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Being a heavy user of Share sheets in iOS 7, I’ve always felt that something needed to be done about the growing number of icons cluttering these menus, especially given third-party apps are allowed to add additional ‘Open In’ choices to Share sheets.

As part of its extensibility mantra, Apple has said that third-party apps are now finally allowed to install their own hooks to the multipurpose iOS 8 Share menus, making it a lot easier to add new sharing functionality system-wide.

But as installing these extensions is bound to quickly populate Share sheets, iOS 8 allows you to easily arrange Share sheet icons and even tell the operating system which extensions are available through Share sheets…

In addition to a minor cosmetic change that removes the black border around the icons in Share sheets, you can now customize the layout by tapping a brand new More button.

This takes you to a new section titled Activities where you can manually rearrange the order of third-party Share Extensions. This newly found customization capability extends to Apple’s own stock controls as well, like Copy, AirPlay, Print, Use as Wallpaper and more.

iOS 8 (Share sheet customization 004)

This’ll let you disable any stock or third-party Share item you don’t use.

And by dragging specific items at the top of the list, so they’re immediately available from the Share sheet, you won’t have to scroll through additional choices in order to choose often-used actions from your Share sheet.

This is one of the easily overlooked features in iOS 8 that I think will become tremendously popular as developers start bringing their own share functionality to these menus.

Why else is this important?

For starters, it makes iOS 8 more customizable and that’s a refreshing change.

And as Apple’s iOS 8 SDK now allows programmers to introduce their own Share sheet extensions, according to the iOS 8 App Extensions documentation, it’s pretty clear that Share sheets could get cluttered with dozens of items.

WWDC 2014 keynote (Share sheet extensions 001)

Come this Fall, iOS 8 apps will be able to create extensions to enable specific Share sheet tasks.

These Share Extensions will be distribute on the App Store – not standalone, but as part of app binaries. For example, the Pinterest app optimized for iOS 8 will add its own share functionality to Share sheets, as evidenced on the above slide screenshoted from the keynote.

Installing such apps from the App Store will automatically integrate an accompanying Share Extensions for system-wide use in any app through the multipurpose Share sheets.

So, how do you like customizable Share sheets in iOS 8?

Screenshots top of post via AppleInsider.

  • Mini Apple Genius

    Quick question. Is there any new dynamic wallpapers in iOS 8?

    • Thiago Vaccaro

      Not in beta 1.

    • Sebastián Junca 

      Not in this beta

      • Mini Apple Genius


      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Probably in the GM version they’ll put the new dynamic wallpapers, just like they did with iOS 7.

      • Julio Cesar

        Maybe new dynamic wallpapers will popout in the AppStore as extensions…

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Dude, if this happens, i’ll cry lol

    • Rami Tabaa

      Apple should make the new wallpaper dynamic. It would looks awesome with bubbles coming up with water and sunlight rays moving!

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    I’m impressed with what Apple is doing with iOS 8… They are clearly opening the system to kill the competitors. Nice, Apple!

    • Mini Apple Genius

      I love it!

    • Jeffrey

      And a lot of jailbreak tweaks!:) I think I’m not even going to jailbreak my iPhone after this great update!

      • Agreed again. I am done on jailbreaking. Pretty happy with iOS 8 and its changes.

      • Jeffrey

        Yup! Me too for sure! With all these unimaginable new features iOS 8 brings us, I don’t see the point in jailbreaking anymore:)

      • The jailbreak will be around us as long as iOS is alive. Long live jailbreak!

      • Jeffrey

        That’s definitely true, I don’t deny that, I’m just saying the amount of jailbreakers will only decrease from now on.

  • Crazy one

    Woah, today iDB has a lot of news about ios 8. All these feature are amazing, i love it

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I concur. The team at iDB may not be as big as the larger blogs but they’ve done an excellent job covering all of the news. Especially @JoeRossignol:disqus that’s done an excellent job filling in for @JeffBenjam:disqus IMO…

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah iDB is great! iDB and 9To5Mac are the only blogs I follow and iDB is definitely the greatest Apple blog so far!

  • Jonathan Curtis

    This is one of the coolest new features in my opinion. It has a lot of potential 🙂

  • Piyush

    Third party photo editing extension seems to be nice as well!

  • Luigi

    Hey Guys, im using beta on Iphone 4S and i installed yosemite on my mac, and the continuity thing doesn’t work between them, i do get sms green bubbles tho on messagens but the phones calls nope, i think it might be because of the 4S not having airdrop… so the iphone 4S users don’t get too excited…

    • Leonard Wong

      There is a reason it is called beta software.
      Not all features announce are implement yet

      • Luigi

        i get the sms green bubbles, but i can’t reply to them tho… only from the phone… it never sends the text because it gets stuck trying to to send it like an Imessage… has anyone else tested it?

      • RarestName

        Check out the action menu for Chinese words (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Highlight a few Chinese words and then bring up the action menu!

    • Luigi

      Im guessing that the jailbreak community has to resolve that one…

      • Jeffrey

        I don’t think a jailbreak only can fix that, the feature has to be implemented into OS X, and with this OS X beta version it’s not implemented yet… Sadly… It’s one of the best OS X 10.10 feature.

    • Ethan Humphrey

      I don’t think 4s gets all of the features of iOS 8

      • Jeffrey

        Not all, but definitely this one. This beta of OS X just doesn’t have the feature yet.

      • Jason Baroni

        True, Jeff. Apple made it clear that Continuity does not depend Air Drop to work, and it becomes pointless if you have a super new Mac or iPad and not the ability to continue it on your iPhone 4S.
        Besides, I think the lack of functions is ok, because I have seen iOS 8 on the 4S and it is smooth. Slow, but smooth. Never compared with the iPhone 4 + iOS 7.

      • Luigi

        true, im running beta one on my 4S, and yes it’s a little laggy witch is to expect but defenetly usable…. I remember, compared with ios 7 beta one that thing was crazy, using 3G it heated up like crazy and batery life was a nightmare, i had to charge it every six hours or so, but this one is not so bad:-) i thought even yosemite on beta they would have those feauters working… Was just woundering if anyone on a 5s could check it worked on there setup with a mac

      • It is good for what it is. If you take the iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1, it bugs even more than the 8 beta 1 on iPhone 4S. And if you consider Apple will improve even more it on the 4S and so, man, it is amazing!

      • Jeffrey

        Exactly! It’s a good thing Apple doesn’t give all their new features to all the devices, it makes the new iPhones more attractive. When iOS 7 beta 1 came out, I immediately installed it on my iPhone 4, downgraded the same day hahah:P

  • College

    Can Someone please post the Share Sheet in Safari on iOS 8 please?

  • Mohammed

    It’s about time iOS allowed third party sharing. This feature and the addition of third party keyboards might be enough to tempt me to switch back to iPhone from android.

  • James Gunaca

    Another obsolete jailbreak extension. Thanks Apple!

  • WhizZz

    Found something: Ask Siri if she could translate something 😀

  • Nabil El Hajjouti

    I’m liking iOS 8 more and more.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Now, forgive me if this was part of iOS 7 and I completely missed it… but take a look at a satellite view of Apple’s Maps application. Pretty nice stuff!

    • Steve R.

      The Mac version of Maps does this, but I’ve never seen it on iOS 7 before.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Check this out on Maps. Forgive me if this already existed, but I don’t remember it.

  • Milo Venables

    The iOS 8 update just released and how do I upload my photo from the share sheet to Vsco Cam? Right now only see Tumblr. Will there be an update?