Goophone i6 (image 001)

If the very thought of waiting until September when Apple is expected to formally announce its next iPhone is making you nervous and edgy because you simply need an iPhone 6 now, your best bet is one of the iPhone 6 knock-offs that are now cropping up all over the place in China.

Granted, it’s easy to make the argument that Apple should send its legal sharks after China’s well-versed knock-off makers and put a stop to them.

However, these iPhone 6 lookalikes are already here and not really going anywhere, as is limned in a pair of videos embedded right after the break…

As first reported by 86DIGI [via, Google translate], an Android KitKat device shown off in a video below, dubbed the Wico i6, is trying to pass itself as a non-existent iPhone 6.

Curiously, it sports a 4.7-inch screen with a screen resolution of 960-by-1,704 pixels. Eagle-eyed readers could note that it’s exactly the same resolution and pixel count that the iPhone 6 is rumored to have.

The device apparently features a quad-core chip with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage.


The Carpenters’ “Top of the World”.

The other video depicts additional design aspects of the device.

Most iPhone clones, but not all, couldn’t be farther from the real thing. For example, the videos clearly show an unsightly camera bulge and the pasted Apple logo.

For better or worse, iPhone clones have been a fact of life ever since the original iPhone’s inception back in 2007. Some Chinese knock-off makers are notorious for producing iPhone clones in the weeks and months leading up to the original product’s launch.

Case in point: the infamous clone maker Goophone said its Android-driven Goophone i6, based on alleged iPhone 6 leaks, will go on sale on August 1 – conspicuously ahead of Apple’s expected launch in September.

Goophone (iphone 5s, image 002)
Goophone’s iPhone 5s clone costs $160.

Though the vast majority of iPhone clones are rubbish and plasticky, it’d be inane to deny that some are quite sophisticated.

The GooPhone, for example, has a 4.7-inch LCD IPS screen, is powered by Mediatek’s quad-core MT6582 chip with GB RAM and sports a 13-megapixel camera on the back.

Fun fact: Goophone has been successfully producing iPhone clones since the launch of the iPhone 4 in the summer of 2010. Its iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s clones beat Apple with time-to-market while giving the old adage “imitation is the highest form of flattery” a whole new meaning.

Goophone clones HTC and Samsung devices, too, as evidenced by their website.

Goophone (iphone 5s, image 003)
Goophone’s shameless iPhone 5s is an elaborate knock-off.

Anyway, we’ve posted the videos purely for the sake of entertainment so do meet us in comments and chime in with your thoughts and observations.

Should Apple drag the likes of Goophone to court, do you think?

  • Merman123

    Who doesn’t want a GooPhone? 😛

  • Neil Sardesai

    That’s actually a pretty impressive clone.

    • Sure, if you ignore the poor build quality, wrong use of fonts and font size, badly cloned calendar icon, badly cloned clock icon, wrong YouTube app icon and the icons look too big (although this is just my opinion). The phone also seems slow and sluggish which the iPhone 6 won’t be. There’s just so much wrong with this phone anyone with half a brain would wait for the real deal.

      • Neil Sardesai

        Not everyone notices all these things. I know people that would think that clone was a real iPhone.

    • Rowan09

      I’ve seen good clones. While the shell is on point the screen resolution and touch is always horrible.

      • Neil Sardesai

        Yeah. You’re pretty much always going to have a laggy UI with Android.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t think it’s Android.

      • Neil Sardesai

        “an Android KitKat device shown off in a video below, dubbed the Wico i6, is trying to pass itself as a non-existent iPhone 6.”
        -from the article above

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok.

      • Martin

        As the matter of fact, it is. To reveal the android OS you have to type in a code on the phone app, but I cant remember what is it.

      • Rowan09


      • @dongiuj

        Always? Because ios NEVER lags?

      • Always? Because ios NEVER lags?

        I can honestly say that I’ve never once had a stock iOS device lag, stutter or act sluggish. Jailbroken devices have for me in the past but that’s a whole other problem…

      • @dongiuj

        I have.

