5 great extensions

The ability of apps to work together by means of the new extensions feature in iOS 8 is one of the best new additions to Apple’s mobile operating system.

Like any new and highly anticipated feature, developers have begun to jump on the ability to add support to their apps. While there is no shortage of apps that feature extensions on the App Store, I’ve created a list of five extensions that I think are really great. Not only are they useful, but they highlight the power of inter-app communication.

Inside, I’ll show you five great extensions for iOS 8. Check out the video overview after the break.


1Password was the best password managing app before iOS 8, and after iOS 8 it’s not even up for debate. The 1Password extension allows you to login to your favorite websites in an effortless manner. It’s a thing of beauty that has to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

View Source

Obviously, this is geared more towards developers and web designers, but I thought it did a wonderful job of highlighting how powerful extensions really are in iOS 8. It’s the only paid app on this list at $0.99, but if you’re a web designer, or if you find yourself getting curious about a web site’s source code, View Source is an excellent tool.

Awesome Screenshot

I actually reviewed Awesome Screenshot for the Mac some time ago, and I’m happy to see it on iOS. Thanks to its new extension, you can capture a full website or a portion of a website, and use various markup tools to annotate said captures.


The Bing app includes a handy translator extension that makes it easy to translate text on foreign language websites into English. It’s not something that you’ll use everyday, unless you often peruse foreign sites, but it’s a great tool to have when you need it.


As someone who went the paperless route some time ago, the Evernote share extension is an absolute blessing for me. I use it to upload all of my receipts, important emails, and websites directly to specific Evernote folders. It take several steps out of my normal Evernote workflow on iOS, and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Of course, there are other extensions available for iOS 8, but these are five that I think most people can get behind. Better yet, all of them are free, with the exception of the $0.99 View Source.

What do you think about iOS 8’s new extensions feature? Are there any must have extensions that you use on a day to day basis? Sound off with your thoughts down below in the comment section.

  • Om


  • taborneighbor

    Agreed on Awesome Screenshot! I’m also loving URL Melter and Instapaper in Safari.

  • Shawn

    I would enjoy a photos extension that lets me view gifs

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    Jeff, you’re back! Nice!

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      your almost white, nice

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        You’re Racist, not nice

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        all people are proud, of their race…..except the White Man
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  • Adam

    And enjoy being the end user but beta testing iOS 8! It’s the buggiest release ever.

    • Tobias9413

      What were you running it on? I had beta on my 5S since the first one and rarely had issues or bugs and it was always my everyday use phone.

      • Completely agree. Haven’t tried it on my 5s but it’s as smooth as butter on my iPad 3 since the iOS 8.0.2 update…

      • have_gun_will_travel

        I’ve run it on iPhone 5S’s and an iPad Air since the first developer release with VERY FEW issues.

  • Alejandro Merlo

    Bing for iPad doesn’t work, or I don’t know how? can you help me?

  • Andy

    Do extensions only work in Safari are can they be used in other browsers as well?

  • Rupinder S

    Glad to hear your sexy voice again, Jeff.

  • I think extensions are over hyped. None of them work like they really should. It should be fluent, I shouldn’t have to go anywhere to access them. I should be able to do all of that without a menu.

    • Really? What extension ever works without a menu? Give me an example.

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        Perfect response lol

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      • Clearly no one understood my comment. No sense in me posting what I was thinking, no one seems to have an open mind here.

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      Yeah, we’re not up to the point where ur iphone reads ur mind and executes the extension u want (brain thinks up)

  • Micky Ganon

    It is useless 1password, really! Why do I need to open Safari and then do something else and do something again, just to access my account when I already have the app (GMail) is too much work

    • iBanks

      As you said, you have the app. Some don’t rely on the app but would rather use Safari instead. But you’re only pointing out one site with an app. There’s many other sites that benefit from this use of the extension. I myself prefer 1password because I can use TouchID to sign in to the websites rather than using iCloud’s way of doing it. iClouds way just auto inputs the login and password without an need for any authentication, and I prefer Safari on One Browser.

      • Micky Ganon

        All the apps store security apps are not worth anything! You can not lock a folder or photo album. If it was like bioprotect tweak then it would be worth something.

      • omghilly

        Just wait for the JailBreak. None the less, this is worth something: convenience.

        To each their own. I readily applaud the integration of 1Password.

    • Ken

      Not the websites have application. My federal bank doesn’t have an app and this is a huge time saver for a lot of websites

  • Lucas Dallaverde

    Awesome!! Do a video about widgets too! Thx

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    Quick question off topic: If I bought an Verizon iPhone 6 full retail and pop in a Tmobile Sim for wifi calling, will any feature be disabled? or any bands?

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      Verizon iPhones only works unlocked internationally. Why not just buy the t-mobile unlocked version full price?

    • It’ll work. I do the same thing.

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    Awesome Screenshot would have been great if it worked with other browsers too, but what can you expect…

  • Jeroen Claassens

    With all due respect but… Google Translate >>>>>> Bing….

  • Cob

    Thank you Jeff. Do we have something similar to awesome screenshot but works any where , I mean not only for Safari?

  • woooooowwwww thanks!

  • cschug

    I would throw LastPass in there as well. It does everything 1Password does, and it does it cross-platform for 12 bucks a year.

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