iPhone 6 Apple Pay

The NFC chip found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will only work with Apple Pay and won’t be opened up to developers who make third-party apps, Apple confirmed on Monday.

The pair of smartphones, due to be released Friday after a record amount of pre-orders, are the first devices from Apple to feature NFC technology. Like Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping a lock on the technology presumably for security purposes.

Cult of Mac, who first received confirmation from Apple, wasn’t given a specific reason from the Cupertino-based company as to why NFC won’t be open. Openness would allow for creativity from developers, which could potentially let users to connect their phone to speakers, share files with other iPhones, and more. Android smartphones that have NFC have had some pretty cool tools made over the years.

Nonetheless, you’ll still be able to use Apple Pay, which Apple is using as the cornerstone of its NFC chip. Apple Pay will allow you to pay for real-world items just by tapping their smartphone to a reader at stores.

Apple told Cult of Mac the NFC feature might not be locked down forever, saying current plans are for at least a year. Beyond that it doesn’t sound too sure, as this could be a preliminary move as Apple begins to see how users react to NFC.

That doesn’t mean the jailbreak crowd won’t cook up something.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Sloth


    • Shakur Ali

      That’s way I think

      • Adam

        That’s what I thought*

      • Annie Leonhardt

        That’s what I think.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        thaTs’ what I would’ve have able to thinked

  • Saturday Really I I think someone is lost in time

  • Aaron de Silva

    I hope NFC will allow Bluetooth paring…

    • im2slick4u

      NFC and Bluetooth are two seperate things….

      • Aaron de Silva

        I meant using NFC to pair Bluetooth devices…

      • Beta382

        Yep. I have a bluetooth audio receiver connected to my desktop speakers, and one of its features is that you can pass an NFC enabled device over it to automatically pair, as opposed to holding a button and typing in a PIN.

      • Yep because it totally makes sense to use NFC to pair Bluetooth as to say I don’t know using Bluetooth to pair Bluetooth?

      • Aaron de Silva

        yes.. yes it does…
        LOL i’m trying to say use NFC to initiate the connection between the 2 device then from the “NFC Handshake” initiate bluetooth paring… (basically tap the device with another device and it will be prompted to pair) instead of using the traditional switch on bluetooth, search for device, start paring mode, select the device and finally entering the pin…

      • You mean like how the Apple TV can be paired via BLTE…

        I’m pretty sure this sort of stuff can be done without NFC if implemented properly…

      • Aaron de Silva

        Good point.. they already have that…

      • asdlb4

        NFC only authenticates the process rather than typing in a pin.

  • Leonard Wong

    Real functionality of NFC will be awesome
    What a pity that they locked down

  • Ricky

    Will i be able to turn the NFC off? cuz if this were true, the rest of the world outside US will have 100% no use of the NFC chip(which supposedly be useless?)

    • sharp44MAG .

      Right now you can’t turn NFC off.

    • Dan

      If it’s similar to android phones, the NFC only turns on when the phone screen is on. Back when I used it, I noticed no difference (was able to turn it off so I compared battery life).

      It’s too bad that Apple is locking it down, it’s very useful to automate certain functions (ie: scan a NFC tag when you get home to turn on wifi/ringer, turn off gps etc). Here’s hoping jailbreaking will fix that.

      • RarestName

        The best thing I like about it is when someone wants to download an application that you’re using. You just open up the app, “pair” with the other device using NFC and the other device will open up the Play Store app at the intended page. Really handy.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Cant say I’ve done this before but wouldn’t I just be able to search the app on my own just as fast? Seems like a process the way you explained it.

      • RarestName

        Nope. The store can suck at searching apps sometimes. It’s like sending a direct link to someone else and have it automatically open. You’ll have to use it to experience it.

      • AirDrop can do this…

      • CASEACE79

        Because telling them and them doing a search in the App Store is soo difficult. I’d probably be able to do that faster than pairing and tapping. Just saying.

      • BozzyB

        You do not need to “pair” – just hold the phones back together. It will copy whatever is on your screen to the other screen. Faster than searching or anything else.

      • RarestName

        You’re missing the point.

    • im2slick4u

      NFC barely takes any energy (even less than BT 4.0 LE) to the point where there really isnt a difference between it being on or off.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Do you have a source saying this is true? In my experience, this is NOT true.

      • bigkev943

        its true just google it

      • BozzyB

        It’s true. There is no difference when I turn NFC on or off in battery life.

    • @dongiuj

      Are you speaking from personal experience?

  • Adam

    I would like to know which iPhone is Apple using to show off the devices on their website and ads. It’s hard to know when only one is shown. Any ideas guys?

    • James Gunaca

      Look at the top bezel. The thinner top bezel is the 6. Bigger top bezel is 6+

      • Adam

        True! Thanks!

  • Alberto Espinal

    They wanna keep this secure because they are dealing with sensitive data, do i want my credit card leaked? NOO! So thats what they thinking!

  • Chris

    More than likely it’s going to be TouchID again where they simply wait for the right time to implement an API that’s safe and secure regardless of where you are and what your device is doing.

