Do you like the idea of being able to send quick canned text responses to your friends or family? Do you want a quick way to acknowledge the receipt of a text message? If so, a Messages app tweak entitled Brevity might be just what you need.

Brevity is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that makes it easy to send a single canned text message response in an instant. We’ve been able to test out a pre-release version of Brevity, and we like what we’ve seen thus far. Check out our video walkthrough inside for additional details.

After installing Brevity, you’ll notice that the Send button that normally appears inside of a Messages app thread has been replaced. It’s replaced with an Okay button, and that button can be pressed even if you don’t have any text typed into the text-input box that lies to its left.

Pressing the Okay button will send out a canned “Okay” response to the recipient. In fact, you can continuously press the Okay button and an endless stream of confirmations will be sent.

Brevity’s options allow you to replace the canned “Okay” with the canned response of your choice. For example, I could make “Meh” my canned response. Or Sebastien could make his “We shall see.” Or Cody’s could exclaim: “I found a deal!”

Brevity 2

But say your canned word turned into a longer phrase? How would Brevity be able to display that much text on such a small button? Developers Bryce Dougherty and Ben Zweig have thought of that as well. For text that is too long, there is a Long Shortcut Preview option that places previews for longer phrases into the text box itself. In this situation, the send button turns into an ellipses button, and pressing it will cause the phrase to be sent to the recipient.

Not only is Brevity original, but it’s a tweak that has the potential to be useful in real world day-to-day scenarios. I really like the idea, and I’m even more excited to hear that the developers are working on a version that will allow for more than one canned response.

What do you think about Brevity? Do you think it has the potential to carve out a spot on your daily driver?

  • Mini Apple Genius

    I think it would be nice to have more than 1 word. Other than that, looks nice.

    • deepdvd

      Yeah, like a long-press on the Send button would give you a list of canned responses, but you could still have one be the default.

      • pauleebe

        read my mind

    • On Let’s Talk Jailbreak I think Jeff said the developer is going to update the tweak to add this functionality…

      • tfzweig

        sure did!

    • tfzweig

      hey, dev here. yep, multiple saved responses are planned for a future update.

  • Merman123

    Jeff what’s with the large text on top of the video snapshots? Looks tacky. I don’t like it :P.

  • Agru

    It’d be perfect if it allowed different phrases for specific contacts.

  • udovoodoo

    I love how Jeff managed to somehow skip one of the biggest tweaks released in the last couple of years. Where’s the review for EqualizerEverywhere?

    • I’m sure he’ll get around to it once he’s found some public domain music / videos / games / media. Otherwise a bunch of copyright ignoramuses will file DMCA claims over the video…

  • mike

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge you can accomplish the same task with the built-in “shortcuts” option in Settings > General > Keyboard.

    • Dimitrov Ivan

      It’s not the same the shortcut option in Settings lets you type shortcuts and then it will transform into they original form. For example you type “omg” it will recognize the shortcut and it will transform it to Oh My God

      • mike

        Exactly. This tweak takes one step out of the process. I guess it’s more convenient for some; but I prefer shortcuts.