iOS 8 Notes (iPhone screenshot 003)iOS 8 Notes (iPhone screenshot 002)

Here’s another nice-to-have in iOS 8: you can finally add photos to your documents in the Notes app.

This is yet another small but very appreciated improvement in a long list of useful enhancements that haven’t gotten any air time during Apple’s keynote, or even deserved a mention on Apple’s iOS 8 webpage for that matter.

Earlier in the day, I told you about a new Today summary and 10-day forecast in the stock iOS 8 Weather app, the ability to hide images in the Photos app and Apple’s use of the power-sipping M7 chip and motion sensors for accurate indoor positioning in iOS 8

Hat tip to iDownloadBlog reader @r0nix who tipped us about this on Twitter.

As evidenced on the screenshots top of post, just tap and hold to bring up the contextual menu and then tap on the new Insert Photo option.

This will bring up the standard iOS photo picker. After choosing and eventually scaling a desired photo, it will get inserted into your note at the current cursor position.

Another iOS 8 Notes improvement: it supports rich text editing so you can now style your notes by making individual characters, words or whole passages of text italicized, bolded and underlined.

That’s in stark contract to Notes in iOS 7, which supports plain text editing only.

It’s worth mentioning that you can use Notes for Mavericks to create rich text notes for added emphasis and be assured that iOS 7 will render bold, italics and underline highlights properly.

  • August Ebbesen

    A function where I can put at passcode on my notes would be useful!

    • Leave that to the Jailbreak 😉

      • August Ebbesen

        With IOS8, i do not see the point of jailbreaking, sorry 😀

      • coLin

        thats true

      • rockdude094

        Ios 8 + jailbreak would be perfect actually

      • diggitydang

        I always see a point with jailbreaking… But the gap has narrowed considerably with iOS 8, for sure.

      • édith Dupont

        That’s why I need 2 ios devices : my unjailbroken iphone and my jailbroken iPad

      • highNiggaPie

        you’re bugging every year everyone says the need to jailbreak decreases but every time apple comes out with some new half ass feature the jailbreak scene enhances it and adds to it to make it perfect…. there will always be a need to jailbreak because jailbreak apps are always being developed

      • August Ebbesen

        What I’m trying to say, is that IOS8 covers my needs. I do not need any jailbreak to feel better about my iPhone. Thats why I did not buy a android.

    • édith Dupont

      Ios 8 is really very huge … Can’t guess what will they find out next

  • David Gitman

    now that is neat 😛

  • abhi0n0nakul

    can someone please register my udid, im student in india no paypal and no credit card


    • highNiggaPie

      Stop posting ur udid the right person could use it to ur disadvantage

      • haha, I think this pic will show up every time another dude asks for udid registration

  • hkgsulphate


  • Andy

    So they finally made the Notes app useful.

  • coLin


  • rockdude094

    Can ios 8 also cure diseases ? There are new features found everyday lol

  • Shouldn’t it say “Notes” in the top left hand corner?

  • Sachin

    Time to update the ultimate notes guide. Haha. 😛

  • mlee19841

    sweet… sidenote for the people that installed ios 8. I saw the quick reply feat when you pull down on the notification when it pops up. When the message goes away and you have to pull down on the notification bar. When u tap on the message does it still come up with the quick reply or it opens the app you were replying to?? thanks

  • 0ʇılouɐɯ

    Christian, personally I think this is another GREAT (and Not small improvement) in a long list of useful enhancements!! I wish QR and barcode integration in the camera too!! 🙂

  • Images constantly disappear from Notes within a few days. So a full day of inserting or pasting notes goes to waster a day later when they’re replaced with an image of a paper clip indication the image is not available. Absolutely frustrating.