iWatch cocept (Martin Hajek, MacUser April 2013 issue 002)

Apple has plans to launch a wearable, presumably the iWatch, at its September media event alongside two new versions of the iPhone, according to John Paczowski at ReCode. The iWatch was thought to be delayed until an October event, giving Apple more time to finalize its plans, however well plugged-in Paczowski claims the Cupertino-based company has moved up its timeline.

Not many definite details are being shared on the design or features of the wearable, but it’s believed to make use of Apple’s new HealthKit feature and fitness tracking. 9to5mac reported in January that Apple has plans to “redefine mobile health” with the iWatch and iOS 8, and the iWatch could feature sensors to track and measure aspects of the human body.

The September media event just got way more interesting with ReCode’s report, and suggest Apple CEO Tim Cook is finally going to make good on the promise of new product categories for the company. Apple hasn’t sent invites to members of the media for the event as of yet, but it should any day now.

It’s been previously reported the event will take place on September 9, where Apple will unleash two versions of the iPhone 6. One will feature a 4.7-inch screen, while the other will feature a 5.5-inch screen, making for the first time Apple is busting into the phablet scene. If you haven’t noticed yet, it sounds like this event is going to have a lot of firsts for the big company out of Cupertino.


  • Mike

    Good God, I’ve been excited for a watch just as much as the next guy. But, if that’s what it looks like I might just have to pass. That thing is awful!

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Someone just made that. lol theres been no leaks whatsoever so this is just something someone made up.

      • @dongiuj

        No leaks whatsoever that YOU know of. We all could have seen it but people be all genius like and say things that they really have know idea about, sounding so sure of theirselves. You don’t actually know what it will look like but any one of the many images the world has seen on these apple fan blogs could be the actual so called iWatch.

  • Rowan09

    I hope this is the “one more thing” surprise Apple will give us in September.

    • lol I hope so too.. I’m more excited that we haven’t seen any leaked parts for it.

      • Rowan09

        I know. They keep unreleased products very private, but after it’s released it’s very hard.

  • felixtaf

    Am in for the two iPhones news.. Not for wearables!

  • Manuel Molina

    All I will say is this… if it’s true that an iPhone is coming with an iWatch, than I know the iPhone leaks are continuously on purpose from Tim Cook and such. If they don’t leak the iWatch, Mac’s and other products not related to iDevices, it says they leak them to start the buzz that a new iDevice is approaching.

    • Martin 

      my thoughts exactly

  • Brian 

    I need to change my underwear now

  • Lagax

    If that was true we should have seen part leaks by now!

    • I have said this before but just because you haven’t seen any leaked parts does not mean it isn’t being worked on. iPods rarely ever have leaked parts nor did the newest Mac Pro. I also don’t recall seeing any leaks for the first iPad.

      • Lagax

        But the first iPad was released a long time after the keynote, that was so dumb. Don’t see that happening again, especially as the event was planned for October at first (at least ReCode did write that). That’d be strange.

      • The release date was somewhat irrelevant. Leaked parts are leaked parts and that fact there weren’t any for many products they offer means that Apple keeps higher wraps on certain things. Usually first gens products don’t have any leaked parts at all and you only see leaks for the refreshed/redesigned models..

      • Lagax

        I think there are other reasons for this:

        iPod: the Internet and especially sites like idb, 9to5mac, recode etc haddent taken off at that time

        Macs: People aren’t so interested in that as they are in iPhones, same with new models of iPads, if there was a post like: ‘leaked parts from the new Mac Pro’ I wouldn’t read that…

        The iWatch seems to be awaited a lot though so I think that’s something else…

      • Since its confirmed that it exists Im pretty sure I was right about it being under wraps a bit more than everything else. The fact is, it isn’t mass produced yet so that means little to no part leaks.

      • Lagax

        Yap, you’re right. Although I find it strange that somebody off the apple design team quotes Jony Ive, but doesn’t give ANY other information… Really strange…

      • it is really strange but it was confirmed by a few others who are normally right about these kind of things.. once its mass produced we should be seeing some parts for it.

  • Lagax

    Apple always sends out the press invitations 1 week and 1 hour before the event, they did that for the last 4 non-WWDC ones at least! So that means they should do it on Tuesday, September 2 on 9 PM Cupertino time… 😉

    • Thanks captain Obvious 😉

      • Lagax

        I wrote this because the writer of this article wrote ‘Apple should send out invitations any day now’, I think my comment has a sence… In contrast to yours…

      • Doge thinks otherwise…

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Apple must be making this thing where Bin Laden was found at..I mean no leaking parts…so its gotta be top secret. Maybe UFO’s are there as well. And for the whole “One more thing”, whens the last time that even happened?

    • Lagax

      You’re absolutely right! Has anybody but Steve Jobs even done this one more thing time in the first place?

    • Jake Smith

      I have a feeling it’s not yet deep into the production process. Probably won’t launch until late Q4 or Q1 2015

  • Yujin

    a watch, an internet communicator, an iPod, and a health monitor device…

    Hopefully Tim will surprise us like jobs did with the iPhone.

    • n0ahcruz3

      I know right?!!! Damn i miss Steve Jobs doing the Keynote. Tim bores me to death. Craig Federighi has more showmanship.

      • Lagax

        True, but I think Phil Schiller is even worse, I like Tim more. Whereas I wonder If Jony should do this at least one time…

  • asdlb4

    Time for me to take on a second job…

    • Chang in Charge

      Word, I’m about to go broke in September. Friends and family be warned Christmas gifts going to be super cheap this year.

  • Marly Marl

    There has been no leaks about iwatch so i find it hard to believe it will be unvailed on stage

  • Honestly I see it like what they did with Yosemite, they were able to show the photo editing suite but said it wouldn’t be out till next year. Well the big bang this year will be here’s the iWatch, here’s what we can confirm about it. We are working out the kinks and it will be available spring 2015. But with all the hype behind this thing at this point they really should at the very least confirm to the public it’s being worked on. Not to mention if they open it up to developers to put apps on it then they’ll announce an addition to swift for a smaller device.

    So do I think they’ll debut it. Yes they will, but it won’t be released this year. And if it is released this year it will definitely be without a lot of add-ons since its a first gen device.

    I guess we shall see soon enough.

  • Love the idea of a iWatch (although, iTime would be a better name). I expect it to use Bluetooth 4.0 because its super energy efficient, this thing will have to run for at least 3 days before running out of juice. Siri will be its main asset and stand by mode should show time (lol), heart rate and app notifications.

  • @dongiuj


  • Brandon Weidema

    why are the volume up and down buttons upside down on the watch render?


    I find this highly likely. Don’t see how they would release health kit in iOS 8 and not have an accompanying wearable.

  • Thri Kanth

    simply awesome