Apple Watch steel case milanese loop

Left-handed users needn’t worry because Apple’s newly-introduced smartwatch can be inverted and worn on the right arm for left-handed use, an Apple spokesman has confirmed to Business Insider on Wednesday. Apple’s promotional videos and all the images used on the Apple Watch webpage depict the device being worn on the left arm and used by right-handed people.

That the Apple Watch is friendly to the lefties should come as a relief to the approximately ten percent of the world’s population who are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks.

Specifically, when you first switch on the device, it offers an option between either a left-handed or right-handed use.

The Apple Watch is available in three collections, six finishes, eighteen bands, two sizes and element different faces. Built-in apps include Messages, Phone, Fitness, Payments, Maps, Siri, with more to come by way of Apple-sanctioned third-party development.

Hours for iPhone, for instance, is one of the more interesting third-party apps that will be available on the Apple Watch from day one. The Apple Watch starts at $349 and will be available in early-2015.

To learn more about it, check out an extensive image gallery, promotional videos, hands-on articles and our closer look at immense technology making this watch possible.

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  • Gary Traffanstedt

    Except the crown will now be below the other button. Not the end of the world but if I was a leftie I don’t know that I’d shell out $349 for a product that “wasn’t quite right”. As it stands, I’m not a leftie and plan to buy one for myself and one for my lady friend.

    • Its not finalized yet and it could be a significant change before its released which is at the least 4 months away.

    • Gerardo Castro

      Haha wasn’t quite right… I see what you did there. also Cowboys suck

      • JRushPro

        You say Cowboys suck but you can’t quite get their name out of your mouth can you?

      • Gerardo Castro

        I said it once, and it came out of my mouth, so yes, THEIR NAME CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH

      • JRushPro

        Woah man, we can’t all be secret Cowboys fans. With all the free publicity from talking about them, they should hire you as a sponsor. Let’s hope your Cowboys make it to the playoffs, am I right?

      • Gerardo Castro

        Piss off! Texans all day!

      • gary

        Typical Cowgirls fan

      • JRushPro

        Did I anger you? Awww. It’ll be okay. Even if my team is the Seahawks I’ll still use the Cowboys to piss people off.

    • Maxim∑

      I’m a leftie…
      you literally just flip the bands at the crown will not be below.. people don’t read

  • Gerardo Castro

    I find it weird that I am left handed but wear all my wearable gadgets on my left wrist.

    • doorsunopened

      You’re not alone! I’m a leftie too but I have always worn my watch on my left hand.

    • Ben

      Is that meant to be weird? I’m right handed and have always worn stuff on my right? Isn’t that how it’s meant to be? Lol I dunno. I’ve never given these things much thought. What I found weird is that I’m right handed but I can only use my phone with my left hand. Using my right feels unnatural.

      • Gerardo Castro

        Well that’s where I’m confused. Lol. I thought you naturally wear wrist accessories on your natural hand? I guess it’s inverted because of the fact that its touchscreen but still.

      • Andy

        I think it’s mostly for people who use their hand a lot for writing (not as comfortable if there’s a watch in the way) that they wear their watch on the opposite. That was the main reason for me anyway.

  • ready1take1

    As a lefty this is a relief. It was the first thing I thought of, especially since in all of their promo pics and vids everyone was wearing it on their left wrist. Of course I probably won’t get one anyways for many other reasons, it’s nice to know this isn’t one anymore.

  • Rick Hart

    But the crown will be awkward to get to!

    Is that hard to notice something like this?

    • LOLWUT

      Sorry, they’re too busy f a p p i n g to Samsung’s useless and trashy smartwatches. They just can’t accept the truth.