For the second year in a row, Apple tops Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking, an annual report that analyzes the brand value of the largest corporations in the world. Just like last year, Google scores the second place, right ahead of Coca Cola. Valued at $118.9 billion, Apple increased its brand value by 21%, while Google, valued at $107.43 billion, increased its brand value by 15%.

“Apple and Google’s meteoric rise to more than USD $100 billion is truly a testament to the power of brand building,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer. These leading brands have reached new pinnacles—in terms of both their growth and in the history of Best Global Brands—by creating experiences that are seamless, contextually relevant, and increasingly based around an overarching ecosystem of integrated products and services, both physical and digital.”

For more details, have a look at the 2014 rankings, as well as the methodology used.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Steve must be feeling proud up there. 🙂

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Steve was never about being the “best” or the “top” of anything, he was mainly about making life easier. He would be proud if Apple reinvented his old innovations to improve life, not increase the market.

    • Faris

      You mean ” down there “.

    • White Michael Jackson

      I think he said it pretty warm down here.

  • Ara Rezaee

    And the stock is actually undervalued right now

  • Shakur Ali

    Apple is the best u know that

  • @dongiuj

    Usually when you are at the top, the only way is down. When you are apple and at the top it looks like the only way is staying at the top. Well, for two years at least.