then.

    • A free tweak by the name of SBFLip does this. Installed it on my iPhone 6 without any issues.

  • Matthew Cleveland

    His repo should really be a default repo. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use something of his.

    • R4

      Its where he uploads beta versions of his tweak. His final tweaks are always released on the default repos.

      • Platy

        While I agree, activator was in beta for months during ios 7. If you didn’t install the beta then you probably wouldn’t have had activator for most of ios 7 jb life.

  • GzyOnline

    awww yeah!!!! 😀

  • Christian Mejía

    The gods have answered!!

  • Bruce

    Just a quick question, Can we set a password without getting stuck in a boot loop now?

  • Antzboogie

    Yes!! I just cant wait until Pangu bundles Cydia into their Jailbreak Im still debating whether to just add Cydia the hard way 🙁

    • R4

      I dont know about others but my iphone 5 heated up a lot, everything kept crashing and a few days later it got stuck on boot so i had to restore my phone.

      • Zuhair Aslam

        Same here.

    • Niclas

      If you’re unsure, the answer is; wait.

    • Andy Gostavo

      bro am with you, we should hang on until pangu comes with clean jailbreak :/
      i wanna use all my tweaks too but wait .. wait ..

      • Antzboogie

        Your right the best things are worth waiting for unfortunately lol.

    • Eddie Hines

      yes, until the fix is in place that does NOT brick my iphone when i reboot, i am staying away

    • TeddyBearStand

      It was very simple with WINscp. Its been running pretty well on my 5s. I’d stay away if you mind using Chrome and sending pictures by copy paste in iMessage 😛

  • VA

    i can’t get any jailbreak apps down, such as activator or ex’ bytafont??

  • Chris

    Ryan never ceases to amaze us with his dedication towards the community, nice work sir!

  • Jeep204

    What’s everyones favorite activator gestures?

    • yermum

      My favorite are ones that don’t require activator. Too buggy and temperamental for my tastes.

    • leart

      Three fingers pinch at home screen to simulate lock button, in this way practically lock your device in style and save your lock button from wearing out, but the downside is that it will drain a little more the battery

  • Manuel Molina

    Great! It sounds like a lot of tweaks are making their way to iOS 8. It seems safe to say that we should see a jailbreak from the team soon.

    • yermum

      Where have you been? IOS 8 is already jail broken. What team are you expect to release what exactly?

      • Manuel Molina

        One that works, friend. We’re all waiting for an updated one that doesn’t send you to a computer and clicking on the restore button. You know what I mean?

      • yermum

        The current jailbreak “works” fine. It has bugs sure, buts its not like you can’t overcome most of the issues if you do a little legwork on your own. There’s plenty of info on reddit pointing towards fixing almost all of the outstanding issues.
        But I get it, people are by nature lazy and want everything handed to them in a silver platter. Each to their own, I guess.

      • Diego Milano

        I disagree here; it’s not about being lazy or not. Some people use their devices for sensitive work and rely on a 100% stability with minimal risk. This jailbreak has been noted for developers mainly, otherwise you are taking your chances.
        I, for one, will play with the new jailbreak on my test device, however mark my words- I will refrain from deploying it to my main device until I know a definitive and stable solution is bundled. I do traveling and work with my phone, I literally don’t have time to restore my main iPhone just for the fun of it.

      • Manuel Molina

        Ugh, how foolish and condescending. Such trolling seems to be new thing for some, yeah?

        You said, jailbreak has bugs, I should fix them myself (I didn’t know I release the jailbreak that I need to fix them), and on Reddit, it shows how to fix – and this is the keyword here – almost all of them… Hmm. I’ll rather wait.

        Unlike you, I don’t have time on my hands to deal with bugs because I do things like work 40 hours a week as well as go to school full-time. You know, I’m naturally lazy, so I’d rather expect it to work than deal with workarounds. For that I would go to Android if I wanted to deal with that stuff.

        I’m sure, since you work so hard on your phone and all, you’re super. Good for you. But me? I’ll wait for the silver platter treatment. I deserve it anyways when I provide the 20 to 30 dollar incentive when a working jailbreak does find itself on my phone.

        You see, that’s what working does. Guess I’m not so lazy, ah?

      • yermum

        Yep, lazy. That is all wanker.

      • Manuel Molina

        Great comeback. Did your stupidity finally set in yet? It seems so.

      • yermum

        I’m the one enjoying the new jailbreak, while you’re waiting on it to be handed to you on a silver platter. Who’s the stupid one again? Smh.

      • Manuel Molina

        I’m stupid by waiting and having patience? You seem more of the idiot by updating to a developers jailbreak. Your comment should you’re just a foolish and naive teenager who has nothing better to do with their time than retort comebacks when you have none.

