Are persistent app badge notifications getting you down? Do you wish they’d just go away after clearing alerts from Notification Center? If this sounds like a problem you experience, then you’ll definitely be interested in MarkAsRead7.

MarkAsRead7 is a free jailbreak tweak available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo that helps you keep your Home screen looking fresh and clean. As its name implies, it features iOS 7.1.x compatibility out of the gate. Take a gander at our video demonstration inside to see why you may find this tweak to be useful.

Without MarkAsRead7 installed, alerts cleared via Notification Center have no bearing on the app badges that are displayed on the app icons for those alerts. This results in a disjointed experience i.e. a lot of leftover app badges from previously acknowledged notifications.

MarkAsRead7 will immediately clear an app badge for a notification cleared via Notification Center. Be warned, though, that if you uninstall MarkAsRead7, the orphaned badges will reappear. This implies that the tweak doesn’t actually get rid of the badges, it just hides them.

There are no options or settings to configure for MarkAsRead7, just install it and you’re good to go. What do you think about it? Is this a tweak you’d consider adding to your daily driver?

  • Anthony Snyder

    You know you can just turn off icon badges for individual apps in Notification settings… right?

    • M8NTIS

      True, but this is for people like me that do want some
      notifications, and would like them to be removed without having to actually go
      into the app to read what you already have via the center.

    • Having it clear automatically > manually turning icon badges off in the Notification Center settings…

      • disqusted

        Edit: Sorry, overlooked the > meaning auto is better than his option. Gotcha. Ignore the rest.

        [No, untrue. In this case, icon badges will not show AT ALL. With this tweak, they still show until the app is opened (usual behavior) or the corresponding notifications that triggered the badge to show are cleared from the notification center. Two totally different things. One disables badges completely, the other merely temporarily clears them only once you’ve viewed the relevant alerts and dismissed/cleared them. The next say, message that comes in will show the (1) badge again. If I can read the message text in the notification center and have seen it already, I don’t want to have to open the messages app for the sole purpose of clearing a badge that alerted me to a new message that I have already read from the notification center. Clear?]

    • Paul

      That’s true, but I think this is more of a quick interaction for some occasions instead of having to go in an app just to mark it as read. It doesn’t mean I don’t want badges at all.

    • disqusted

      Yes, but a lot of people (like me) still want to be able to see both until the notification is cleared or the app is opened. If you open an app, its notifications will auto-clear from the notification center and clear the badges. It does make a certain amount of sense for it to work in the reverse manner as well. Either way, you’re acknowledging the alerts or tending to them. Otherwise, I can clear notifications and the badge remains incremented. Then you may be left wondering wtf so and so app notified you of? You dismissed the notifications so you must’ve decided they weren’t urgent, but what were they again…?

      Either way if I want to clear them I just use the Clear Badge menu item from one of my favorite tweaks: IconTool which allows you to do anything from see the app’s cache size, clear it, reset app to fresh install state, backup app’s data, restore it back, rename the icon, open the app in iFile right at the root app path, etc. So useful… but that’s besides the point. It’s just what I’d previously used to manually clear badges quickly due to this situation before this tweak. So it saves me a fraction of a second. Not the most crucial tweak out there but it’s useful to a certain audience, just like any other.

  • Lance Baker

    This is something I’ve wanted forever!

  • Ali

    Off topic: What is the name of the tweak (compatible with iOS7) that merges messages by contact?

    • TeddyBearStand


      • Ali

        Didn’t think it iOS 6 compatible, let alone iOS 7?. If the description says iOS 5.

  • Abbas

    Anyone facing issues with lockscreen randomly vanishing as in just a blurred wallpaper and nothing else on it but if you slide to unlock in the area and enter your passcode if you remember where your digits are then you can unlock the phone. any help will appreciated 😐

    • Waleed

      What tweaks are u using related to lockscreen ? Try removing them or changing their settings.. Maybe some tweak is not yet supported or is making problems with presence of any other tweak.. Conflicting

  • zxzx


  • Matta Fakt

    Where did you get that wallpaper? It looks darker than the stock one.

  • Ross Hurrell

    The name is misleading.. If you do it with an email, thats the one thing it DOESN’T do is mark it as read. Should be called ClearBadge7 or something

    • Skoven

      The same thing goes for the messages app…
      It would be nice to have an option to actually mark the message/email as read inside the apps.