MarkAsRead7: Remove icon badges when clearing Notification Center


Are persistent app badge notifications getting you down? Do you wish they’d just go away after clearing alerts from Notification Center? If this sounds like a problem you experience, then you’ll definitely be interested in MarkAsRead7.

MarkAsRead7 is a free jailbreak tweak available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo that helps you keep your Home screen looking fresh and clean. As its name implies, it features iOS 7.1.x compatibility out of the gate. Take a gander at our video demonstration inside to see why you may find this tweak to be useful.

Without MarkAsRead7 installed, alerts cleared via Notification Center have no bearing on the app badges that are displayed on the app icons for those alerts. This results in a disjointed experience i.e. a lot of leftover app badges from previously acknowledged notifications.

MarkAsRead7 will immediately clear an app badge for a notification cleared via Notification Center. Be warned, though, that if you uninstall MarkAsRead7, the orphaned badges will reappear. This implies that the tweak doesn’t actually get rid of the badges, it just hides them.

There are no options or settings to configure for MarkAsRead7, just install it and you’re good to go. What do you think about it? Is this a tweak you’d consider adding to your daily driver?