iPhone 6 vs 5s (front part)

Judging by the growing number of part leaks coming our way, production of Apple’s iPhone 6 should be moving full steam ahead. Coming straight out of China from a pretty reliable source, past two weeks have brought us purported iPhone 6 back cover parts, as well as the inner shell.

Now the same source has posted additional shots depicting what appears to be a front as well as back iPhone part, photographed next to an iPhone 5s for a nice design comparison…

Pictured top of post: the front part comparison.

Notice the skinnier side bezels relative to the iPhone 5/5s and the smaller top/bottom surface due to the 4.-7 inch screen taking up more space.

Moreover, the hole for the front-facing camera appears to be bigger, possibly indicating a much improved FaceTime camera for crisper selfies.

The device doesn’t appear oversized pictured next to the current four-inch iPhone 5/5s so who knows, the design solutions might allow for one-handed use.

Right below: the back part.

iPhone 6 vs 5s (back part)

The shots were posted on Chinese micro-blogging service Weibo by user DreamerJimmy. The same guy has been right on the money with genuine part leaks ahead of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c launches, by the way.

Your key takeaway should be that these latest images seemingly corroborate much of the previous leaks.

Provided the photos are genuine and not representative of someone’s vision of what the iPhone 6 should look like (or an abandoned prototype), the iPhone 6 will have a more accentuated two-tone design compared to the iPhone 5/5s.

More images of the assumed aluminum chassis come via the French blog NowhereElse.fr [Google translate]. As seen below, the photographs appear to depict a back part much resembling Apple’s existing unibody design for the iPhone 5/5s chassis, with most of the holes and inlays in the right places.

iPhone 6 chassis (NowhereElse 002)iPhone 6 chassis (NowhereElse 001)

We can again see the circular camera flash hole as opposed to the current pill-shaped opening for Apple’s Tru-Tone flash on the iPhone 5s.

Either Apple’s engineers have found a way to combine the two flashes on the iPhone 5s into one module or the iPhone 6 reverts back to a single-flash design, which I find hard to believe.

At any rate, these images – provided they’re genuine, of course, do seem to indicate that production of iPhone 6 unibody enclosures is now running at full speed, ahead of the purported September launch.

Chinese media (via GForGames) reported yesterday that Apple’s suppliers have already started churning out printed circuit boards (PCB), with about a hundred million units planned for both iPhone variants.

Next month, Apple’s contract manufacturers are thought to start assembling components, with Japan’s Ibiden, Austria’s AT&S, California’s TTM Technologies and Taiwan’s Compeq all identified as the iPhone 6 PCB suppliers.

The same report claims that the aforementioned any-layer PCB suppliers are on a tight schedule because of the “huge amount of units” ordered by Apple.

We still can’t tell for sure whether or not the two new iPhone models will launch simultaneously, mirroring last year’s double-iPhone (5s/5c) launch.

Last we heard, Apple has apparently solved production issues regarding thin batteries and display panels for the bigger 5.5-inch model so there’s some hope that the device could go on sale in September alongside its 4.7-inch counterpart, albeit in limited quantities.

  • Cmlo_

    I really can’t wait and I absolutely love the design, I know people are going to hate and trash talk how much apple as failed and what not but in reality those will be the people getting it.

    • Foellarbear

      Anybody who talks trash about Apple is simply arrogant. At this point in the companies history you can’t argue that they have changed the way we use technology and the integration between devices. Not to mention infusing a simplistic yet sexy looking devices.

    • highNiggaPie

      Shit I hate the back but I will 100% be on that line to buy one hahahah

      • James Gunaca

        Felt the same way about the iPhone 5/5s design. I don’t like the two-tone at all and would much prefer a cleaner look like an iPad but I don’t give a damn, I want one.

  • Iphone5&sgse

    I hope the lines are not made of cheap plastic

    • therealjjohnson

      What is your definition of cheap plastic versus expensive/quality plastic?

      • Brian 

        Galaxy vs. iPhone 5C, lol.

