air 2 logic

Photos of several components allegedly belonging to the upcoming iPad Air 2 popped up online today. Republished by, the images show a Home button flex cable, a front panel, a volume button flex cable, and a logic board.

And on that logic board, it appears that there is an A8X chip. You can’t see it at first, but a MacRumors forum user zoomed in on the photo and tweaked the colors, and as you can see in the image below, it looks like there are 3 characters.


This is new to the rumor mill, as many believed Apple would simply use the A8 chip in its new iPads, the way it used the A7 in last year’s models. Additional power would make since, however, given the rumors of higher resolution displays.

There’s not too much to say about the other parts. The front panel looks about the same, although it’s supposedly thinner than before, and the Home button cable appears to have room for Touch ID, which lines up with several recent reports.

air 2 display air 2 home

Finally there’s the volume button flex cable, which shows the up and down volume keys. Interestingly enough, there’s no dedicated mute/screen rotation switch—it’s been speculated that Apple ditch the switch to make the tablet thinner.

air 2 volume

Other rumors for the iPad Air 2 include 2GB of RAM and a new gold colorway, but surprisingly little has been said about the next generation mini. Apple is expected to unveil the two tablets, along with new Macs, at its media event on October 16.


  • So from the looks of the glass it has either gained another ambient light sensor(white dots on the far corners) or lost it like the 5th gen iPod Touch.

    • Here are the previous 2 iPad parts to give you some insight.

      • Kurt

        That would be a big blow to the iPad. My Air adapts to light changes well. Good catch, hope it’s not the real screen.

  • Guest

    why A8X not A8?

    • HooDatty

      They provided a likely answer to this in the article. Just read it.

  • pauleebe

    I hope the A8X doesn’t have the heat problems of the A5X or result in a thicker chassis.

    • Maxim∑

      It doesn’t even have a heat sink this time so I don’t think so. And iPad 3 was really bad that’s why it was cancelled so fast

      • Guest

        Like Ping was.

      • Maxim∑

        Lol I know who this is

      • My iPad 3 is still going strong

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    You guys are just ruining the surprise. It’s much better to hear about Apple explaining whats inside their products and how they work with user experience rather than find leaked parts.

    • Straw hat

      Lol easy solution dont read the article that clearly explains what it’s going to be about in the title.

    • Kurt

      Rumors and leaked parts are often wrong. My favorite one that manyyyy believed was the haptic touch of the iPhone 5 screen where it was going to mimic the feel of rough or bumpy or smooth surface with changes in vibration. lol

  • Straightshoota

    I’m just going to mad if it gets the 2gb of ram to make it an X my iPad air crashes all the time because of this and I just got an iPhone 6+ despite the lack of it. Can’t help but think that Apple had this in mind so my iPhone 6 won’t exact be future proofed.

    • John

      And we have all the other people (really hardcore Apple fanboys) saying that 2GB of RAM isn’t “necessary”. But I will keep a look on whenever Apple decides to add 2GB of RAM on the 6S (most probably) and all the people (again, really hardcore fanboys) will be giving facts and points on why 2GB of RAM is necessary and makes perfect sense.. But as of for now it isn’t necessary or does not make sense at all. But in 11 more months it will? These people make no sense man!

      • Kurt

        These people make me sick. They ruin the fun of coming on here and connecting with people. I feel I need to give another point of view all the time.

    • Kurt

      I get bashed so hard for saying my iPad Air crashes due to lack of ram. iPhone 6 should have had 2gigs of ram and split screen multitasking. I love it. And with Apple being able to (hopefully) make split screen run for all apps it would be so useful. But till then, people on this site won’t admit its a great feature because Samsung/Windows has it.

      • Sokrates

        Totally agree! The iPhone 6 should definitely have 2gigs of ram… Sometimes it’s already at the limit, but but when i buy a phone I expect it to be futureproof for at least the next two years.

      • dpacemaker

        The quality of games/apps is much more intense now than in years past. Not having 2gigs of ram is unacceptable and should be the minimum in any phone/tablet. I plan on getting a new iPhone, but am worried that the experience will be less than satisfactory. I hope that Apple starts to understand that OS optimization can only go so far when it comes to things like ram.

  • John

    The 6 Plus is a joke. A complete damn joke. Why the hell 1 GB of RAM Apple? I can’t even do what I was used to do with my iPhone 5!
    The 6+ is the iPad 3. No question about it. The resolution is so high and the processor and RAM is so bad that the damn phone can’t even handle it.
    For science i just stopped writing here.
    Copied the comment, started music, went on Facebook, refreshed my timeline and saved a random image to my photos, opened and closed a couple of apps then opened messages and sent part of this comment to myself to my iPhone 5. Came back to the website on the 6+ and oh surprise. It refreshed.
    Did the same experiment with my iPhone 5 and it didn’t refresh the website (opened the same apps, saved the same image and made sure I was taking the same time it took me to do it with the 6+) and here’s where I am typing right now on my 5.
    Apple is giving us crap and we are buying it, taking it like hungry dogs. Apple needs to step up and the only way for them to step up is if we stop buying worthless, outdated and poor in specs products. But well, just my .2 cents. Can’t wait to see how laggy iOS 9 will be on the 6+.

    • Kurt

      Be prepared to be trolled big time. How dare you say the truth about Apple products.

    • n0ahcruz3

      are u prepared to get flamed? Lol

    • Interesting that the same tab refresh problem didn’t happen on your iPhone 5…

    • White Michael Jackson

      “Can’t wait to see how laggy ios 9 will be on the iphone 6+”
      This says it all.
      absolutely crazy how that is true

      • If that were the case the 5, 5c, and 5s would be lagging from iOS8 right now. probably won’t be any lag until at least two more versions are released. Especially if its optimized for 2gbs of ram.

    • Matt Taylor

      Well said. Been saying the same thing for years!

    • Eqwan Syafiq

      I stop putting my hope so high on Apple since iOS 8.
      Using iPad mini retina. Not just the refresing web page. My device respring quite frequent. I cant imagine how it will perform if iOS 9 came out. One of the main reason I love using Apple product is because of the Apps in AppStore. They just beautifully working. Unfortunately, iOS 8 ruining all of it.

  • Scape

    So glad I held off on the i6. Will be getting i6+s with 2GB RAM. This iPhone 4 has served me well these 4/5 years. Still going strong on iOS 6. Although according to BatteryDoctorPro my battery is down to 60% capacity. 1600+ cycles.

    • John

      Easy man. Just replace the battery. iPhone 4 with iOS 6? You have real quality Apple products there.

    • Kurt

      I don’t use my iPhone 4S anymore but it still works like a champ, and looks the part too.

      • White Michael Jackson

        I still have my 4s its work just fine. I was not even tempted to buy an iphone 6. Apple needs to step their game up.

  • randomGuy

    ditching the dedicated mute/screen rotation switch is just stupid.
    both new iphone 6 is at 6.9mm and 7.1mm, both still having that switch, the ipad is like 3 times larger than an iphone 6+ and it cant fit in a tiny switch.

  • Tom

    Iphone 6 is cheap joke next year snapdragon 810 octa core 64 bit is coming out