Moto 360 (image 001)

Having previewed it in March, handset maker Motorola today launched its Moto 360 smartwatch with wireless charging, a rounded face, optical heart rate monitor, “all-day battery” and other perks.

Starting at $249 and available through Motorola’s website, Google’s Play store and Best Buy, the device runs Google’s Android software for wearables dubbed Android Wear and features premium materials making the circular smartwatch feel “comfortable and familiar” on your wrist.

The device offers the choice between a black frame with black Horween leather or silver frame with gray Horween leather. A pair of titanium metal options will be made available later this Fall for $299.99, or $79.99 standalone ($29.99 for leather bands).

Motorola Moto 360 (Metal 001)

Featuring a 1.5-inch circular face, a built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer, wireless charging via an included wireless dock and other features, the Motorola smartwatch hopes to steal the limelight from the crop of other wearable devices from Samsung, LG and others.

The device pairs with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher.

Check out the promotional video below.

Early reviews by The Verge, The Wall Street Journal and other outlets are promising, but reviewers seem to be bringing into question Motorola’s “all-day battery” claim, with WSJ’s Joanna Stern writing that her unit had to be charged twice a day.

“Most days, after charging it overnight, I had to put it back on its wireless charging cradle by 4 p.m.,” she wrote.

And though the reviewer likes Google Now integration, she says that additional work on the software is needed to better manage notifications because the constant vibrating about new emails, tweets or Facebook friend requests are not only annoying, but taxing on the battery as well.

Motorola Moto 360 (smartwatch and smartphone)

The device felt oversized for Joanna’s thin wrist, looking almost “like I grabbed a clock off the wall and strapped it to my arm.” She also disliked the chopped-off screen bottom: Motorola argues it had to put the display driver and ambient light sensor in there.

Finally, the built-in Android Wear Fit tracker is “no match” for Jawbone or Fitbit’s fitness-tracking capabilities. A dearth of apps is also a problem, though Google said that apps from Nike and Adidas are on the way while acknowledging that the Android Wear platform is still “a work in progress”.

The smartwatch goes on sale in the United States at noon ET today.

Apple, of course, is expected to unveil a wearable device of its own at the media event next Tuesday.

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  • Jason Baroni

    I am pretty curious to see what Apple will bring us, but boy, this Moto 360 totally rocks. I think Motorola is back on tracks since the first Moto G and X.

    • Rojek

      Except for 12h battery life…

      • Yep because my 6th gen iPod nano I use as a watch lasts quite a few days.. even though it has no wireless connections I don’t expect to charge it more than my phone..

      • Well if you can read, you’ll notice the reviewer got that battery life with the wireless connection enabled. If you turn off the wireless connection, the battery life may last up to 2 days with every-now-and-then check of the time.

      • Rojek

        What is the point of buying smart watch if you are going to use it like regular watch?

      • The same point of comparing a plain watch’s battery life to a SmartWatch when they clearly don’t offer the same amount of usage…

      • No one wants to charge their smart watch more often than their smart phone, nor turn off the wireless connectivity just to make the battery last longer..

      • I definitely won’t be charging it more often than I do my iPhone…so, what’s your point?

      • You may need the battery replaced on your 4/4S or upgrade to the 2915mAh 5.5 iPhone when it comes out.. Im sure either choice will last ya 12hrs plus..

      • Jason Baroni

        I have an iPhone, I don’t even have the rights to complain about other companies batteries.

      • Tommy

        Haha good one.

      • Any device’s battery is going suck if you sync it to a bunch of garbage like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    I actually like it, but there’s only one problem. It doesn’t work with iOS.

    Apple, it’s your turn now.

    • Tommy

      I like it too. The design is just stellar!

  • therealjjohnson

    This looks really really nice. If there wasnt a pending event next week I would probably be buying on of these today.

  • Guest

    if the iWatch is going to look anything like the Moto 360, with much improved operating system (android wear feels like google really wanted to release a smartwatch before apple, but it has a lot of bugs and battery life is not really good), and at least all day battery life then…

  • Jeff

    Just thought I’d comment and say that since it first hit the scene back in March, I thought wow, now there’s a Smartwatch. Really anticipating Apple’s upcoming wearable unveil. However, looks like Motorola is winning the arms race (no pun, of course)

  • felixtaf

    The device in renders released before looked way better than the final product. The final product looks cheap and its a bit thicker too.
    LG G Watch R looks much better and resembles a real watch!