  • Yujin

    And I wanted to go around the room tapping on people’s phones to transfer my pictures. lol

    • gittlopctbi

      …and connecting to home stereos, home security, etc.

      • BozzyB

        … NFC tags, security doors, rented cars (car2go, DriveNow), printers, Wifi routers, …

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Typical Apple crippling their iCrap devices.

    Meanwhile, my $299 factory unlocked Nexus 5 not only has better specs than this, I’m also not dictated like some kind of idiot.

    • TJ

      It’s for safety and security reasons, can you say the same about your Nexus 5?

      • MagicDrumSticks

        I absolutely can, but i expect someone to come out with “android gets malware and viruses,” which is such a laughable statement. People the just repeat the same crap over and over.

        Common sense is the best safety in this case and moderately intelligent people know how to keep their Android secure.

        Unfortunately, it seems like many Apple users aren’t very intelligent when it comes to technology, so they need crap like this to keep them safe.

      • TJ

        I wouldn’t trust Google with my personal data, let alone my credit card info. And there’s clearly a reason why Apple aren’t allowing NFC to be used for other purposes, likely due to it’s current tie in with ApplePay.

      • BozzyB

        I wouldn’t trust a company which puts a U2 album in my library by their own which you can’t even delete..!!!

      • TJ

        How can you say no to free music? I can understand those of the Justin Bieber/One Direction generation turning their nose up at U2. And yes you can delete it if you don’t want it.

      • BozzyB

        That’s not the point if or wheater I like whatever kind of music… And yes I know you can delete it.. now.
        The point is they are doing things like this all the time without permission of the user, they say what you have to use or not to use. That is making Apple unsympathatic for me – all starting with the absence of the right mousebutton. And please… don’t start the discussion that you don’t need it…

      • TJ

        You could delete it before if you wanted to. Used Macs for 14 years and never had a problem with the mouse, some people might, but never been an issue for me.

      • Price

        Just saying that you can go into settings and turn on right clinking.

      • Price

        Macs supports right clicks they just don’t make it defined in there design of the mouses (theres no separation). Since macs where the first to use mice (they had one button) I gues they didn’t wont to change there design to allianate there long term users(you can just go into settings and turn right click on).

    • bigkev943

      umm and just how does this impact you if you are using a nexus and not a iPhone this is the first implementation a year doesn’t hurt anyone its just another rant for android fanboys to come and flame on geesh i bet if you do a survey not even half of android users utilize NFC most turn it off asap i have a nexus 5 and have never used it myself. you are just picking to get folks hyped up about nothing its implemented for payments and thats what its for not sending contacts we have airdrop and messenger and not pairing radio we have LE bluetooth really dude come on.

  • Eni

    They are keeping it secure cuz it’s the first year for them and want to do things right, like the touchID. and even if jailbreak comunity does a tweak for that i wont install it, i don’t wont to install some tweaks to my credit cards

    • Nathan

      You do realize you’re paying through PayPal when you buy tweaks, right? Cydia has no way of accessing your credit card info.

      • Eni

        I am talking about NFC, did you read the article?

  • Wesh

    If it actually makes Apple Pay unbelievably safer, then it’s not a bad thing I guess.
    Bluetooth and wifi are good wireless options.

  • Jacob S

    Ok sounds fair lmao. Going to cancel my pre-orders for two 6 plus phones. Perhaps I should wait for 6S, going to stick to LG G3 now. Only reason I was switching back to iOS due to nfc integration. I am addicted to some of the cool features of nfc with home automation.

    • You do know it’s possible to perform home automation with technologies other than NFC right?

      • Jacob S

        Definitely,open different apps and select what you want to do, anything else?

      • There’s also actions performed based on location services if the app supports it. You can also do a shedload with Activator and other tweaks if jailbroken…

      • Jacob S

        “if the app supports it” “if jailbroken”, points noted, thank you sir.

  • Rupinder S

    My body is ready for tomorrow’s iOS 8 release.

  • Unicorn Drank

    I don’t mind them doing this, and the end of the day I have an GS5 and still to this day I have yet to even remember this thing has NFC, and last time I remember trying tap-to-pay it failed every time.

    • Jacob S

      Not sure whats wrong with GS5. I am able to use NFC payment with my LG G3 every time when I shop at places those accept contactless payment.

  • I bet they’re slowly building an API for iOS to make the use of NFC safe and secure, similar to what they did for Touch ID.

  • gittlopctbi

    Well, that’s a bust. Thank goodness for jb devs who give us hope.

  • Wamid

    They’ll save that “feature” for iOS 9.
    I hope 9 won’t be another “Even better [insert already existing feature here]” release

  • Jason Dennery

    Is there any solid intel of an iOS 8 jailbreak?

    I already have an iPhone 6 64gb in Space Grey waiting to be picked up on friday, but its going to be hard giving up my jailbreak, and hacked carrier update especially.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    lol i’d like to see someone develop the Samsung equivalent of s-beam dubbed a-beam or apple-beam.