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Samsung began airing a new TV spot this weekend for the Galaxy Note 4—its new flagship handset that begins shipping next month. Like most of the company’s recent ads, this one goes after Apple, with a specific focus on its just-announced iPhone 6 Plus.

Titled “Then and Now,” the commercial points out that while Apple prepares to begin selling its first handset with a display over 5 inches, Samsung has been doing it for years with its Galaxy Note line. It essentially calls the iPhone 6 Plus a Note imitation.

Introduced earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 Quad-ultra HD “2K” display (515ppi), a 16MP camera and 3320 mAh battery. Samsung hasn’t announced a price tag yet, but it’s expected to become available in October.

Since Apple’s big iPhone event last week, Samsung has been on the marketing war path, posting a number of ads in a series called “It doesn’t take a genius.” In the series, Samsung criticizes Apple over its live stream issues, the iPhone 6, and the Apple Watch.

I’m curious as to what you think of Samsung’s new ad, and recent marketing strategy in general. Is it effective?

  • jocastro

    Well you guys do got to admit that in many ways it is imitating Samsung bigger screen

    • Kurt

      I’m an Apple user and I admit it. Imitating the bigger screen plus the resolution, plus the power button placement, plus the Health Kit app (S-Health), etc etc.

  • have_gun_will_travel

    I think it’s more than a little hypocritical to accuse Apple of copying their phones, when the ENTIRE Samsung lineup is a COPY of the iPhone!
    AND, to quote a man that’s been dead for THREE YEARS, with no way for him to respond is just CRUDE, RUDE and in poor taste. NO, their ad’s aren’t working. I think the FOUR MILLION preorders in the first 24 hours prove my point!

    • Kurt

      Don’t be a hypocrite yourself. They both copy each other. Both of them losing many court cases proves that. Just look at the Galaxy S, and look at the iPhone 6 Plus, they copy each other big time

    • gittlopctbi

      4 mil orders doesn’t prove your point. It proves that Apple iPhones are popular. It does not support your claim that it is hypocritical. And btw, I disagree with your assessment that the *entire* Samsung lineup is a copy of the iPhone.

  • Asis

    Is anyone else getting sick of Samsung’s childish acts?
    Because to me, it’s pathetic.

    • Guest

      Making phones better than the iPhone is clearly not pathetic.

      • Asis

        I’m technically not saying that. What I’m saying is that Samsung likes to act all high and mighty like they’re more superior to everyone else, yet when Apple does something like this, they start to get afraid. They’re scared that it might knock Samsung off their high horse, so they start pulling these childish antics out their asses. If you know that you’re better than your competitors, then stop wasting time and effort trying to ridicule them like they’re still in 4th grade or something.

      • Guest

        Like someone else said on here…”You’re holding it wrong” -Steve Jobs

        Who acts all high and mighty like they’re more superior to everyone else? Answer: Apple.

      • Asis

        Steve Jobs died almost 3 years ago. If Samsung can’t seem to let that go and move on, then like I said, they are pathetic.

      • gittlopctbi

        Well, this isn’t the only corp that does this. Product comparison is a standard marketing strategy, not just for phones. And it is funny how Fanboys like to trash Samsung for being “copy cats,” but when it appears the other way around, it’s called “childish.”

      • Asis

        1. I’m not an Apple fanboy. I use whatever gets me through the day. I just don’t like Samsung.
        2. I understand that all companies do that, but I don’t see why. They should use the time, effort and money to make their devices better than the competitors instead of wasting it to make petty advertisements. It’s worthless

      • gittlopctbi

        Marketing and advertising always has a portion of the budget of a company and always will. It’s not going away either by Samsung or any other company. To even think that they are “wasting” their money on the ads and not on R&D is a wasted thought.

  • Jonathan Talbot

    Alot of people are saying that Apple doesn’t “innovate”… You’re getting the wrong idea between “innovate” and “invent”. What you’re meaning is that Apple doesn’t “invent” much… Bu they take ideas and turn them into something better for customers to use, otherwise called, innovating!

  • im2slick4u

    I may he wrong but I believe Apple spends much more time one features than Samsung or other manufacturers do. They have probably considered every single one of the features Android phones have and are working on making them better as we speak. NFC and Apple Pay have probably been in development for years, and instead of just throwing in an NFC chip just because other manufacturers are, they waited until the could develop a product thats actually user friendly and functional and them released it. Most Android phones with NFC barely work and nobody uses it. I have never once in my life seen or heard of anyone use their NFC enabled Android (or even Windows Phone) to make a purchase in a store, yet everyone who uses an Apple device its excited to use Apple Pay, and I for one will definately be one of the ones using it. What I’m trying to say is yes certain manufactures make phones with more capabilities sooner, but Apple releases devices with the same capabilities as a fully devloped functioning product, not just throwing in a chip or sensor or adding more pixels.

