Apple Pay benefits 2

Coming soon after the introduction of its mobile payment system, Apple is hiring several high-profile tech executives from companies including American Express, Google, and PayPal. These new recruits are not only to help expand Apple Pay, the newly-announced method of paying for transactions both online and in retail stores, but to develop a loyalty system for Apple Pay.

This rewards program is reported as offering a free music, TV show, or app download to users after a transaction or number of transactions have been completed using Apple Pay. In this way, the merchant doesn’t have to be affected at all, and Apple can work to promote its mobile payment system with an enticing loyalty system.

In recent months, Apple has recruited talent from American Express and PayPal to work in various positions reportedly related to Apple Pay and iCloud. References to a loyalty program in a recent job listing by Apple suggest that the tech giant is still searching for experts in the field to work on its development.

You will play a key role in identifying new opportunities, shaping the future of loyalty programs and informing media strategy, creative direction, and messaging. With your Retail partners, you will help Apple reach its broader goals of deepening customer loyalty and fostering community… Innovate around Apple’s loyalty program strategy. Recommend and develop initiatives to sustain and evolve our loyalty programs, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Set to launch in October, Apple Pay will start off as available to US customers only, with Apple receiving a reported 0.15% of all transactions. A launch date for Apple Pay’s loyalty program remains unknown.

[Bank Innovation via iPhone in Canada]

  • Gerardo Castro

    Google…lol how ironic don’t ya think? 😛

    • CS

      Yeah. Google has been doing the whole payment system for a while. Apple, as usual, will come in, take the whole idea, and make it better while also hiring the people that brought the whole mobile payment system to the market.

      • Juan Flores

        Well THAT Google person doesn’t have to do it, but they know Apple will have better resources to make it work the way THAT Google person originally wanted it to…

      • N&LH

        So why Google wallet is not revolutionary !!!!!….I think Apple Pay is going to be revolutionary..

  • Merman123

    That’s pretty awesome. I anticipate me using ApplePay very often!

  • Tobias9413

    And that boys and girls why Apple is still the best. Sure, they are not the first at doing things but they are the first at making things work great. Apple wins again.

  • Noah

    Hopefully Pay will be a great success. I can see how effective it’s going to be.

    • Ethan Humphrey

      How did you do the Apple logo?

      • Elias Chao

        Alt + G =  … Only on a Mac, by the way.

      • Noah

        In Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > + (top right)…

        Phrase: 
        Shortcut: applelogo (type whatever you want, this is what I use)

        …or you can do Phrase as “Pay” or “Watch” and set the Shortcut to “applepay” or “applewatch”

        These shortcuts will be synced to your iCloud account and can be edited and used on any device, including iMacs…

        (…one last thing, you can also use Option+Shift+K on a laptop/iMac. Elias down below said Alt+G, for me that shows © – I’m on Yosemite, too.)

      • I  Apple. (Testing it, thanks.)

  • Marcus

    This is awesome and I’m really excited. The only thing I’m wondering though is if this will work with online shopping or not. I guess it’ll take some time before that gets rolled out, but it would be really cool. I’d probably stop using my PayPal account so often.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    cant wait to be one of the first ones on the block to bust out an nfc transaction with the iPhone and have other people flip on it. gone are the days we carry cash around that has been touched by many others without washing their hands and gone are the days we use a card, press a button or 2, and then sign on the receipt. this only takes a second!

  • moofer

    Proofread your very first sentence. Come on. Start respecting your readers’ time.