Acute is a brand new and highly anticipated voice control tweak for jailbroken iOS user. We’ve been playing around with it for a day or so, and we really like what we see thus far. This tweak has potential.

Acute allows users to create custom phrases that can be uttered from anywhere within iOS. Once Acute detects a phrase, it will launch a pre-configured action, or a custom action based on your custom phrases. Actions can be linked to any Activator action, which makes this tweak extremely versatile and powerful.

Once you install Acute, you’ll be guided through a calibration process where the tweak gets to know your voice. The tweak doesn’t really denote how it does this, or how effective the process is, so we have to take the developers word for it.

After the calibration process is completed, you can venture into Acute’s preferences to set it up. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a custom phrase. Custom phrases are typed in using the iOS keyboard, and these phrases are then recognizable by Acute’s voice recognition engine.

After you create a phrase, you’ll need to go to Activator’s settings to link the phrase with a corresponding Activator action. In my example, I linked the phrase “Safari” with the Launch Safari Activator action.

Acute Setup

Next, in perhaps what is the most important part of the tweak’s setup, you’ll need to establish an Activator gesture to invoke Acute’s listeners. I assigned this action to a double-tap of the status bar. Whenever I want Acute to listen for amy voice, I use the double-tap gesture to start the listener.

Acute contains other options—the ability to calculate arithmetic problems, and the ability to use alert notifications upon a successful voice gesture—but the former needs some work before it’s ready for prime time. Enabling the calculate toggle slows the tweak down to a crawl, which makes it virtually unusable.

Acute Settings

Acute’s basic features, however, are fairly well-done and responsive. When you invoke the listener, you’ll see a little waveform appear in the status bar denoting that it’s listening. You can then speak using your custom phrases or any one of Acute’s built in phrases (Home, Unlock, Illuminate, Power Down, Capture, Marco) to launch Actions. The names of successful actions will be displayed in the status bar for further confirmation.

You can find Acute right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $3.00. It’s not perfect, but as stated, it does have loads of potential. Have you tried Acute yet? Sound off in the comment section with your thoughts.

  • Martin

    That was quick! The tweak was put up a few hours ago and yet here is the review 😀 Good Job! I also bought the tweak myself and think it’s a great alternative to Siri since iPhone 4 can’t Siri 🙁

  • Steven Miller

    I haven’t been able to use it yet as it crashes my springboard after unlocking my iphone. I tweeted the dev and he said he is updating it ASAP.

  • arrontaylor

    …or you could Siri, right?

    • Except siri doesn’t support activator actions…

  • fouti20

    My god Jeff you could narrate my life anyday

  • Merman123

    Jeff: Hey guys, how’s it hanging ?
    Me: ummm

  • Tony

    iPhone 5s on 7.1.2, it is known that touch id causes a massive reboot crash with this app. Had to uninstall it, sadly.

    • kurt

      I am on 7.0.4 and experience the same problem.

    • Mac Rant

      Shame, thought it was just me……Ill reinstall when this is fixed too

  • WaterTrooper

    Dat lose battery!

    • udovoodoo

      Let me guess. You forgot to disable the listening service when you were done with it?

  • kurt

    Had to uninstall for now. My iPhone 5s crashes every time I unlock with the touch ID. Hopefully they will have a fix for that soon. Until then I have to remove it.

  • Thiago Falcao

    respring trying ulock device with Touch ID!

  • Eric Castro

    a wonderful tweak, but HORRIBLY unstable. this is not worth the money until it reaches a decent, usable state. crashed my SpringBoard about 10 times in an hour, most coming out of nowhere (like just unlocking)

  • Hector Lugardo

    Horrible tweak. DO NOT BUY!!! 30% battery loss in less than 15 minutes and serious springboard crashes. Nowhere near ready for public release. Shame on Cydia.

  • Ansar Arif

    YouTube silver play button?;o

  • it was locking me out of settings by keeping me stuck in the acute settings panel then it would crash. Released too early.

  • Sometimes works well; seems to be having trouble finding apps enclosed within apex folders. And of course it loves to drain battery so remember to turn if off.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    And Jeff starts a blog..

  • ARX8

    Jeff Benjamin’s hands and voice- What makes iDownloadblog awesome and unique

  • pablo

    It does not work good with spanish words. Forget to invoque Siri and use music controls.

  • Rahimo

    It feels like the old tweak “VoiceActivator” !!!!

  • Rahimo

    How could you design a car without brakes ?? Seriously !!! How to turn it off ??? The bigger service “Siri” has a turn ONOFF switch, and this one don’t have that switch !!!

  • Sohail Wahab

    I would love to have a tweak to invoke Siri in the background & do the task

  • f1ght3r

    should still be in beta

  • I installed the tweak, but the sound wave doesnt appear and I added 2 phrases and applied on Activator too. What I need to do?
    Or not work because it doesnt know italian language…?

  • James Larson

    I made a phrase but how do u set it to do what u want it to?

  • James Larson

    Damn nvm right when I posted that I figured it out

  • Ben Cady

    Acute puts the “recalibrate” text on right side of the menu bar throughout the settings app on my iPhone 5. I can’t create any custom activator actions!