  • John

    And about apple can thank Samsung for their iphone screens. U Samsung can thank apple for coming up with the underlying core design of most smart fones. Oh and the basic operating design of all OS’s that’s called innovation. Take a look at your fone designs before the iphone came out. Then come back and tell me that I should thank you

  • Cristian Bustillo

    Samsung copies Apple and nobody panics

    Apple copies Samsung and everyone loses their minds!

  • Alberto Espinal

    4 millions in 24hrs, take that!

  • iPodDroid

    If I needed evidence as to why this iOS vs Android war is complete Bullshit, then this article and it’s comments section are proof enough. If you like iOS, you like iOS. If you like Android, you like Android simple as that. Both of them have their pros and cons but apparently people like to aggressively compare them to one another.

  • blastingbigairs

    Great, but….

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Yeah seems Samsung have the lead now both with phones and watches.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    This guy Domodo in the comments makes me want to stab kittens in the eye out of annoyance.

    • Such butt-hurt…

      • GuyWithTheThings

        Not at all. It just annoys me that he can’t let people have their own opinion. People argue that Apple is better, and people argue that Samsung is better. It’s normal, ok, good. But Domodo here has to go forcing his opinion on others, and he calls others names because they don’t share his opinion. He should know better, being the person who thinks so highly of himself.

      • Thus far, all I’ve seen him do is point out dingbat-logic being used in opinions and turn it around on the one that posted such stupid opinion…having a preference is no problem, but if you have a problem with certain stuff, at least have some conventional logic to back-it up.

  • Domodo

    So liking how my laptop is designed makes me an Apple fanatic? Talking about being stupid…

    • Dogs keep barking when you keep throwing them bones. So be a good boy.

      • Domodo


  • Riley Freeman

    i think samsung is the girl in high school/college who wore a ton of makeup to get all the attention but people just felt sorry for how hard she tried.

    samsung spends half if not more of their marketing budget talking about apple

    apple spends 0$ talking about samsung

    you have already lost samsung but I love how you forget to mention, the touchID you copied, cant remember if samsung came up with their own personal assistant or google just di their own thing, gold phone mighty quick after the gold iphone, the watch which had been rumoured to come out long before samsung put theirs out
    the list goes on and on but they want to bring up the size of a phone and have the AUDACITY to call someone a copycat after losing TWICE in court for being a COPYCAT.

    pot calling the kettle..

    • If a rumor actually counts as something for a company, what makes you think there were no rumors of Gold Samsung phones (which have existed for years, see attached image) and Finger-print equipped Samsung Phones (as-if Apple’s SmartPhone was the first to have such)?

      • Riley Freeman

        no image attached and am hoping you are not going to post the mage samsung posted when they got accused of copying. yes they had them in the past but they only brought it back once apple started. just like the wearables only came out once it had been leaked apple was working on it for over 2 years then every one tried to rush theirs out to beat apple to the table. samsung has one too many coincidences. I forgot the 64bit phones too

        rumours do count and anyone saying that they dont is full of shit.

        p.s. while i do own an iphone and an ipad, i would not give apple my money when it comes to laptops and their not compatible with anything computers (yes i am exaggerating but i have tried it enough to know its a pain in the butt) and i have no interest in their watch. The moto 360 watch is 10x nicer than the iwatch

  • Guest

    I wish I could mute your comments so not to see them. Borrow is when you take something and give it back. Steal/copy is the word you mean but won’t use becasue it makes apple look bad. Samsung was king of copying, we all can admit that, why can’t you admit Apple copies. you are an annoying troll

    • Because I am not a troll I don’t go around saying iPhone is best and Apple is best. I simply give the facts to prove a point. I use borrow for software and copy for hardware, you should take the time to learn the difference. If only I could mute the people who are technologically ignorant.

  • Kurt

    Samsung copies. Apple does too.

  • Meatloafers

    Let’s be honest, iPhone 6+ is new to this size, accept the reality that Note 4 is superior when it comes to this size range because of its experience. Lets give apple’s 5″+ smartphone some time(i hope it will not take 3+ yrs) to improve. 🙂 I don’t care about the brand name, its the functionality.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    Samsung did NOT invent this screen size. Now I’m going to go and make ads about Samsung copying Sony when they made 50″ TVs….

  • Steiganator