Airframe Plus review

In our recent Kenu Airframe review, we unanimously called the portable car mount the perfect dashboard companion for your iPhone. Small, convenient, practical, and fairly inexpensive, this lightweight accessory makes mounting your phone on a car dashboard a quick and easy thing, as it will secure virtually any device with a screen size of up to 5 inches.

But what happens if you have a bigger device?

With rumors of a larger 5.5″ screen iPhone 6 looming above us, and with the proliferation of larger smartphones all around, the folks at Kenu have decided to address the demand, and recently released the Airframe+, a device exactly similar in form and function to its smaller version, but with more size to accommodate bigger screens.

Airframe Plus vent

The new accessory works exactly the same as the smaller model. Because it is made to fit any device with a screen of up to 6″, it is very slightly bigger in size. The rest of the mount is similar in shape and function.

The Airframe+ uses the same patent-pending rotating clip that securely mounts the accessory onto any car vent, whether they are horizontal, vertical, or angled. I personally tried the Airframe+ in both our cars and it was a perfect fit in each of them.

Not only it is securely mounted to the car vent, but your iPhone (or whatever device you use), is tightly yet gently held in place between the spring loaded expandable jaws. Expand the jaws to set your device, then let them back in so they can secure it. Repeat the process to remove the device from the Airframe+.

Airframe Plus

If the original Airframe could easily accommodate an iPhone 5s, an HTC One, or a Galaxy S5, the Airframe+ will easily fit a Galaxy Note 3 or a Nokia Lumia 1520, both sporting screens of 5.7 and 6′ respectively. If the rumor of a 5.5″ screen iPhone 6 materializes, it will fit just right in the Airframe+.

Doing a new review of the Kenu Airframe+ would be highly redundant, mainly because it is a very similar accessory. As Jim mentioned in his initial Airframe review, trying to explain the Airframe+ in more details would only take away from its simplicity.

Whatever your device is, we can’t recommend Airframe enough. If you have a device with a screen size below 5′, then do yourself a favor and purchase the original Airframe for $24.95 (in either black or white). If you have, or intend to have, a larger device with a screen up to 6″, then go for the Airframe+ ($29.95).

The folks at Kenu were kind enough to give us an extra Airframe+ to giveaway. To enter to win, simply click here to retweet this message. The winner will be selected on Wednesday.

And the winner is…

Congrats Joab! Make sure you check your Twitter DM.

  • Gary LE

    Crazy commercial lol. In california I thought you cant use your phone to talk to someone by touching your phone so wheres the bluetooth lady lol.

    Alao wont the larger smartphones make the vent sag?

    • Gucciipad

      U can as along as ur not holding it and it’s on speaker. But many still text and drive. Plus still hold on there phone while driving

      • Rupinder S

        I’ve even seen cops with phones to their ears while driving.

      • Gucciipad

        Cops do what they want. And do what they want

    • Jack Wong

      I am more concern about when it is winter… I don’t want to overheat the battery.

      And 30 bucks for a car mount?! I think I spent ~20 for the first one then less than 10bucks for the 2nd one…

      • Ashymer

        agree, and how about when your phone gets so cold? that doesnt reduce the battery life? then outside is so freaking hot what happen with the temperature hit and the humidity created inside the phone… (if i misspelled something wrong srry english not my HL)

      • Jack Wong

        Good question, I did not do any google when I reply this question.

        Put it this way, we only have a fan for the cpu to cool it down but we never have to setup a heater to make it warm.

        By the way, my iPhone has shut down once because of this kind of car mount, I forgot the error message. But I never have problem with AC.

        I remember for some devices, they have advise the temperature range.

  • Rook HD

    my car doesn’t have an option to turn off one of the vent…

    • Oliver Lopez Felix

      you don’t need to, colder is better for a phone… right?
      i don’t think a car can freeze a phone under 0 degrees (celcious) ­čśŤ

  • Matt

    What phone is that in the picture?

  • JulianZH

    Amazon has a similar, much cheaper.

    • Jack Wong

      Name please?

      • Kevin Osborne

        Curious the same.

      • Jack Wong

        I think I found it, $8.99, search it on amazon.

        Intsun® Universal Handsfree Car Air Vent Phone Holder Car Mount

        But I would rather go with this vent mount, $15.99

        Koomus Air Vent Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder Cradle

  • CS

    Still like my mountek

  • White Michael Jackson

    i have one of these, works perfectly.

  • A’s Network

    $29.99 is a bit too much for a car mount.

  • Xee

    6″ – so this works with iPad Mini Retina?! If so sweet!

  • gittlopctbi

    Saying this mount is “perfect” is a stretch. It may be close, but it is not perfect. Again, in hot states, you want nothing blocking your AC. And what do you do in the winter for the folks that like the vent heat as well as the floor vent heat? Don’t know about you, but sometimes my iPhone sure heats up on its own.

    I stick by my iOttie One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone. It is much cheaper and really does the job superbly. It is the #1 selling phone holder/cradle on Amazon with nearly a 5 star rating by 6700 people. They also have models for larger phones, all with 5 star ratings. It works. It simply works.