ActiveBoard 01

The just released ActiveBoard is the successor to iOS 6’s ActiveDock jailbreak tweak. It allows you to quickly identify active applications without opening the App Switcher.

The tweak, which is again designed by Surenix and developed by Filippo Bigarella, is a bit more ambitious than its predecessor. Whereas ActiveDock only applied to the applications running in the iOS 6 dock, ActiveBoard, as its name so implies, can influence all app icons on the entire iOS 7 SpringBoard.

Not only does ActiveBoard identify running applications, but it can help you to quickly identify apps with awaiting notifications. Have a look at our video walkthrough after the break to see ActiveBoard in motion.

Once you install ActiveBoard, there are no options to configure and you should immediately spot its influence on your device’s SpringBoard. Running applications receive a white glowing perimeter, while applications with notifications receive a red glowing border along with a native 3D zoom animation. Killing a running app and/or clearing its notifications will stop ActiveBoard from influencing the app icon in question.

ActiveBoard is a tweak with a simple premise, and one could argue that it does its job relatively well. Personally, I find that it makes my already busy-looking device look even busier. It gives me a feeling that “stuff is happening” and I need to attend to it quickly.

To help eliminate the hectic feeling, Surenix recommends using an additional jailbreak tweak to remove the stock badge notifications. While this would go a long way in simplifying the Home screen, I believe that this option should have been built into ActiveBoard itself.

ActiveBoard 2

ActiveBoard eschews adding a preference panel to the stock Settings app, but doing so means that users can’t manage the individual aspects of the tweak. If I had the option, I’d quickly disable the red pulsating icons that are used to signify apps with waiting notifications.

I know a lot of people think that I automatically love anything that passes my desk with the name Surenix, Sentry, or Filippo stamped on it, but that’s just not the case, and this is one example. While the tweak will surely appeal to some users, it’s not something that I could see myself personally using on a long-term basis.

I understand that the changes to the dock design in iOS 7 was a major factor in Filippo and Surenix’s decision to expand the tweak to affect all applications on the Springboard, but I think that from a usability standpoint, this has had a negative effect on the tweak. If you have a lot of running apps and pending notifications, your entire SpringBoard will look like something from the Starship Enterprise.

Of course, that’s just my thoughts on the matter, and you ultimately may disagree. With that in mind, if you’re a current ActiveDock owner, ActiveBoard is free of charge. However, if you’re new to the concept of ActiveBoard/ActiveDock, then you’ll be asked to pony up $1.99 via the BigBoss repo.

What do you think about ActiveBoard? Do you have a place for it in your day-to-day workflow? Sound off in the comments section down below.

  • Varun Soi

    Very nyc tweak looks gud.!

    • Framboogle

      Learn how to spell

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        He’s using acronyms 😛

        “Very New York City tweak looks great under daylight”

      • f96lrs

        r u the spelling police

      • Varun Soi

        Hey framboogle go and search you’r mother in google..fucking judgemental people trying to be smart poor asshole!

      • Framboogle

        How did you know I’m a smart, poor, asshole? Did my mother tell you?

      • JulianF

        That last comma should not be there.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    I preferred ActiveDock too. Here’s to hoping a classic mode comes in an update (or an update to ActiveDock)…

  • Merman123

    That looks a bit ugly :/

  • jgr627

    Isn’t it bad on the battery to kill all running apps? So this tweak is kind of promoting to harm ur battery but nice work anyways

  • deepdvd

    Get Background Manager instead. It doesn’t just tell you what’s running, and is FAR more useful. Plus it costs half as much.

  • Bosco

    Agreed. Way too busy. Plus the icons don’t look good with the pulse effect.

    I have enough areas (lockscreen, NC, banners etc) telling me what’s going on.

    I almost always know what’s running in the background and using Auxo 2’s quick switcher, you’re almost always aware of what is running.

  • Shingo

    a bit laggy if more than 4/5 icons pulsing….

  • jocastro

    meh tweak

  • Alan

    This really heats up your phone

    • jp2002

      core animation in full swing 🙂

  • Tunay YILMAZ

    I define this tweak with two words. “Total disappointment”.

  • Raúl Díez Martín

    So useful

  • Jason Dieter

    Whats with the lack of settings? Not everyone has the same needs for particular tweaks. First Auki (which now has a settings pane I realize, but didn’t initially), now ActiveBoard. If I wanted to have zero input on the way I modify a tweak, I would have stuck with a stock Apple device. Also, I think ActiveDock was so much better. The idea is cool and everyone likes shiny pretty lights, but this doesn’t deliver for me. Thats just my 2 cents.

    • Miky

      bro try tweak bouncenotify


  • ins0mniac1

    This tweak has potential, but it really needs:

    1. An option to disable the red pulsing.
    2. An option to remove the default red badges.
    3. A Settings panel.

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    i’m someone who hardly closes any app open, so my question is how much battery does it kill?

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      Its very very bad Ismail. I had to unistall. Even though is very cool. It killed my battery within 3 1/2 hrs

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        WHAT?? thank god i didnt buy it thanks 😀

  • Dan

    It’s neat but not worth paying for IMO. I’d probably uninstall it after a few hours

  • habib

    In iOS 7, updated apps get a dot next to their names (to the left of the name IIRC). Why not give the option for that except to the opposite side?