SoundCloud 3.0 for iOS (iPhone redesign 001)

Berlin-based SoundCloud is a popular service to upload, record, promote and share originally-created sounds and they’ve long had a decent iOS app on the App Store. Today, the company has issued a major iPhone-focused redesign that focuses on much simplified one-thumb navigation through the use of gestures to seek and skip tracks.

The new SoundCloud for iPhone version 3.0 also brings the ability to open another user’s profile straight from a track or playlist and includes other enhancements, detailed after the break…

From the blurb:

Tap to play and pause. Swipe to skip tracks. Slide the waveform to scrub. The app is beautifully simple to use. But your thumb won’t need to work too hard – it’s easier than ever to hear more of the world’s sounds.

In addition to the simplified one-thumb controls, you’ll appreciate a more prominently featured cover artwork during playback and its seamless sync of your likes and playlists.

SoundCloud 3.0 for iOS (iPhone redesign 002)

However, if you used to upload your sounds and music to Sound Cloud through the app, bad news: the Record functionality has been removed. As a result, you’ll need to use SoundCloud’s web interface to upload your sounds or a dedicated app such as Retronyms’ free AudioCopy, which SoundCloud itself recommends.

SoundCloud 3.0 for iOS (iPhone redesign 003)

This is part of SoundCloud’s move to becoming a mobile listening experience.

SoundCloud was overhauled with iOS 7-friendly look back in November and today’s update builds on that. Interestingly, it’s asked Apple to remove SoundFlake, the popular SoundCloud client, from the App Store citing user confusion over UI similarities.

Highlights include:

  • Beautifully simple design. Cleaner look. Simpler controls
  • ‘One thumb’ interface. Play, pause, skip and explore on the go
  • Open another user’s profile straight from a track or playlist
  • Your likes and playlists are now all in one place, making it easier to play more of your favorite tracks and artists

Further information is available in SoundCloud’s blog post and on its website. For an in-depth look at the redesign, check out the reviews by The Verge and The Next Web.

Download SoundCloud free in the App Store.

iOS 7.0 or later is required.

The app is being distributed as a universal binary, but the iPad portion has not been revamped at this time. According to Sound Cloud, iPad updates are being worked on for a future release.

  • ‘Ariff

    Nooooo! Recording’s gone.. That was literally the only good point I had with Soundcloud as opposed to all the countless other mobile listening apps. 🙁 this feature was what separated it from everyone else

    • n4nd4

      use Audiocopy. it’s free on the AppStore.

    • IKR

  • Vishal Jain

    even though they took a lot of time for the redesign, they did a perfect job!.

  • Joe Rossignol

    Awesome news.

  • n4nd4

    great update. i’m a huge SoundCloud fan.

  • jack


  • MrDnQ

    Crashes on me. Think it’s because of iOS8 being on my device. I’m a SoundCloud user so looking forward to use it.

    • Tamahome5555

      It used to work on iOS 8. On older soundcloud

  • Armen Momejian ®

    This update is a fail because I can no longer add tracks to my playlists and see my followers via the app. On a positive note the interface is very nice.

    • Jennifer Howard-Smith

      Shit…I thought I was the only person having this issue. Is it true? They got rid of that feature? I only use this on my phone. ughness.

  • Jennifer Howard-Smith

    I don’t care about the recording issue, I care about the fact that I can’t add a track to a playlist from my iPhone anymore. Anyone help me with this? I can’t seem to find it.

    • farhang

      same problem !!! plz help us !!! :((

  • farhang

    how can i creat playlist PLZ HELP !

    • Armen Momejian ®

      For now you’ll have to do use your computer browser to create and edit playlists along with other functions.

  • Karim Sabry

    I can’t add any track to my playlist , how they can forget about this ! :

  • jasmine

    This Update is a total fail. I can No longer add tracks to my playlist. App also limits my playlist view from iphone, it wont open/load my entire playlist if it has more than certain number of songs in it.

  • Heather Ball Houston