iOS 8 Features List

With every new major version of iOS, Apple releases a new wallpaper, or set of wallpapers. More rarely, Apple will include a new stock wallpaper in a beta release. Today, with Apple’s launch of iOS 8 beta 3, user’s uncovered a simple, but new wallpaper.

There is some back-and-forth over wether the wallpaper is new, or not, but after comparing beta 2 and iOS 7 to the new stock images, there is one additional. A simple white wallpaper with gray dots is included. This new wallpaper can easily be mistaken for a slightly grayer version included with iOS 7…


Today, we received help from @JasonZigrino, who is making quite a name for himself on the iDB Wallpapers of the Week section, being featured several times over the last few weeks, including yesterday’s post of the Puerta del Sol Apple Store.

iOS 8 Beta 3 Wallpaper

Download iOS 8 beta 3: iPhone 5/s/c

Immediately below is the download for the new iOS 8 wallpaper. Also included, for those that missed it earlier, is the main iOS 8 water wallpaper, which released with iOS 8.0.

iOS 8 Wallpaper preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Stay connected to iDB about future iOS release information, including beta updates as we run toward a fall launch. For wallpaper specifics, make sure to keep an eye on iDB Sunday afternoons, when we post the Wallpapers of the Week, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

  • Ew

    This wallpaper is garbage.

    • Sherif Moharram

      I agree. They need to take a look at Google’s wallpapers for Kitkat.

    • Siddharth Desai

      That’s the wallpaper that’s on the box of the iPhone 5s.

      • Chinch07

        No it’s not, it looks similar but this is a different one. slightly brighter and more white. The previous one is more grey. Both are in beta 3, including the black wallpaper from the Black 5s box.

      • Guest


  • R4

    That’s not the default iOS 8 wallpaper… This is.

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    This wallpaper looks horrible with the standard placed icons, what hapoens with you, Jonny Ive?

  • Framboogle

    You would at least expect Apple to put a gold wallpaper now that they one to match the silver and space gray iPhones.

  • mike

    In my opinion, feedback is the most important thing in a beta release. And that goes for everything, not just iOS. When the consumers test the beta, they form opinions on the topic and judge it.
    This judgement is what the developer of the beta product looks at in order to perfect the final release.

    TL:DR, Beta and judgement go hand-in-hand, and judgement is inevitable – or even a necessity – following the beta.

  • Santiago

    Always been there, but never launched to public… Oh well still sucks

  • Sachin


  • TheShade247

    So what happened to this hidden dynamic wallpaper

  • andy

    I clearly see no difference. Great wallpapers -.-

  • disqusted

    I use a photo of my wall as my wallpaper. It makes me always feel at home, even though I always am at home. Still, people got offended at my last wallpaper, a pic of my dog’s sloppy asscunt. More sensitive than a 13 year old’s dick. Hump, hump…. …. Aw damnit! I’m sorry. My bad. I haven’t had that happen since the last time I attempted to have sex… Which went unf… Un—bwahhh!! No! Give me three. Three pump chump and I’ll take it and ride. Working my way up to a 5 pump chump still. I’ve been working towards 5 for like… 15 years? So I feel it’s right around the corner. They’ll beg me to stop after 4, cause I went so long they’re just raw by then. That’s how I expect things to go, personally.