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Beats Electronics posted a new video to its Twitter account this evening called ‘Apple and Beats.’ The ad appears to be a continuation of today’s celebration festivities, but oddly enough, no one in the spot actually gets to celebrate.

The clip features Beats Pill mascots Mikey and Tina, and Apple’s sassy digital assistant Siri. Apparently Dr. Dre is throwing a party to mark the Beats deal being completed, but Siri won’t give up directions because it’s by “invitation-only.”

UPDATE: The original tweet from Beats has been deleted and the video has been pulled.

Here’s the clip via 9to5Mac:

Admittedly it’s a strange ad, but there could be a few inside jokes here. For one, there’s Dr. Dre’s not-so-official video confirming the Beats deal. Then there’s Apple’s track record of secrecy. And we’ve all heard Siri say that before.

Earlier today, Apple posted a message on its website “welcoming Beats to the family.” Apparently the $3 billion acquisition, which was first announced two months ago, was finalized today with the approval of United States regulators.

  • John Wickham

    I can’t believe they would use the old Siri voice! The new ones sound so much nicer, and wouldn’t Apple want to advertise the latest and greatest?

    • Philip Lafaurie

      thats because it isn’t officially from apple.

    • ic0dex

      What are you talking about the old Siri voice was much nicer and sounded like a real person. This new Siri voice one iOS 7+ sucks it’s abounds like she has a bad cold and sounds like a robot.

  • carlos

    This is hilarious & shocking they would even allow this ad to go out since it pretty much tares down siri’s abilities? I know someone is going to say dude this is not from Apple but still.

  • Lagax

    These pills look up to Siri, as if she was God! 😀

  • onesimpleclik

    Ugliest. mascots. ever.

  • Matt

    Ha ha I like It

  • Okhoo

    Ok then…

  • Telco Biru User

    A is for Apple,B is for Beats,how about C?

    • Bernardo Sein

      C is for Color

    • El Barto

      Cydia would be perfect.

      • Steven Code

        ^^omg this^^

    • Donovan