Samsung June 12 event (invitation 002)

As Apple has launched zero products this year, its main rival Samsung Mobile has scheduled a tablet-focused media event for Thursday, June 12, 2014.

The invite-only Samsung Galaxy Premier 2014 event will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, which can seat 18,000 people.

The invite graphics adorned with the Tab Into Color tagline indicates that the company might be on the verge of unveiling its tablet series in colors, perhaps?

The event will be live-streamed on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube Channel.

Colors or not, Samsung is bound to unveil new Galaxy Tabs at the event and if the venue is anything to go by, it’ll be a lavish event on par with the theatrical Galaxy S4 launch last year.

Samsung Mobile head J.K. Shin in an interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier this morning confirmed that the event will serve as a launchpad for new tablets.

Samsung will launch a new line of tablets for the first time in New York on June 12 at Madison Square Garden as it attempts to catch up to rivals like Apple Inc.

He also said Samsung shipped 11 million Galaxy S5 smartphones since the handset’s launch last month.

An FCC certification filing from yesterday has suggested that one of the new devices slated for the June 12 unveiling could be a new Galaxy Tab S with a 10.5-inch screen using AMOLED technology, although some outlets are mentioning a massive 13.3-inch display.

SamMobile thinks specs will include Samsung’s octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM clocked at either 1.3 or 1.9GHz. The ultra high-resolution screen should offer a 2,560-by-1,600 pixel resolution. The device is said to ship with Android 4.4.2 KitKat pre-installed and offer Samsung’s TouchWiz Magazine UX user interface.

Samsung first ventured into a large-screened tablet territory with the January 2014 announcement of the Galaxy Tab Pro series of 12-inch tablets.

Apple is rumored to be working on a larger iPad Pro device featuring a screen measuring 12.9 inches diagonally. If such a device is indeed in the works, the rumored iOS 8 split-screen multitasking feature (landscape only) should fit the bigger canvas perfectly.

We’ll keep you posted on Samsung’s June 12 event and will let you know of any new devices launched. The South Korean conglomerate also has another media event scheduled just days before Apple’s iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 focused WWDC, which kicks off with a keynote on June 2.

What say you?

Should Apple do a larger iPad or is a 13-inch screen too close to the notebook territory?

  • Virus

    It’s going to be garbage

    • Your Mother

      like iMessage, iMaps and the dozen or so hardware and software problems plaguing all model iPhones since 2010.

  • Framboogle

    “as it attempts to catch up to rivals like Apple Inc”

    Haha nice try but no.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Nice try but yes. Ever since Apple started using 64 bit processors the entire mobile and tablet industry has been playing catch up and there are many accounts that confirm this. Apple caught the industry off guard, deal with it.…

      • Matt Dowdy

        In terms of the 64bit processor yes but in terms of functionality and features Samsung are certainly not playing catch up. I love my ipad but it’s seriously lacking alot of features, features that Samsung and Android in general have had for a long time that have been rumoured to be coming to ios that we all get excited about on here. I respect the aggressive defence of Apple products on an apple related blog site but surely we can admit a little jealousy over some of the competitions features, take quick reply, multitasking/multiwindow and larger displays as an example

      • Mac_Guy

        I see your point but I’m happy with the build quality of the applications and physical Apple product, having an iOS device jailbroken is just a plus for me. To be honest, some of the tweaks run better than Android (and yes I have stock Android, not that other crap).

        Again this is just my opinion.

      • Your Mother

        name one please?

      • Mac_Guy

        name one Android device? Be more specific when your blowing up a post with comments

      • Your Mother

        blowing up? lmfao. so basically you don’t even believe your own lie.

        which jailbreak tweak works better on iOS than Android? name just one.

      • Raashid

        He probably hasn’t found a true alternative on Android, so, he concludes it runs better on iOS…that’s the only iLogic I can think of for that claim.

        Personally, I haven’t heard of nor seen a true alternative to Activator on Android (probably ’cause I still use an iPhone

      • Your Mother

        you are so correct, he’s just blowing smoke and up his own arse.

        I just YouTube a video of Activator and I must say that it’s one of the least useful apps I’ve ever seen. maybe the video was not a good demo but I see no use for it other than for novelty.

      • Raashid

        It probably was an older video you saw. Over the past few months, it has really become tough to ignore. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s kinda like AutoHotkey (http://bit ly/1nYVvUa) for iOS.

        For example If there’s a switch for an iOS function (e.g. Bluetooth, Hotspot, Flashlight, Location Services, functions provided by other tweaks, etc) in the settings app, you can toggle it on/off via slide-gestures/tap-gestures/schedules/network status/Bluetooth status/locking the device/unlocking the device/button combinations/charging status.