      • James Gunaca

        He means it needs to be unapologetically plastic…you know, the kind Jony Ive raves about.

      • therealjjohnson


  • Paul M

    Im surprised no one mentioned the “iPhone 6” display to me looks raised/curved in the first picture. In the second picture comparing to the rear iphone 5S the “6” again looks raised off the table.

    • Christopher

      Maybe the thicker sapphire display? hopefully (and hopefully not as its might make the iPhone a bit more overpriced)

  • Dislike the two tone back of the iPhone 6

    • Jeffrey

      You mean the glass strips? they have to place glass strips on the back because glass works as an antenna, aluminum doesn’t.

      • gary

        The glass doesn’t act as an antenna, it serves as an area for the radio signal to pass through the case to the antenna underneath.

      • Jeffrey

        That’s what I mean obviously… Doesn’t have to be so specific.

    • Osama Muhammed

      all leaks are showing gold one, i saw one leak of black iphone 6 with those back-lines and it was beautiful

  • Arsanny Lintang

    i only buy iPhone 6s when 7s is coming out…

  • jp2002

    Seems thinner than the iPhone 5s to me. More of iPod touch 5th gen form factor, with a bigger screen.

    • Brian 

      This must be your first search on iPhone 6 leaks lol…

  • Dan

    I don’t like the back plate

  • Tony

    The design to me isn’t good at all but then again I use a case on all my devices so I really won’t notice it. The more I think about the flash the more I believe they did find a way to put both in one circle. Obviously my drawing is in paint but you get the idea, 2 circle flashes that would ignite at the same point or one with a delay and the other right away. Who knows, but I’m interested to see how they did it. Just hoping the camera is better then the previous 2 generations.

  • Jeffrey

    My opinion: it’s either fake or a mockup. The front camera is too large, the flash light is too yellow and there is no ‘iPhone’ text, which is present on all of Apple’s official prototypes. Also I personally hate the (as far as I can see) sticking out camera, the super thin bezels, the length of the screen and the bold glass.

    • Andrius

      It’s obviously not finished product in the picture.

      • Jeffrey

        I know I know thats why I said it’s either a fake or a mockup.

    • therealjjohnson

      Its just a shell. The yellow is probably either something on the inside of the shell or just the background.

      • Jeffrey

        A flash is yellow…. the iPhone flashlights normally just are a lot less yellow.

  • Micky Ganon

    IPhone 5S is much more beautiful

  • Tobias9413

    I bet the black version looks sexy!

  • Fevostone

    All these leaks I tell ya wot I want to know if apple are going to sort the badly made cheap yes I said cheap lighting cable I’m sick of buying them for the family they last like 5 mins

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      I take mine to apple for free replacement.

      • Fevostone

        Not so easy for me pal the apple shop is about 45 mile away from me cheaper to buy one of e bay LOL

      • They actually replace them? I’m kinda pissed that I took a knife and solder iron to mine just get it to work until the new one arrived. God damn it

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Yeah I didn’t know either. I happened to have it in my pocket when I went to apple and told them mine frayed and stopped working as I was purchasing. They asked if I had it with me and just swapped them out.

  • I like the shape of the new iPhone, but I will always be in love with the 5/s design on the back. There is no such guilty pleasure on design for me. Don’t know if it is the aluminum + the glass on the 5 or the antennas that break my passion on the iPhone 6

  • utsav koju

    Is apple copying the design language of HTC One. Back design is alike to htc one. It seems like apple has stop funding on R&D. They are copying os from android, tweaks from jailbreak community and now the design from HTC. Holly Crap.

    • Brian 

      You mean the way HTC One copied the 2-tone back of the iPhone 5? And then just happened to come out with a gold version after the iPhone 5S was released, along with a variant HTC One that has a fingerprint sensor? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Uhm, the HTC Desire Z has had that since 2010 dude…nice try though.

