As Apple readies the launch of Apple Pay for later this month, it has initiated a mandatory, one hour training program for its retail employees and is coordinating with third-party retailers to ensure that stores will be able to complete transactions via Apple Pay starting on launch day.

Per a recent leak, screenshots indicate that Apple Pay establishment will be an option when setting up the rest of the device, and credit card details can be entered manually or scanned in with the device’s camera. A new report by 9to5mac suggests that settings can be adjusted and additional credit cards can be added through an upcoming “Passbook & Apple Pay” tab in iOS’s Settings app.

Further details outline Apple Pay’s integration with credit card companies and banks, as users will be able to view recent transactions, the company’s iPhone app and contact information, and toggle push notifications. Additionally, Apple has eliminated the need to re-enter a renewed credit card information, as Passbook will communicate with the third-party company in order to update the card automatically.


In an Apple retail store, if a product was originally purchased with Apple Pay, users only need to hold their NFC-enabled iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus against the EasyPay terminal to return the item, as this action will display the user’s recent transactions to the employee on hand, who can then officiate the return.

Should Apple Pay refuse to work for a customer, Apple Store employees will have “Apple Pay Demo” software available that will alert the employee of any malfunction with the user’s iPhone hardware. If a physical issue is not the problem, then the employee will advise customers to contact their credit card company or bank for further assistance.

Although Apple has already launched Apple Pay in its Caffé Macs restaurant in its Cupertino campus, the service is not expected to arrive in other retail stores until anywhere from October 18th to early November. However, Apple is expected to reveal more details on Apple Pay at its media event this Thursday.


  • fordfreak28

    Can’t wait

  • Jason Baroni

    They better teach McDonald’s employees how to use it. I am sure this is not in my country only, but at the rush time, boy, those guys get crazier than hell to serve you the fast as they can’t! LOL

  • @dongiuj

    And if you don’t have a credit card?

    • Debit cards should work too.

      • @dongiuj

        Should? Has that been mentioned before or is that what you think? Sorry not trying to be difficult, it’s a legit question lol

      • Noah

        I haven’t heard anything about it. They work the same way though, so they should hopefully work.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      It does work with debit cards. See Apple Pay’s page. apple (dot) com/iphone-6/apple-pay

  • Darn! Keep 8.0.2 with ‘Date trick’ apps and possible shorter wait for JB or update for Apple Pay and risk a longer wait for a JB.. The decisions…

  • Danial

    Is it just me or anybody else have thought about ApplePay getting hacked when ios8 jailbreak release just like recent malwares in ios7 jailbreak?

    • Noah

      In which way do you imagine it being hacked? Like stolen credit cards or what?

      • Danial

        yes personal credit card
        not the Applepay servers lol

      • Abhimanyu Patel

        Even paying without a credit card could be possible, if you look at the possibilities of a jailbreak!

    • Ian Leon

      there won’t be a jailbreak

      • Danial

        are you an evasion member or something or just talking out of your ass?

      • Ian Leon

        ^^^ this guy is being mean to me 🙁

  • Stetch

    This will never come to our country. Sadly.

  • Josh H

    is apple pay compatible with existing tap to pay systems or will they have to update to support apple pay?

    • RayRayBeav

      It should be compatible with current tap to pay systems as Apple Pay uses NFC. But not sure if all retailers with current NFC will enable Apple Pay right away.

  • Smart phones will become the standard mode of payment everywhere. It will catch on; slowly at first; then it’s use will exponentiate. As for the worn leather wallet ; brimming with cards; RIP.

  • SoylentGreen

    Anyone talking ios8 security yet?? ApplepAy lol, some security researchers are ptsl at this one,
    No need to worry about NSA backdoors anymore as they now have a full 5 places in the ‘truststore’ – aka ‘Front Door Keys’ – also passwords cannot be subpoenaed but fingerprint scans can etc etc iSheep baaa
    Also they blatantly lie about MAC randomising when your wi-fi aint connected but it is only when the device is in a deep sleep & imessage still secure? My butt, apple issue the certs ffs

    • Nitsud

      You can take your foil hat and go sit in the corner please. Thanks.

      • SoylentGreen

        lol its not my opinion, just truth, why the thanks? For educating you? Sarcasm attempt? Here some more knowledge for you, as you are out of step with reality, the CUA invented the term ‘tinfoil hat wearer’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a means of discrediting anyone trying to get the truth to the masses, its in declassified docs, google it YOU will learn something.
        No need for thanks x2 so i will pre-emptively say “your welcome” 😉

      • Nitsud

        Well aren’t you just a silly goose. It’s you’re* welcome.

  • Ian Leon

    SHIFT + OPTION + K = Pay