WWDC 2014 keynote (CloudKit 001)

Apple just sent an email to its registered developers warning them that the company will be performing a server-side CloudKit data wipe for iOS 8 beta and OS X Yosemite Developer Preview, on Monday July 7.

If this data wipe is not unusual, it definitely comes at an interesting time, suggesting that not surprisingly, iOS 8 beta 3 and and the third OS X Yosemite Developer Preview might be right around the corner…

This is a copy of the email sent to developers today:

Dear Developer,

We will be performing a server-side data wipe on all CloudKit public and private databases for iOS 8 beta and OS X Yosemite Developer Preview users on July 7, 2014. The following iCloud features will be affected: iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, and Mail Drop.

Photos and videos stored in iCloud Photo Library will remain on their original iOS 8 devices and will upload to iCloud Photo Library again automatically. iCloud Drive can be re-enabled from Set up Assistant after upgrade. If you choose to store your documents in iCloud Drive, your Documents & Data will automatically be copied to iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive will not update across earlier seeds or operating systems. Attachments sent through Mail Drop will expire and need to be resent after you upgrade.

If you have any questions, visit the Apple Developer Forums.

Best regards,
Apple Developer Technical Support

Although not official, there usually is a two week interval between each beta release. With iOS 8 beta 2 and the second OS X Yosemite Developer Preview having been available since June 17, we’re now approaching the 3 week mark, and it is very probable that beta updates for both iOS and OS X will be released on Tuesday.

  • Keabsy

    There’s rumors about a possible release on July 8th

    • Burge

      That will be this Tuesday then.. Just like the thread is saying.
      Copied from the last part.
      “and it is very probable that beta updates for both iOS and OS X will be released on Tuesday”

      Still here Seb..

  • abdullah575

    minecraft 0.9.0 update coming on 10th july!!

    • Jonathan

      Just curious, how is that related to this post?

    • jack

      stupid kid’s game with 90’s graphics

      • 5ingularity

        kid’s game? You obviously never got into the technicals of minecraft.

    • Not Relevant!

  • Jonathan

    Last year a new beta was released on July 8th. I happen to remember that because it falls on a family member’s birthday. 😛

  • asaf

    well i am IOS registered developer and i didn’t got any email…

    • R-A.W.

      are you really registered than? lol have you paid $99?

      • asaf

        well i have 5 apps in the App Store so yes i paid 99$ i gain 12k$/app (lol apple say that is 99$ its 105$ with tax).

    • iOops

      Likewise, I have not received an email either which is strange. (yes, I am a registered developer)

      • yes apple just don’t give a sh… its normal….

  • Rodney Coleman

    I’m ready beta 2 was worse than beta 1 lol hope they fix bugs I reported.

    • ✦ intelligent anomaly ✦

      I was quite satisfied with Beta 2 – never really saw anything fixed from Beta 1, but certainly nothing worse either. What bugs did you see that were new in Beta 2?

  • R-A.W.

    idk why theres even a question any more; why else would they do this.. with a letter attached…marked Monday…i wouldn’t be surprised if it even happened Monday right after the wipe.

    • R-A.W.

      “iCloud Drive can be re-enabled from Set up Assistant after upgrade” LOL like really they even said it within the note.

  • Donovan

    Offtopic; does the new coding-stuff and all that mean the iOS7 tweaks have to be redone again, instead of just updating them (like iOS5 -> iOS6 tweaks)

    • I believe Swift isn’t required. Such as one can use different web languages and still end up with the same result.

      • Donovan

        Ah i see

    • Chris

      Swift uses the same compiler that Objective-C uses so the executable that is compiled from the source will execute the same way

      • Donovan

        Ah I see (no I actually do, I’m surprised myself too haha)

  • Litchy

    Hoping for Yosemite beta instead of Developer Preview 🙂

    • Georg_Schmo

      You haven’t been missing out … it’s so buggy … everything crashes animations look bugged etc – worst (apple) beta I have ever taken place in … hope the DP3 or Update2 or whatever fixes some stuff – I can’t even read my emails because mail app is crashing on a regular 3min basis …

      • Litchy

        To bad… I can’t wait for the new design. If it’s really that bad I bet Apple won’t release a version for open beta anytime soon :/

  • ✦ intelligent anomaly ✦

    Looking forward to the new Yosemite preview. DP2 has shown to be quite reliable so far, except for Safari which flakes out quite often, but that will be sorted eventually.