Apple A8 (GeekBar 002)

If this image published on Weibo is genuine, the Apple-designed A8 processor said to power the iPhone 6 and new iPads may have been finally photographed. Serving as the engine powering the next wave of iPhone and iPad device, the in-house designed A8 processor is said to be clocked at two or more GHz per core, if Chinese media is to be believed.

Other rumors have pointed to the chip being manufactured using a new process technology which allows for smaller components, in turn yielding speedier performance and a lower battery draw.

Originally published on Weibo and reposted by French publication [Google Translate], the photo appears to be genuine as the author of the NowhereElse article noted that he considers the source to be “fairly reliable”.

Watchers agree that the A8 will be fabricated using a 20-nanometer process as opposed to the existing 28nm A7 chip. Both Samsung and Taiwanese chip foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) are thought to have landed lucrative contracts to build the Apple chip.

The 20-nanometer process technology yields smaller transistors, making the chip smaller and in turn requiring less energy while improving performance because the electrons travel shorter distance.

The image below shows a photo of the claimed iPhone 6 logo board with a larger rectangular section clearly reserved for the A8 processor.

Apple A8 (GeekBar 001)

Apple’s current A7 processor found inside the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display packs in more than a billion transistors.

It features an Apple-designed 64-bit 1.3–1.4GHz ARMv8-A dual-core CPU, dubbed Cyclone, and a graphics processing unit identified as a PowerVR G6430 module in a four cluster configuration from Imagination Technologies, a UK-based fabless semiconductor maker and Apple’s graphics provider for iOS devices.

Apple on Thursday sent out invites for its long-rumored iPhone 6 media event.

The high-profile presentation has been scheduled for September 9, 2014 at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino at 10:00AM PST. Re/code reported that Apple will also debut a wearable device alongside a pair of new iPhones.

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  • Matt Taylor

    It’s larger in size! Why could that be, more ram, more cores? I don’t know about these things lol

    • sriram varadarajulu

      Dude the ram is separate from the processor although the processor can have some cache , register and some other memory

      • Yash Gorana

        RAM, CPU, GPU, etc. are all packed in one small chip. This chip is called as System On a Chip (SoC). Entire A-x series is a form of SoCs

        It is possible that it may have more RAM. Not sure though.

      • sriram varadarajulu

        hmmm i believe i once saw the RAM separately on of the leaks of previous generation of iphones

      • Yash Gorana

        Nope. Not possible. It would have been a super macro shot of the SoC.

        Then you can see RAM CPU GPU separately. *Something like this*

    • R4

      More core means itll be bad at doing single operations but better at doing multiple things at once. Intel have fewer cores, AMD have loads and most PC builders prefer Intel.
      You don’t need more ram on iOS.

      • Matt Taylor

        The leaks said apple should be using 2GB ram in the A8!? Also, wouldn’t more cores benefit the side by side multitasking supposedly coming to full sized iPads soon?

      • Inseltraeumer

        That’s right – if that feature does come 😛 Anyway, in my experience the A7 iPad mini is always running out of RAM with iOS 7. Let’s hope they’ve optimized that in iOS 8…

    • Jason B

      It’s gonna be a 128 bit processor, so will need more pins. Kidding, could be anything, but I’m guessing more cores, could also be to add additional I/O for any new sensor/co-processor functionallity (maybe NFC has a dedicated interface).

  • Manuel Molina

    Funny, the iPhone 6 is leaking all over the place like a pregnant woman just a few hours after invites went out. Hmmm….

    • omrishtam

      it leaked almost the same for the last few weeks

      • La Cucaracha

        Just like how you were leaking the first time you saw a naked woman

      • omrishtam


      • Steven Code
    • Nicolas Adam

      I see what you did there , Apple

  • Dao Sasone

    I hope apple steps up the game.

    • Manuel Molina

      Don’t we say that every year?

      • Yash Gorana

        Don’t they do it every year ?

      • Manuel Molina

        Not really. The iPhone 4 to the 4S was horrible. Siri sucked and the battery was worst than it was on the 4. To also mention, the iPhone 4 is still the phone that had the best battery out of all iDevices. And the 5S was meh at best. As always, the S models are crap and only made to attract people forcefully stuck on two-year contracts who picked up a S model first. The un “S” models are the step ups.

      • Nate McKelvie

        I disagree. The difference between the 5 and the 5s was a huge difference

      • Manuel Molina

        Besides the fingerprint, it’s pretty pointless. 64 bit processor is useless and not being used at all. Besides that fake 3D look that every phone can do after updating to iOS 7 and having a ring on the home button, the 5S is the same as the 5.