Tweetbot 3

The Tapbots issued updates for their Tweetbot Twitter clients on iOS last night, bringing the iPhone app to version 3.3.2 and the iPad version to 2.8.8. Both change logs note that these are critical updates, and that older versions of Tweetbot will soon stop working.

The developers published a post on their blog to better explain the situation, noting that folks from Twitter’s Platform Operations group contacted them a few weeks ago asking them to make a small change in the way that Tweetbot talks with the Twitter API…

From the Tapbots blog:

A couple weeks ago Twitter’s Platform Operations group contacted us and asked us to make a small change to the way Tweetbot communicates with the Twitter API. This change will have no affect on the way Tweetbot works, however two things will occur once this change goes live. All versions of Tweetbot prior to 2.8.8 or 3.2.2 will stop working and you may need to log into your account again. So make sure you are running the latest versions of the app and be prepared to authenticate your account once more. We will be coordinating with Twitter to make the final change on May 29th at 10 A.M. PST. Stay up to date via our @tweetbot account. Thanks for your continued support!

That Twitter would ask the Tapbots to make such a change isn’t surprising. The social network has long enforced strict rules regarding how third-party clients interact with its API, including the limiting of authentication tokens a few years ago, which caused quite an uproar.

Anyway, if you happen to be a Tweetbot user, you’ll definitely want to make sure your iPhone and iPad apps are up-to-date this weekend—at this time it doesn’t look like the Mac client is included. You can find both of the apps in the App Store for $4.99 and $2.99 respectfully.

  • Gabriel Diaz

    But whyyyy

    • Chris

      Why what? The update will allow the app to continue working as intended when Twitter activate the update in the very near future.

    • David Villamizar

      Because twitter has an API and Tweetbot has to develop for it, since they don’t own twitter…

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Why would they update the iPad app without redesigning it? Even if Twitter makes changes and Tweetbotbneeds changing as a result it would still be nice to see a redesign along with these under-the-hood changes

    • Andy

      I’m not sure why they haven’t redesigned the iPad app yet. It’s not like it functions totally differently on iPhone and iPad either – it’s going to use a lot of the same code. For example, Twitterrific is a universal app that works for both iPad and iPhone. The layout and functionality is essentially the same, with the difference that in the iPad version, you can dock a side bar for quick access to different sections (Twitter feed, my tweets, etc.).

  • AppleAnalist

    I used to really respect Tapbots and had no problem paying for iOS 7 update to tweetbot3 but it’s pretty sad that they still haven’t updated the iPad app. Totally slack IMO

    • Chris

      Where is Tweetbot 3 for iPad?

      Not done yet, we’ve spent the last 4 months focusing solely on iPhone. We’ll start looking at iPad soon but we have no time frame for when it’ll be completed, other than when it’s ready. Hopefully the wait for Tweetbot 3 for iPhone shows that we only release software when it’s done.

      Maybe you should read there blog, there is a difference between someone who is slack and someone who spends the time to make something work the way it should.

      • Andy

        That was posted in October 2013. It’s now May 2014, what’s the excuse now?

      • Chris

        That wasn’t an excuse, they simply said they have no timeline for an iPad update at this time, considering iOS 8 will be announced soon Tapbots are most likely waiting for it.

        I’m a developer myself, I understand how long it can take to build an app especially if you’re the only one working on it, it’s not as simple as it looks from the outside.

    • JimGresham

      I wouldn’t necessarily call them slack, but I have been very disappointed in the time it is taking to produce the TweetBot iPad update. Granted, they took their time with the iPhone version and it is great! …I am doubtful the new iPad version will be impressive enough to justify a year long wait.

      I appreciate the attention to detail and have happily spent money on all versions (iPhone/iPad/Desktop), but wish they would have divided and conquered the updates.

      Just think, once OS X is updated this summer…. will we have to wait another year for TweetBot to get a desktop upgrade too?

      • AppleAnalist

        Totally Jim by the time they release it ios 8 will be out. Meanwhile other twitter clients have released universal ios 7 versions like twitterific and are leaving teetbot behind. I’m sticking by calling them slack when many other quality apps have been updated many times over since ios 7 came out. People b*tch and cry over Jailbreak devs like A3Tweaks only just now releasing updates when these guys don’t run businesses around their products and many of the devs are still at school. Tapbots are a company that have rested on their laurels and produced diddly squat for their floundering iPad version.

      • Al

        You can’t even blame Tapbots…. People are still purchasing Tweetbot for the iPad. I’m beyond shocked Tweetbot is still the best selling paid app of Twitter for the iPad according to the Social Network Category.

        Developers get an early look at iOS 7 before the public, I find there is no excuse for an update to the iOS 7. Knowing they have a high demand for it, I honestly do not understand it at all.

        At this point I’m expecting the update to iOS 7 to do everything known to man…

  • LuisFRocha

    Respectfully or respectively?

  • Héctor Viveros

    It’s only for iOS apps. I may suppose doesn’t affect Mac version?

  • leart

    The icon is some how more pallid…
    And this forced update its strange

  • Adan

    Or just don’t don’t use it. They are terrible developers. Convertbot hasn’t been updated for FOUR years… doesn’t even support iPhone 5/5s widescreen. FAIL

  • And4y

    please some 1 gift me tweetbot app. I’m looking so long to this one come.

  • chris125

    Wonder if they will make everyone have to buy it again when IOS8 comes out like they did when IOS7 came out

    • Adan

      Most likely

      • chris125

        I figured. Honestly I like twitterific better, and they seem a little better with updates and actually communicating with people.