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Not one, not two, but three major updates to iOS 8 — iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 — are in tow for 2015, perhaps signaling that Apple is speeding up its iOS development process, Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac reported Monday.

This would represent a break from Apple’s practice of releasing a major new iOS version each Fall, followed-up by a substantial update early in the following year.

Gurman was able to confirm the three upcoming iOS 8 releases via “a developer of a major hardware-connected iOS application” who shared with him their analytics, in addition to traces of iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 spotted in Google Analytics for

Apple typically starts work on an iOS update before a major version goes public.

For instance, the Cupertino firm released a Gold Master version of iOS 8 (in most instances, a Gold Master is the same as the shipping version) on September 9, eight days ahead of the software’s September 17 public release.

As soon as it released the GM and started preloading it on iPhones being manufactured, Apple started work on the next iOS 8 bug-fix update. Normally, Apple would be now developing iOS 8.1 and iOS 9.0 in parallel.

But the fact that three significant follow-ups to iOS 8 are in concurrent development might indicate that the firm “is moving away from annual iOS releases in the fall that are tied to hardware,” Gurman speculated.

Another possibility: Apple is readying new hardware outside the usual Fall release schedule. For instance, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is said to release in early-2015.

As that device is rumored to feature a split-screen multitasking mode, a major update to iOS 8 would be needed to support the feature.

Other features that didn’t make it into the initial iOS 8 release that should go live in iOS 8.1: an improved Maps app with public transit directions and a car-finding feature, a standalone iTunes Radio app, native TextEdit and Preview apps and more.

Last year, iOS 7 debuted in Fall and was followed by the major iOS 7.1 update with CarPlay and other improvements in March of 2014. Similarly, iOS 6 launched in September 2012 and was updated to iOS 6.1 in January the following year.

At any rate, Apple may be planning to release major iOS 8 feature updates throughout 2015 in anticipation of iOS 9.0 in September 2015.


  • Shocker

    • Chocolatewe


    • I know right, its like predicting the sun will go up and down everyday..

      Off topic. Am I the only one noticing how good the battery life is on the regular 6? So far surpassing my expectations by a long shot.

      • Blip dude

        Nope, no different than the iPhone 5 for me in most cases. Still have the same settings and the same amount of usage. What worries me is the fact that my battery life is the same but my iPhone 5 was also Jailbroken, so I can only hope it will be the same thing on the 6 when it becomes Jailbroken.

      • Sorry to hear that.

      • Blip dude

        It’s all good. If any Ill keep an eye on battery performance. I plan on upgrading to the next Gen plus iPhone (iPhone 6S Plus??) in 19 months so by the end of the first year for this phone, I may do a quick swap, and stick to the S models after that. But if the battery really does have it’s issues, then I’ll swap for another one sooner.

      • I was just comparing from the same usage on my 5s it would be down to about 70% by now but my 6 is at 90%. I unplugged it at 7:20am and its now 3:09pm.

      • Heavy usage?

      • same moderate use on both, now at 6:17pm its on 76%

      • Mohammed

        I don’t have the regular 6 ,i have the plus
        But My brother got the regular 6 ,and he seems pleased with it.
        He gets about 6-9 hours of usage with 1 day of stand by.
        I get 15 hours of usage on my 6+,with 1 day and 7 hours of stand by.

      • Blip dude

        Yup, phone dropped from 100% to 49% in 4 hours so far today, got home, about to leave again, with the phone in hopefully 65-70% full. Hopefully it can last me another 6 hours where I can charge it at an Apple Store before returning home again.

  • #Yussef van de Dag!

    last section isn’t quite right 😛

  • ahall

    Updates for enhancements necessary for Apple Watch, iPad Pro and Apple Pay (not necessarily in that order). Probably not a sea change.

  • Don’t forget iOS 9!

    • MHCsk

      I agree.

  • Donovan

    “Similarly, iOS 7 launched in September 2012 and was updated to iOS 6.1”

    Small typo there

    • DotNet Marwan

      That downgrade tho… It’s like heaven for iOS 8 users…

  • Rounak

    What about the update in next month with OSX Yosemite
    To enable Continuity and most probably Apple Pay also.

  • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    doesn’t bode well for the jailbreak scene. Hope the hackers can keep up with the updates and find new holes to exploit 🙂

    • Chang in Charge

      definitely my first thought, but you never know this could spur even more competition between whatever teams are vying to be the first to release a jailbreak

  • Eikast

    Well I’m happy. Hopefully this means more improvements and possibly new features 🙂
    IOS 8.1 next month, 8.2 maybe end of 2014, 8.3 when Apple Watch is released (March).

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Sooner 8.1 comes out Jailbreak will be right behind.

  • Willie

    i miss those days where each keynotes actually are introduced with products and software too.. remember when Steve Jobs announced the ipad with 3.2.. remember when apple announced 4.1 with the iphone 4? i missed those days..

    • Mee

      Nowadays they want new apps for all the new features in the new devices when the come out but all at once does have a larger impact and wow factor if you ask me

  • avd98

    “Similarly, iOS 7 launched in September 2012 and was updated to iOS 6.1 in January the following year.”

    IOS 6 launched in September 2012, not iOS 7, please fix it!

  • Mike M. Powell

    But will we get quick compose doe ._.”
    *please apple >.<

    • Mee

      In a sense they already do with Recent contacts and favorites in app switcher.

      • Mike M. Powell

        W/o being sent to the message app doe my good man .-.

  • Pradeep s

    Updated to ios 7.1 correct it

  • Exe

    Does this site even post real news articles anymore? It’s either clickbait or fanboy flame war inciting or this stupidity. What’s next? ATTENTION: Apple to release new iPhone in 2015? Smh.

    • The news is that apple my not release ios 9 next year as usual, instead releasing 8.3. That is definitely something different.

  • harit7

    Just make it a bit snappier on the older hardware, that’l be all.

    • mlee19841

      They do it for a reason

      • harit7

        I guess its probably the limitations caused by the hardware plus poor software optimisation as more time is spent on optimising it for the newer devices.

      • mlee19841

        They slow down older devices so people will upgrade

      • Mee

        No, they just down plan 4 iOS versions ahead so taxing os’s will tax old hardware, simple as that.

  • Kirk

    iOS 8.1 for the iPad release. iOS 8.2 for the Apple Watch release. And iOS 8.3 for bug release to hold over until iOS 9.

  • Mark

    Wonder at which point the jailbreak will comeout. I hope they wait until 8.1 so a user doesn’t have to decided between jailbreak and apple pay.

  • leart

    Similarly, iOS 7 launched in September 2012 and was updated to iOS 6.1 in January the following year.

    There is a mistake I guess 😛

  • SkyFall

    8.1 will come next month along with the new iPads. It will include the multitasking features.
    8.2 will come early 2015 and will connect the iWatch with the iPhone (also activate some features for the iWatch)
    8.3 will come around the same time the 7.1 came last year, and will fix certain bugs as well as having new features.

    • Mee

      8.1 with Apple Pay also

  • Kevin Osborne

    iOS 6* launched in September; you typoed and put “iOS 7 launched in September” 🙂

  • Guest


  • Dao Sasone

    They need to really work on their os since it was a disaster during release. And please add tru multitasking apple.

    • mlee19841

      It would be hard. You can only suspend some many apps correctly with one gigabyte of ram

  • Linton Findlay

    want a way to clear app switcher the most, and a way to stick certain notifications to the lockscreen similar to intelliscreenx, so i dont forget to attend to them. type status would be welcome too 😉

  • Jamal

    Jail breakers are sleeping (-.-)

  • Messiah

    Christian Zibreg.. I know it’s a slow day but you can do better than that.. what about a subject like hidden features or free app of the day..

  • Fanboy 

    How about NOW, ugh

  • Andrew Roth

    iOS 8.1 brings more features. iOS 8.2 brings support for the Apple Watch. iOS 8.3 brings new features to iPad Pro. Simple…