        Enjoy your bug-filled jailbreak. I’ll keep my password on my phone and not have to worry about shutting off my phone or rebooting in an endless void. Patience over stupidity is my saying. Sadly you don’t seem to understand such things.

  • Chocolatewe


  • Leo Parker

    I’m just afraid that while we’re waiting for the full pangu jailbreak with cydia apple comes out with 8.1.1 and blocks the jailbreak while I’m still stuck on shitty ios 7. I have a lot of amazing tweaks right now and I can’t imagine using an iPhone that’s not jailbroken. Ugh.

    • yermum

      Well you know that eventually (in the near future) the links will get ironed out and everything will work just fine – so why don’t you just suck it up and upgrade to 8.1 for now and wait?
      Surely if you’re that worried about apple you can live without your tweaks for a little while, no?

    • Skoven

      Like Yermum pointed out. You will properly survive your unjailbroken iPhone for a little while. I had the same worries about apple issuing a 8.1.1 fix that would destroy the jailbreak. So i updated to 8.1 – missing a lot of tweaks, but im sure pangu will release a jailbreak with cydia in it soon.
      Better safe than sorry – iOS 8 has a lot of nice features compared to iOS 7. It would suck to miss iOS 8 because you couldn’t live without your tweak for a shot period of time.

  • yermum

    Its too bad no one else has come up with an activator replacement. I’ve always found apps/tweaks with native gestures to respond better/faster than anything dependent on activator. Not sure what the deal with it is, but its always been laggy and tempermantal in that it doesn’t have smooth or consistent activation..

  • VictorMartino

    I’ll wait for a jailbreak that installs cydia right away. Don’t wanna rush things. iOS 8.1 didn’t fix ANY of the third party keyboard bugs, so I’m not happy that jailbreak is out now, cause the next one will likely be for iOS 9.

    • TwinSon

      Swiftkey is garbage on iOS. Had to uninstall it because half the time I had to close an re-open an app because the keyboard refused to come out.

    • Toon

      Installing Cydia is really easy it cost me 5 min. Jeff has made good instructions and video.. Jeff my guy

  • King Of The Clouds

    So does iAP cracker work with ios 8?

  • Ana Paula

    Hoje o Brasil viveu uma grande derrota em sua história. Uma pena.

  • Danial

    Dear Ryan plz update VideoPane as well 😀

  • Toon

    Ryan is often ahead of updates !

  • Yugal Chandrawanshi

    Activator is one of the main reason for me to jailbreak my device..
    Thnx for the update 🙂

  • Chris Buck

    Just installed activator. I noticed that I cannot make my iPhone 6 go into landscape mode or reachability mode (that one is turned on in settings). Anyone else have this issue? I uninstalled other tweaks one by one and still have the issue. So at moment seems to be pointing to activator tweak??

  • scott

    I had to uninstall activator because it made reachability mode on my iPhone 6 basically unusable. Even trying that fix someone mentioned below of turning it off and back on in settings didn’t fix it. It’s a shame as Activator is soooo useful but I use my phone one handed a lot so reachability mode is even more useful to me.

    • MrKyoo

      Same with me. Had to uninstall.

  • BEN

    ipad3 : boot loop occurs every minute, blackscreen, but ipad is indeed ON had to uninstall via ssh :

    apt-get remove –purge libactivator
    apt-get remove –purge com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap

    so first thing after jb : install openssh … can save lots of recovery time

  • John

    a bug with activator/touch id, which I mapped to the
    home button. It stops working after a phone call but works again if you
    lock and unlock the screen. This is only after making a call, not
    receiving one. Anyone getting the same results? Any suggestion to fix
    this issue

  • Lee Buskey

    Having a terrible time figuring out if this is a “just me” thing or a larger issue I just have to wait for an update for. I get that it’s a beta. For me, Activator crashes every time I invoke any “Settings” action. If it calls up a screen from Settings, it crashes Springboard. Can anyone tell me if it is working for them? I’m using an Iphone 6, 64 GB.

  • unphased

    Anyone gotten the Activator “Fingerprint sensor Finger 1” etc. events to work? I would LOVE to have 10 (one for each finger…) different functionalities I can fire without unlocking and staring at the phone. Use this as a way to quickly toggle something, etc.

    I am on an iPhone 6 plus. It’s a huge tease, listing all my registered fingers here in the list but not having any of the events actually fire.

  • Diego Milano

    So it seems like Activator lost its ability to play sounds/ringtones as it previously had. Sad, as I do not believe there is any alternative way of setting an event of such nature so that -for example- it would automatically play a sound as soon as the battery charges/drains above/below a certain percentage.

  • Derailius Meridius