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We’ve all been there. We are on vacation or at an event, snapping pictures or shooting video clips of our kids doing something funny, when we run out of storage space on our iPhone. There are plenty of options for saving pictures on social networking sites or in iCloud. However, we don’t necessarily want to share hundreds of pictures of the 5K we just ran on Facebook and Apple’s free iCloud storage is limited. Even Dropbox limits your free storage to 2GB.

Shutter by StreamNation aims to solve our storage needs by allowing users to take photos and video from within the app and automatically store content in an unlimited free cloud-based service…

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The app allows users to take “millions of photos and videos” without using any space on their device. All content taken within the app is automatically stored in Shutter’s cloud. Shutter’s smart offline management enables users to have access to the 200 most recent photos and videos, even when there is no Internet connection.

You can store hour-long videos and as many photos as your heart desires in Shutter’s cloud-based storage locker. Share your content directly with others via StreamNation’s private cloud. You can also upload content directly to many of the most popular social networking sites all at once with no size restrictions. You have access to filter choices, album management, and background uploads.

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The camera feature itself is limited, but offers a few options that make it a good bet for snapshots and video clips. You can add one of eight real-time filters for both photos and video. Once captured, content is automatically saved to StreamNation’s cloud service. When you view an image, you’ll see the date, time, and location it was taken, as well as camera specs and shutter speed. You can tag, favorite, and share photos and videos. Share content with others all at once to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also save the content to your iOS device, copy a link to the image to share with others directly, print a picture, or move the selection to a new album. Create albums within the app to organize content.

You can also store images from your camera roll that were not taken in Shutter. In the menu section of the app, select your iPhone’s camera roll and all content will automatically begin uploading to StreamNation.

Shutter by StreamNation is available for free and storage space for mobile uploads is unlimited and free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Shutter? Will you start using it to save your photos?

  • What’s the catch?

    • Framboogle

      It’s made by the NSA

      • Tamahome5555

        I bet ya they just want to fap to the girls arse you took a picture of. That’s why it’s free

    • BugsBunnay87

      All funded by the NSA so shoot to your hearts content (to provide an easier timeline of your daily life to them)

  • Andrew Roth

    Copy still remains the best cloud storage. Start with 20 gigs and then unlimited referrals (Which you can so yourself and cheat the system) plus even good sharing. When you share a file half of the space is in each persons. It’s awesome. :p

  • Andreas Ferber

    Just downloaded the app and I only got 5gb of storage…

    • Nsyris2

      It says that for me too. Then I went to the website and it said mobile photos and videos are unlimited, but from other devices it’s limited to 5GB.

      • Andreas Ferber

        Just got mail from Streamnation that says it is unlimited storage but i doesnt shows in the app right now

    • regkilla

      There will be an update that will fix the 5 GB to Unlimited.

    • Susan

      PocketSpheres gives the users unlimited storage and is a family owned software company

  • highNiggaPie

    Yea cause I want every one of my pics of my girls ass in the cloud i’ll PASS

    • regkilla

      What girlfriend?

      • highNiggaPie

        i call her baby i think you call her mom? im not sure

      • regkilla

        I was joking and you have to make a mom joke? Idiot.

      • highNiggaPie

        so is liking your own comments butt nugget

      • Sean Clark

        Are you a troll or just cynical? Every time you show up in the comments you’re harassing someone.

      • regkilla

        Your right hand doesn’t count as a girlfriend.

      • highNiggaPie

        Yea cause that’s not the most overused comeback in the history of man

  • Noaaahh

    Does the picture quality change when uploading to server?

    • regkilla


  • TheShade247

    Any proof that our photos are not going in somebody’s basement?

    • regkilla

      Don’t worry 😉

    • regkilla

    • Sachin

      Well there is none. Nor there is proof of NSA involved in this. lol

      • highNiggaPie

        the nsa is always involved whether its stated or not

      • regkilla

        shut up paranoid turd.

