Canopy iOS 7

Where do I start? That’s the first thing that you’ll probably think to yourself after installing Canopy for iOS 7. The original Canopy succeeded in supercharging Safari, filling it with tons of practical new features, and this new version of Canopy for iOS 7 does likewise.

How does adding open in Chrome support sound? Or what about a quick paste and go option like Chrome for the desktop? How about adding quick translation features or accessing recently closed pages? You can do all of that with Canopy for iOS 7 and more.

Most of Canopy’s features are enabled and ready to go right out of the box, but there is a preference panel that contains some of the settings and additional pieces of information. Canopy is so feature rich that its preferences contain a list of the things you can do with the tweak. Here are some of the settings that you will find:

  • Open in Chrome button in sharing menu
  • Paste and Paste and go are now inline with the address bar
  • Prevent bottom navigation bar from hiding on scroll
  • Translate pages
  • Quickly switch between settings/Safari
  • Prevent navigation bar from hiding when scrolling in portrait
  • Long press bookmarks, history, reading list and social tabs to reveal new options
  • Close all pages
  • Add all pages to reading list/bookmarks
  • Insert search suggestions without submitting
  • Add Home page shortcuts and enable/disable full screen mode

Needless to say, that’s a ton of new settings, and you probably won’t use all of them. But, if you’re like me, you’ll surely find a couple of favorite features from this massive list.

My favorite features are the inline paste and go for the address bar, and the address bar search suggestion inserts without submitting. I also like the ability to translate pages, which is useful for viewing Apple blogs from other countries.

So even if you only use a few features, Canopy makes good on its value at only $1.99 on the BigBoss repo. If you’re a big Safari proponent and you’re jailbroken, then you should definitely take this tweak for a spin. What do you think?

  • Varun Soi

    Now safari should be called safari pro.

  • Al

    If this tweak had the ability to request Desktop Version… I’ll be really interested in purchasing it.

    Only reason I have Chrome is for that very reason.

    • Toni

      I use User Agent Faker for that ( think thats the name) It also has a flipswitch. Works quite well

      • Al

        Thanks for the tip. Never knew this existed.

  • Brian Brown

    I honestly thought it wasnt a jailbreak tweak …

  • Damian

    No full screen ? No deal

    • Jonathan

      Fullscreen will be coming soon in the next update

      • Damian

        Thank you. I have been waiting for this feature for months. Don’t know why all the tweaks for safari have been abandoned after iOS 6

      • disqusted

        This may seem to be a stupid question to you, but I was going to get Canopy and I don’t see anything about arm64 / iPhone 5s support. I’m kinda presuming it does, but if all extensions worked with arm64 by default, then why do devs even bother to put this info in Cydia descriptions? Just want to know if this will run fine. I only have about 5-6 Cydia things installed and they’re already making a relatively new phone act like shit, stuttering when scrolling and etc. This is only why I worry and question. I don’t code in Obj-C or for iOS/OSX in general, so I’m ignorant to the compilers and differences if there are any (from PC)…

  • James Gunaca

    Incredible tweak. Apple, please watch!