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The jailbreak community didn’t have to wait for iOS 8 to bring third-party keyboard support to iPhone and iPad. For several years now, jailbreakers have been treated to some clever keyboard tweaks to improve on the usability of the devices.

Two of these tweaks, SwipeSelection and AltKeyboard 2, somewhat overlapped each other’s functionalities when released a few months ago, forcing jailbreak users to choose either one or the other.

With both tweaks now having been updated to support each other, this issue is a thing of the past, as SwipeSelection and AltKeyboard can now run side by side properly… 

In order to be able to run both tweaks together, you must update to their latest versions. For SwipeSelection, that is 1.4.2-1 or 0.9.6-1 if using the pro version. As for AltKeyboard 2, the required version is 1.0.8.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tweaks, I suggest you have a look at Jeff’s demos.

This is SwipeSelection Pro:

And here is AltKeyboard 2:

I’m sure we can all agree it is nice to finally see these two tweaks play nice together.

Do you use one or both keyboard tweaks? If so, tell us what you think about these updates.

[Thanks Alex for the tip]

  • Varun Soi

    Great combination.!

  • warnec

    Finally. Have been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve been mad at AltKeyboard developers for forcing me to remove SwipeSelection, a tweak I paid for and forcing me to use an inferior solution (for swiping, at least) instead.

    • kron1k 

      Hopefully you mean the Pro version as SwipeSelection is free… I personally use both because the altkeyboard swipe grabbers drove me nuts at times

  • dc7007

    Finally, AltKeyboard 2 swipe gesture really sucks.

    • ReanimationXP

      Even the up-flick gesture sucks. I dunno what the hell they did but it’s super annoyingly finicky about what it will accept as an upswipe now. I’m about to uninstall it.

      • ReanimationXP

        Update: There’s now a damn “swipe up” option in the settings that is on by default I didn’t see. It modifies the normal “flick” behavior and was driving me insane. Turned it off and the old behavior is restored. Hopefully this helps someone.

  • Kanzler

    is there an ipad support coming for altkeyboard?

    • Damian

      They promised but….it might mean you we will wait one year

      • Al

        You might be right. They push out updates to AltKeyboard… Yet, no support for the iPad.

        SwipeExpander has iPad support right out of the gates. I was told by the dev it took him a few hours to add support for it. I don’t mind supporting tweaks… I like the tweaks A3Tweaks provide, the original AltKeyboard didn’t have iPad support. It’s definitely uncertainty surrounding iPad support.

      • Damian

        i just gave shot to swieExpander and it works awesome. The only gripe i have is the configuration of each button takes forever. 50 characters to configure thats too much for individuals like us

      • Al

        It works for the iPad… something AltKeyboard hasn’t supported “yet.”

        I seen on reddit there are templates that are ready made… just have to add it in certain folder.

      • Damian

        I just took swipeExpander for the test drive and it is not so good. My typing accuracy decreased a lot. I press on letters but they don’t get detected . Hopefully it will be fixed in the official version

    • Marcos Frazão

      i would forget ipad support
      those guys doesn’t look interested in develop things to ipad

      auxo was a woman delivery to bring on and weak tweaked/optimized with strong lack of updates

      • Todd Sorensen


  • Osama Muhammed

    altkeyboard for ipad?

  • vozf17

    Hey guys you should give SwipeExpander a try. A good replacement for AltKeyboard.

    • Damian

      Is it buggy? And what is the official repo?

    • Eddie Hines

      how do I find it?

  • Jamessmooth

    Too much awesomeness for my brain to handle.

  • Damian

    SwipeShiftCaret is still better combination with altkeybaord. Every time it installed swipeselection it never worked and I run into some typing issue

    • Biscuit

      +1 for SwipeSwiftCaret. When I typed fast with SwipeSelection it would mess up my words. The cursor would just jump randomly.

      • Richard

        Wow that happens to me too sometimes!!! I hate it!! So would swipeswiftcaret be better in that case? Never used it..

      • Biscuit

        Yup! Definitely. Instead of scrolling on the keyboard, you scroll where the text is. Try and out. Been using it for a while and I definitely prefer.

      • Damian

        it is just a stable tweak that works right out of the box. Don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

    • coLin

      for that you have ‘sensitivity’ option to configure

      • Damian

        no it does not help. Since day one of the original tweak i always had the same issue. I guess i don’t know how to use it since others don’t complain so much

  • Alberto Espinal

    I like Ikeywi 2 better, its just hard to see those small characters on top of each letter, maybe its just me!!

    • iPhoneDanno

      AltKeyboard doesn’t work for me in my 3rd party note (WriteRoom) or calendar apps, whereas ikeywi does work in those apps. I think I would like AltKeyboard better, but I can’t use it…

      I haven’t seen anybody mention AltKeyboard not working in their 3rd party apps…


    Very nice, wanted both these tweaks to support each other for a long… long…. time finally got it :p

  • This Both DEVELOPER is TRUE Keyboard HERO o/

  • Matt

    After losing my jb for iOS 8, it took me 2 weeks to get used to not having swipeselection. Another great tweak I hope apple one day implements.

  • Diego Milano

    It is still a bit choppy, I must say, and the culprit seems to be the Space Bar functionality introduced with AltKeyboard, from what I tested.
    Also, I really dislike that tapping on the space bar won’t really have any graphical effect on the keyboard button, as if you weren’t even pressing it at all. I know, who cares, right? Well… it still needs to be fixed.
    Good job nonetheless.