Wikipad, the company behind last year’s interesting-but-not-very-successful Android gaming tablet, has announced a new accessory for iOS devices today. It’s called the Gamevice, and it’s a decked out MFi game controller made specifically for the iPad mini.

The Gamevice was actually announced earlier this year for Android and Windows 8 tablets, but it appears to now be an iOS exclusive. As you can see it features a 2-piece cradle design, with the iPad mini in the middle, and slightly resembles a Wii U gamepad…

Slide to play (via TouchArcade) reports:

The full spec controller has dual analog sticks, a d-pad, and eight buttons spread between two pieces that surround the ends of the iPad mini. On the pre-release model I saw the halves were connected together by a thick elastic band that allowed the controller halves to easily hold on to the iPad mini.

We have a partial list of games that support MFi controllers here, and are hoping Apple will release a master list soon. The company announced some new stuff at WWDC that could make iOS gaming, along with controllers and even the Apple TV, a lot more interesting.

ipad mini controller

There’s no word on pricing or release details, but the word is Wikipad is hoping to launch the controller before the holiday shopping season. If this looks like something you’d be interested in, you can sign up at the Gamevice site to get more details as they arrive.

  • BoardDWorld

    Yummy, I like the way they’ve matched the colours perfectly with the silver & white iPad mini.

  • Andy

    Should I get an iPad Air or iPad mini with retina display? I know the next iPad is coming out in a few months but I can save some money (I live in Europe and will be on holiday in Hong Kong) and I’m upgrading from an iPad 2. For example, a 32GB iPad Air with cellular is €699 in Europe but in HK I can get it for as low as €460.

    • Mike

      Well one thing’s for sure is that you’ll save money on the older model (in any case). If you’re fine with the specs of the iPad Air/Mini then just get it from HK. Upgrading from an iPad 2 to either iPads is already worth in terms of specs.

      So in the end, it’s up to you whether you want to spend some more on the next gen iPad or not.

      Depends on how you’re gonna use it too. iPad Mini would be good for me because it’s small enough for everyday usage and does not obstruct space in my backpack. The iPad Air is for people who like tablets in general, so the light weight factor is definitely a plus for many.

    • nazcorp

      I actually purchased the Air and returned it for the Mini Retina. The Air was about the same as the iPad 2 but when I considered the specs and resolution was pretty much the same, I liked the portability of the Retina Mini and I’m glad I did it. Coming from an iPad 2 it’s really a matter of taste and if you enjoy the more portable or larger device.

    • Eni

      i think that if u save 240€ take it, then sell the ipad two in europe and u save other 200€, and the new ipad will cost u like 260€. so if you then want to buy the new one after the release just sell this one and 100€ plus and buy the new one. i hope you understand me and helped to decide 🙂

  • Cameron Nelms

    Reminds me of the Wii U

  • Randy G Wheeler

    Does anyone know if they are making a new iPad mini retina this year? Any spec’s they might be hinting at?

    • nazcorp

      There’s rumored TouchID along with a specs bump A8. They might increase the RAM, NFC is a possibility and 802.11ac is likely.