      • Kurt

        There are two countries where the NSA records every single phone call made in the country. It was just one country a few months ago. Did you know that?

    • BugsBunnay87

      I’m sure the NSA had paid enough to make sure your photos won’t go to anyone else’s basement, but theirs.

  • NaSty

    I’ve never had that time where I have no space for more photo’s, that being said the cloud feature is kinda okay

  • Truc

    To be honest, I am so overwhelmed with so many photo services flickr, iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon, Google Plus and many many that I can’t mention. The similar feature that these services are trying to build up is to form a small photo sharing social network. I am so so f..g bored with it. I just want to keep my photo private, no sharing at all. I don’t really need that “free” and unlimited like that when I get to know that my photos, my locations are sold or used for adverting purposes.
    But really, users, you don’t need that much space for photos, 5Gb is too much for you for years. As for me Amazon does a good job, free 5Gb, I only use 2,5Gb for 2 years already because it uses Amazon servers which is fast anywhere (Dropbox uses Amazon’s servers). My photos always stay private.

    • Joe

      Bought my iPhone 5S a week before my son was born 7 mos ago. I’ve got almost 10Gb. Yeah – I take a lot of photos of him but it fills up quick.

    • Most of these services like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Plus are used to back up everything to the cloud instead of having everything on your phone or computer. I use iCloud to backup documents from Pages both Mac and my iPhone and anything on my iPhone is backed up to iCloud. Having all of my stuff in the cloud saves me tons of space on all of my devices.
      Anyways when you upload Photos to iCloud they are not being shared, usually you have to generate a sharing link for the photos selected to become public. Even then you have to give someone the url so they are still pretty private.

  • Jonathan

    But, Flickr offers 1000 GB free. Seriously. No catch. I use it.

  • Eni

    to good to be true

  • Past0rB

    Here’s an excerpt from an email from StreamNation about the 5GB showing in the app. This came through as soon as I joined:

    “We’d like to clear up any confusion around Shutter’s unlimited storage — yes, storage is indeed unlimited. The settings section of the app stills shows 5GB because when we initially posted the app in the App Store for review, the objective was to start with 5GB of free storage and switch to unlimited when you invite 5 friends. After the App Store accepted Shutter, we decided to remove this limit and activate all users to unlimited.

    We’ve posted the fix to the App Store so the copy should be updated soon to read unlimited.”

    So unlimited it is.

  • nazcorp

    So this sounds great (but read the second part). And for all those people freaking about privacy, get over it. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why does it bother you that “they” -can- see what you’re doing? You complaining about it won’t change anything and there’s far too much benefits that the lack of privacy (from Uncle Sam) gives the public that we take for granted.

    However, I always ask this of companies like this: why are you in business, full time pay checks and giving away something like this for free? When it comes to companies, there’s always a reason. What does my pictures give you that’s worth your investing hundreds of dollars into servers just for a free service? And yes I realize they also have other services which aren’t free. But I still have my concerns…

  • White Michael Jackson

    NSA made a neat app

  • Guest

    I found this kind of interesting

  • yader

    Thank you iDB. As always, the cream of the crop.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Don’t trust this. Your photos won’t be safe with them. Especially it’s all for free? Be careful

  • Why

  • CS

    I Still choose flickr

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Everyone says theres a catch to this…well theres a catch to everything we do online. We’re all being watched, even on Facebook. It doesnt matter what service you use, nothing is completely 100% private so stop your complaining! Throw away your smartphone and get a flip phone if you’re worried about all this. Geez.

    • ODWms

      I couldn’t agree more. WTF?

  • Susan

    This is a copycat clone of similar photo apps. PocketSpheres has been out for 2 years.

  • ic0dex

    I know iCloud only gives you 1000 current photos and they are moved within a month for automatic uploads to your iCloud. What I do is once my iPhone is full I create an iCloud folder to share pictures with my wife then I upload all the pictures there. This way a lll my pictures are always in the cloud with iCloud and I can share them with my wife.