      • Brian 

        Uhm, we were talking about the htc ONE, and that one does not resemble the 2-tone back with lines coming across like the HTC One that copied Apple’s design. Along with those other key selling points of the iPhone 5S. Nice try though

      • So, ’cause it wasn’t from the HTC One, it means that it’s original from Apple? Such dingbat-logic you have. Unless you’ve been brainwashed by the Apple reality distortion field, those other two “selling points” of the iPhone ain’t original either…nice try though.

        Regardless of originality, they were most definitely what motivated HTC and other competitors to make gold versions of their phones and add a fingerprint scanner. Just like Android was most definitely a motivation for Apple to make iOS more flexible.

      • Brian 

        Well see, if you had actually read the comment that I was replying to you would know that we were specifically referring to the iPhone copying the HTC One. In which I made my point that the HTC One lineup clearly copied iPhone in design, including fingerprint sensor. So you’re argument is irrelevant sorry

      • Well he was talking of the iPhone 6 copying the HTC One M7’s back design, which is obvious. Then you came talking that the HTC One M7 is a copy of previous iPhone design. Then I came talking that that previous iPhone design is a copy of previous HTC design.

        So, unless you have a hard time comprehending English, my reply is just as relevant as yours.

      • Brian 

        To bad the HTC Desire’s design looks NOTHING like the iPhone 5 or newer though, so where does that leave your argument? Lol

      • Neither does the HTC One look anything like the iPhone 5 or newer (prior to iPhone 6), so where does that leave your point? Nice try though…

    • n0ahcruz3

      Htc one is the product of htc and apple cross licensing. Thats why u dont see apple suing htc even tho the htc one has a similar design to the iphone.

      • RyanB

        Plus the HTC One comes with Beats audio so it’s conceivable Apple would have been/will be keeping a close eye on this handsets sales.

      • utsav koju

        I don’t know why you people are saying HTC one looks simalar to iphone 5 or 5s. if it was because of the use of metal then iphone 5c is copied from samsung as it has used same material as used by samsung. I am not talking about suing or something like that. I am saying about the innovation. Look at the iphone 5s, HTC One and iphone 6 mockup all side by side. And tell me which two looks same of the kind.
        Don’t go for material used. Go for Design language.

  • Hak

    I believe that whatever Apple announces, the general public and most techies will be glad with it, no matter the screen size or design. Apple makes it (usually) right no matter what. Not fanboying or anything, but judging by what I’ve seen in feedback for the past 4 iPhones, people have liked it no matter what the flaws.

  • rockdude094

    What happened to the duel flash ? Im a belieber tho 😛

    • Belieber? What does you over-zealous fanaticism for Jusin Bieber have to with anything?

      • rockdude094

        Autocorrect my bad

      • James Gunaca

        Autocorrect to belieber? That must mean you type it elsewhere frequently 😉

  • jamster440

    curved looks horrible on a white phone

  • Sokrates

    looks fake to me… the front part of the alleged iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to fit with the round edges of the back part…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Most hideous iphone yet imho. But as long as it gives excellent battery life, faster processor, good camera then im a happy camper. Its what under the hood that matters.

  • Matt

    I still this it looks hideous.

  • James Gunaca

    Please, September, start tomorrow. I don’t care about the Summer, I want a new iPhone. lol

  • Man, i rather see more width than length..

  • Qasim

    I hope that huge ass sapphire production of apple somehow
    Makes the appearance here in iphone 6 and not just in the regular screen form but a totally new kinda design like a sapphire slab and a very thin back piece concealing the battery and the insides

  • jack

    fake and terrible if it were real

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I can’t wait to see the finished product because I’m sure it won’t look like an eye sore. I’ll give this photo a break though, it is just a “leak”, so we shouldn’t critique Apple based on an unfinished product.

  • James Allen

    I bet about 99% of people have a case over there IPhone. So the back doesn’t bother me

  • Hyr3m

    Apple – How to take a bad-looking design and make it even worse.

  • Sam Draper

    I hope that isnt it, the back looks really cheap and tacky. Love the size though.