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No, Apple is not intentionally trying to make life tougher for its former users who switched to another smartphone brand.

According to a statement a company spokesperson issued to Re/code, a fix for the issue with texts not being properly delivered to people who switched away from the iPhone is in the works.

Apple says a two-fold nature of the problem requires changes on the server end, as well as fixes to iOS, to be delivered in “a future software update”

Re/code has this statement from Apple’s PR:

We recently fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users, and we have an additional bug fix in a future software update. For users still experiencing an issue, please contact AppleCare.

The issue blew up after disgruntled customers took to Apple’s Support forums to voice their disdain with Apple’s handling of the situation.

As we told you earlier this week, the iMessage purgatory syndrome manifests itself with text messages not being delivered to an unknown portion of former Apple customers who switched away from the iPhone while leaving iMessage enabled.

As the iMessage backend would not disassociate a user’s iMessage account from his or her Apple ID, the system would automatically deliver text messages from other iPhone users as iMessages.

The problem is, non-Apple platforms are unable to receive iMessages. Also, the sender’s Messages app would mark such messages with a ‘Delivered’ receipt, as though everything were working as expected.

This is a long-standing issue and Apple is even being sued over it by a California woman who is now seeking class-action status for a suit against the iPhone maker.

One of the possible remedies includes removing your phone number from iMessage after selling your iPhone, using the My Support Profile on Apple’s website, as our own Joe Rossignol explained in this how-to article.

  • Rowan09

    So the people who filed lawsuits will drop their cases now?

    • Probably not; now that Apple has forced their hand, they’ll go through with it to give apple a tap on the wrist.

  • Framboogle

    Dude you forgot to Capitalize the first word in your article

    • fixed

    • totempole90

      Dude, you forgot to put a comma after the word ‘Dude’, and a period at the end of the sentence.

      • Framboogle

        What were you saying?

      • Vitaliy Anonymous

        He was telling that you are a grammar nazi. Also, you don’t capitalize the word “Capitalize” if it is not the first word.

      • Framboogle


  • Donovan

    Or, they could notify people to turn it off when they are not going to use it. When you switch phones, you’re not going to use it anymore. Problem solved.

    • Shawn

      Problem was that doing that didn’t work for many. Problem not solved.

      • Donovan

        “[…] unknown portion of former Apple customers who switched away from the iPhone while leaving iMessage enabled.”

        Leaving iMessage enabled. If you turn it off, the problem is solved. That’s what I meant. I might have not made that completely clear, but what i meant was that Apple should tell people to turn iMessage off if they won’t use it anymore. Then, if you don’t do it, it’s your own fault.

      • Shawn

        That still doesn’t always work. I have to switch between platforms A lot and most of the time even when I turn iMessage off it takes about 1-2 weeks for me to start getting text messages. I’ve started to just leave iMessage off when using iOS. So no. Turning it off before switching doesn’t always work.

      • Donovan

        Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought the problem was people not turning it off. Altleast, that’s what I read (multiple sites, not just here). But I never experianced it, so I wouldn’t know.

      • Snailpo

        Yeah I have disabled imessage and deleted my number off of it. I’ve even Contacted apple support and and they took me through the whole process. And I still have the issue

  • I knew it; it takes suing Apple for them to pay attention, otherwise, they’ll just keep acting like a deaf wall…

  • James Gunaca

    Another solution to this problem: iMessage for Android.