    • AppleFanboy

      I think the best smart watch will be something that doesn’t show that you are wearing a computer on your wrist. The G Watch R seems to be the best looking one so far.

    • I don’t quite see any difference between the renderings (including the one in the article), and the one shown in the promotional video. Still looks premium to me, just the titanium band is missing…still won’t purchase it.

      • felixtaf

        Ok. But I felt a difference. See the last photo, the one in that guy’s hand – It looks different. LG’s G Watch R looks nice though.

        +1 – Wont buy any smartwatch including the rumoured iWatch!

  • Manor

    if the iWatch is going to look anything like the Moto 360, with much improved operating system (android wear feels like google really wanted to release a smartwatch before apple, but it has a lot of bugs and battery life is not really good), and at least all day battery life then….

  • leart

    Anything released before apples watch will fail miserably, as usual apple is the one who will make the breakthrough product, the others should just follow and copy as usual 😀

  • Rupinder S

    If,next week, I find out that the iWatch rumors aren’t true, I just might have to buy this and a nexus 5 lol

    • Judge

      I agree

    • felixtaf

      Why Nexus 5 when you have the new Moto X!
      Jus asking…

      • Rupinder S

        True! I just saw that haha. I really like the flash on there.

    • Rowan09

      And the Nexus 6 should be coming soon too.

      • Rupinder S

        Yup, the only Android I’d ever get is the Nexus line.

    • I have been an iphone user since release 1 but I have to say I’m thinking the exact same thing. Looks really nice and at a good pricetag too!

  • Judge

    Hmm. You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. How do you put out a product designed for a square watch and put it on a round watch? I agree with another poster it’s Apples turn now. Hmm pebble still rocks as far as battery life and caters to both android and IOS

    • therealjjohnson

      What product is designed for a square watch?

      • Judge

        Sorry the software

      • MrM0N0P0LY

        Google designed android wear for circled displays too

    • R4

      But maybe ‘this is for the crazy ones, the round pegs in the square holes.’

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        The ones who see things differently? I hear they have no respect for the status quo!

      • R4

        Yeah but I really don’t think they’ll change things or push the human race forward though.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        I hear you’re allowed to glorify and vilify them, but don’t tell me you’re ignoring them!?

    • Brian 

      You can’t compare the Pebble’s battery life to these actual smartwatches that are coming out. Pebble isn’t even a smartwatch.

      • deepdvd

        Oh, so your definition of “smartwatch” is the true one. I can’t wait to hear it.

  • JS3

    you ppl who “dont” like this watch are either 1. you just dont like watches or 2. just simply an isheep and dont like anything android related because this is one of the sexiest pieces of hardware made to date. some ppl never seem to amaze me…

    • Brian 

      I have yet to read any comments, even from us iSheep, that claim we don’t like this watch….. The consensus seems to be it’s very beautiful…

      • MrM0N0P0LY

        But there are comments saying “apples gonna show em how to do it” acting like apple does everything perfect. Its does get annoying after awhile

  • therealjjohnson

    The “Shut up and take my money” Meme has run its course.

  • R4

    Add a 100 dollars to that if you live in Europe. (Gonna be £200 in UK)

  • Martynet

    Most beautiful smart watch on the market, BUT the battery life is just terrible. Pebble is still the winner. It doesn’t last even 1 whole day and that is useless. Apple, show them how it’s done. 😉

  • Merman123

    $249 is a great price point. Apple’s base products tend to start at about $150 higher than other competitors in the market. A $399 price tag for Apple’s smart watch sounds like a safe bet.

  • Yujin

    Gotta wait till Tuesday to see what apple brings. Hopefully is not a pretty notification center/ fitness tracker but a marvel of health, fitness and communications.

  • mynamesuxlol

    I just cannot look past that black area at the bottom of the watch.. deal breaker.

  • Mohammed AlJazaeri

    I really hope that someone could do jailbreak tweak that allow us to connect this watch with iOS

  • n0ahcruz3

    I might buy the leather band if its really that inexpensive