86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio has withdrawn from negotiations to play Steve Jobs in Sony’s upcoming movie on the Apple founder, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor was slated to begin work on the film after wrapping up The Revenant, but he has instead decided to take an extended hiatus.

With DiCaprio out, a number of other high profile names have come back into the mix. THR says that top talent including Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper are all on Sony’s wish list, but it adds that Affleck seems unlikely given he just signed on to a film with a similar production schedule.

Additionally, the report adds that director Danny Boyle—who directed the award-winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’—has been confirmed for the Jobs biopic. Boyle’s name has been bouncing around the rumor mill for several months now, although House of Cards director David Fincher was also briefly attached to the film.

Written by Aaron Sorkin (who won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Social Network), the untitled Steve Jobs feature is a highly-anticipated one from Sony. Sorkin completed the screenplay back in January, and has said the story consists of 3, 30-minute scenes leading up to 3 major Apple product launches.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

  • I think Bale looks the most like him but Dicaprio would pull off Jobs better.

    • Diego Milano

      Agreed. Ben Affleck, a big name? Please…

    • Hyr3m

      Bale would show the “angry” part effortlessly 🙂

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    They should get Wozniak in the film.

  • Eddiepradom

    We need new faces in movies, it’s always these guys

    • Kristina Lavoie

      ‘Cause they’re the best we have in the right age group. And we all tend to grow up with the same actors playing relevant-to-us roles, since they grow as we do. Kinda interesting to think about, really.

  • Lance Baker

    Excited about Boyle. Love his electric style.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Man that sux leo’s my fave actor. I love his Wolf of wall st. Performance.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I miss the days where you guys covered just the new jailbreak tweaks and some smaller updates inside Apple. Now we had all the rumors about the iPhone 6, and more about upcoming devices will come from you guys. I want the old iDB back. ;_;

    • iPodDroid

      Of course your going to be THAT guy….

      • GuyWithTheThings

        And of course you’re going to be THAT guy….

      • iPodDroid

        Yeah, but how can I be that guy if your not going to be THAT guy?

    • Diego Milano

      There’s truly not much to nothing to cover as the jailbreak community has slowed down on releases until a new jailbreak is out -hopefully with the iOS 8.1 launch-, such is the case of Hashbang, which will not release TypeStatus Plus until then. Honestly, that is the only tweak I am missing to get a full iOS experience.

      • GuyWithTheThings

        I know, but the older days were the better days IMO. The Callbar 7 thing they’re coving now came out yesterday, whereas before they’d cover it within a few hours of release or even before it was released. Now, IMO, they’re not different from any other Apple blog. Just rumors and rumors.

      • Diego Milano

        If you are looking for immediate tweak reviews, you can subscribe to a lot of different and very good channels on YouTube. iDB is not the only one out there doing high quality video reviews out there. 🙂
        Still, reviewing a tweak does take a bit of time, especially if you want to make a good review, which involves editing; 24-48 hours is acceptable.

    • Marcus

      Seriously? I think iDB has come a long way, all for the good.

      • GuyWithTheThings

        That is kind of true. The way they’re covering the new iOS 8 updates, flaws, stuff like that is good. The whole rumor thing they’ve been doing ever since the iPhone 6 speculations began has been unethical to me. I should’ve been a little more specific originally, my bad.

      • Marcus

        It’s alright. I understand your point of view as well. It seems like there are constant posts about iPhone 6 rumors as well as other Apple products. It does get kind of annoying, but it is news and if they didn’t post it I think a lot of people would complain. It would be nice if every month they did a post that would sum up all of the rumors that relate to Apple.

      • Hyr3m

        “It would be nice if every month they did a post that would sum up all of the rumors that relate to Apple.”

        That’s a great idea 🙂

        I think they should also make a “no spoilers” mode where we can’t see any post with leaked images… and then maybe include that “All of this month’s rumors” post in the no spoilers mode but without any visible leaked images so you can still read about the rumors if you choose to but without getting visual spoilers. Kinda like “spoiler shield” or something to that effect…

        Something to ponder upon for the team 🙂

  • neez

    Praise the lord! That was close…

  • thomas

    They should get Ashton Kutcher to play Steve jobs in this one too. He played the role real well

  • Rares

    Imagine the actor that will play as Jobs in this movie to win the oscar. Dicaprio will go crazy.

  • پاندا

    with the best memories:

  • madmaxmedia

    I think Bale’s intensity and looks fit best. Thumbs up on Danny Boyle too!