      • Neil Sardesai

        On iOS, the UI is given its own dedicated thread with realtime priority while on Android, the UI is rendered on the main thread with everything else and normal priority. As a result, the UI on Android often lags. This isn’t as noticeable with better hardware, but the way Android prioritises (or rather doesn’t prioritise) the UI is one of the main reasons you see this kind of lag.

      • @dongiuj

        But ios still gets lag. I have it.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Bu the way you have 999 comments 😀

      • @dongiuj

        No more than other regular readers here.

    • @dongiuj

      Yeah, you should buy one!

  • Lars

    It is chinese for ‘Good Phone’ I guess

  • babiloe

    I believe somehow difficult to use octacore mt6592 in tiny Iphone case just like note 3 knockoff case
    Btw, on the top commercial Said 2gb, on the report Said 1gb ram. Makeup your mind.

    • Shadowelite123

      The amount of cores doesn’t matter.for one thing, more cores mean more battery drainage and less space for the battery. Plus the iPhone 5S with only 2 cores, beat the galaxy S5 in a speed test and the S5 has I think 4cores if not more.

  • Jason Baroni

    Clones are disgusting.

  • Tom


  • Jonathan

    I just may buy this..

  • Matt

    Why doesn’t Aple sue these idiots?

    • Neil Sardesai

      More trouble than it’s worth? It’s not like we’re going to see millions of people buying Goophones instead of iPhones.

      • Matt

        Oh, I see.

      • @dongiuj

        If you live in china you might see millions.

      • Benjamin

        My classmate has a goophone 5 (i5) and it’s horrible. He got two batteries. The second “backup” battery was blew up. Literally.

        And the phone.. Touch screen is okay.. Probably. But the viewing angle is bad. Not very bad, but not quite good. Sometimes laging. And it was very cheap of course.

  • White Michael Jackson

    I really can’t wait for the iphone 6 to come out, just so i can read the comments on youtube on torture test videos, about how people waste money.

  • Tony

    13mp camera, more then the real thing. Interesting.

    • Mohammed

      Also more ram

      • ClaudieX X

        Also a more bloated operative system…

    • Guest

      Also more bloated operative system…

  • mlee19841

    Lol. The music. Felt like a death scene coming from a rob zombie movie. I see that camera hump is still their.

  • Joel

    This wouldn’t have happened if Steve was still around

    • Oh but it would. iPhones have always had [bad] clones and probably always will. I guess having clones just shows how good and / or popular the iPhone is that some people want to harness that and use it for personal gain.

  • Bob

    Bought one of those iPhone 5 clone from the same company, for my sister. It’s literally in pieces now.

    • In the first video, you can already see the bottom screws loosening and falling apart…

  • Vighnesh Manick

    Other than the crappy OS, its physical features look impressive. Still getting the real thing #iOS4Life

  • Videet Malpe

    Actually goo means poop in India.

  • Mohammed

    It has 2GB of ram?
    Wow it has more ram than original IPhone 6 (probably)

    • @dongiuj

      Not really. Lots of phone have 2gb ram since 2 years ago.

      • Mohammed

        I didn’t mention other phones.
        What i am saying is :its funny that the knock off device has more ram than the original .
        I didn’t say that there isn’t any other phone that have 2GB of ram!!!!!

      • @dongiuj

        And I was saying that lots of phones had 2gb two years ago so it’s not “funny” really”!!!!!”

      • Mohammed

        Its funny because clones are usualy watered -down versions of the original debice .
        Did you get it now?

  • Martynet

    is there a samsung clone? 😀

    • Rowan09

      Yes the Chinese clone everything even cigarettes, so if you smoke you may be smoking crap.

      • Gary LE

        No disrespect to the Chinese immitators but that is very funny and true lol.

  • “Should Apple drag the likes of Goophone to court, do you think?”

    Neh, they’ll just be wasting their time and the lawyers will be the only winners. China is a free market where the only way to beat competition is to build something better.

  • Justin Mahone

    Just to say in the description you haven’t added the amount of GB:

    “quad-core MT6582 chip with GB RAM and sports a 13-megapixel camera”

  • Chreles

    Why is sleep/Power button on side?