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Apple’s latest iPads, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, are now available for in-store pickup at a growing list of retail locations in the United States, MacRumors reported Wednesday. Initially limited to Wi-Fi-only iPads and available for a limited number of retail locations that have received shipments, every Apple Store in the United States and abroad will provide personal pickup as soon as Apple catches up to demand for the new tablets.

If you are planning on purchasing one of the new iPads for in-store pickup, head over to Apple’s US Online Store, choose your iPad model and check the bottom of the page: if personal pickup is available, you’ll see the “Available for pickup” message. You can also click the “Check availability” link and enter your ZIP code to get a list of nearby stores that will let you pick up your iPad in person.

Alternatively, choose the “Pick up” option when you check out, then select an Apple Retail Store near you. Apple says that iPads “Available today” can usually be picked up within an hour of placing your order.

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The company will ping you via email when your order is ready to be picked up. And yes, you can have someone else pick up your iPad for you.

“Many stores” on the East Coast showed wide availability of both iPad models at post time, as per MacRumors. Availability on the West Coast is still limited “as it is earlier in the day and stores are not yet prepared to begin retail sales,” writer Juli Clover explained.

iPad Air 2 (in store pickup, web screenshot 002)

At the time of this writing, all iPad Air 2 models on Apple’s Online Store in the United States were 2-4 business days out, with the iPad mini 3 models showing shipping availability within 24 hours.

Have you purchased one of the new iPads yet and if not, are you planning to?


  • Mohammad Ridwan


  • Matt Taylor

    I take it this is a us only service as none of the options above are displayed on the uk store!

    • Yep. The US has had this for a while now but no such service exists in the UK to my knowledge.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Nice, now to wait for Best Buy to start selling them in-store!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Picking up my iPad Air 2 in Space Gray configured to 64 GB tomorrow after work. I haven’t really used my iPad mini that much, but again, I feel that the bigger screen will motivate me to utilize it more when on the go. My MacBook Pro is really cool and very portable, but the iPad is far more portable in my opinion. I’m going to give iPad a try and see if I can get more use for it.