      • Your Mother

        really? and apple only got a 4″ screen late 2012 and 4G speeds. iOS 7 ripped a few features from Android and iOS 8 will rip even more including split screen thats been on Galaxy devices or years. this year apple will copy wearables and phablets.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Fingerprint recognition (more and more phones are looking to biometrics ever since the iPhone 5s) and Siri (Since Siri we now have the rip-off S-Voice, Google Now, Microsofts Cortana and many more). There are many more examples of hardware and software that has changed the industry and I’m sure this will continue from both Apple and their competitors. Also I’m not denying that competitors innovate to since they do. Even Scamsung (yes that’s right I just swore on an Apple blog so sorry about that) has a 4K camera on their Galaxy S5 which looks amazing and I genuinely believe that Apple and their competitors will all have 4K cameras sooner or later…

      • Your Mother

        Apple was not the first to put a fingerprint scanner on a phone, Motorola did that in 2012 so how is this something that Apple gets credit for?
        biometrics other than fingerprints is now on wearables of which apple has none until (interestingly) Samsung has put them on the market.

        siri, is not an apple invention, it was purchased AND Google voice search was already on the market since before 2011 and it’s much more than and much better than siri and I hope you’re not going to sit there and try to say that it isn’t.

        bit let’s for argument sake say that you are correct about your first two points. with that being said, we can call Apple the copier because they didn’t introduce 4G until after Android, same for 4″ + displays, pull down notifications and quick access to settings, multitasking and tabbed browser. if the rumors are true, iOS 8 will get split screen abilities like the Galaxy AND Apple will introduce an iWatch and Phablet–both of which are In response to Samsung.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Now I know you’re trolling. I never said Apple were the first to introduce a phone with a fingerprint sensor nor will I ever make that claim. The claim that I will however make (and if you read what I stated properly) have made is that since Apple introduced the fingerprint sensor it has lef the way for biometrics in more phones (anotherward Apple was not the first yet they are popularising it).

        As for Google voice search this is not a digital assistant it is a search engine.

        Apple may not have been the first to introduce 4″ displays but they certainly popularised multi-touch tocuh screen technology.

        The notification center is about the only claim fandroids have and it gets brought up in practically every conversation with Apple fans. Just let it go…

        Again with the settings it’s exactly the same as above. In actuality SBSettings has been in exsistence on jailbroken iPhones way before Android had any sort of quick toggles so did Google steal from the jailbreak community?

        Split screen abilities and phablets will likely come however in response to consumer demand not due to Samsung (although admitadly Samsung may have brain washed consumers due to the fact that they are absolutely everywhere and now for the first time ever at Airport Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 in Heathrow).

        As for the iWatch Samsung hasn’t exactly captured the publics attention now have they? All they have done is scream ‘First’.

      • Your Mother

        Trolling! Really? Well you have yourself a wonderful day.

        PS. Palm made touchscreen popular, but if you want to believe Apple is responsible for all these things then knock yourself out.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        There’s a difference between touchscreen and multi-touch touchscreen. I’d have though you’d have known that but obviously not. Have a good day to you too.

      • Your Mother

        technology begets technology. multitouch, not invented by Apple wasn’t available in the mid 90’s.

        Jobs himself adored his palm and the Compaq iPaq after that……hm, wonder where he got the ideas for the iPhone and app store.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        The idea for the iPhone came from the fact that all of their (by their I mean the executives working at Apple) phones sucked…

      • Raashid

        “The notification center is about the only claim fandroids have and it gets brought up in practically every conversation with Apple fans. Just let it go…”

        There are many other things popularized by Android, Apple fans like you just seem to turn a blind eye to them until Apple puts it in their iDevice line. Although I use an iPhone, I see lots of inspirations from Android, including the unified notification area, here are 3 others:

        “- Wireless file sharing between mobile devices via WiFi-direct. Apple’s AirDrop is just a UI for WiFi-direct technology, which almost every Android phone has had for years. Jailbreak tweaks like Airblue Sharing made this available on the iPhone 3Gs, it’s nothing special in the iPhone 5.

        – Mobile phone payments via NFC (a function you won’t find in WiFi-direct). Apple is implementing that with China as an excuse for being late, even though it’s been popular here in Canada and other nations (maybe not in the US).

        – Quick toggles. SBSettings may have came first, but as you keep saying in defense of Apple, the quick-toggles was for sure popularized by Android on 100s of millions of devices vs 2-5 million jailbroken iPhones”

        “Split screen abilities and phablets will likely come however in response to consumer demand not due to Samsung “

        Hahaha, typical Apple shill post. When Apple popularizes it and competitors respond, you claim they’re following Apple. When competitors popularize it and Apple responds, you claim it’s consumers that demanded it? Both are correct and easily interchangeable (i.e. competitors are implementing fingerprint scanners ’cause consumers demanded it), you’re just being biased towards Apple.

        “although admittedly Samsung may have brain washed consumers due to the fact that they are absolutely everywhere and now for the first time ever at Airport Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 in Heathrow”

        Nothing worse than the way you seem to have been brainwashed by Apple.

      • Your Mother


      • Your Mother

        somebody below already said what I was going to say but I’ll add my 2 cents anyway.

        consumer demand has never motivated apple. it was apple who said that people don’t know what they want until we give it to them or something to that effect.

        Samsung’s galaxy gear is just like the first note which everybody criticized but now every body’s copying. and they had to be first else people like yourself would say they copied.

        F.Y.I, the gear and fit are great devices, you should try them out for yourself instead of believing everything on cult of mac.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I believe reviews and the first reviews of the Galaxy Gear were uninspiring and pointing out a plethora of issues with it. Are you saying Samsung has got their act together and fixed the majority of issues?

      • Your Mother

        I’m saying that “reviewers” and “bloggers” to use the terms lightly are notorious for having biased opinions and are the biggest fanboys of all and many engage in outright lies and misinformation.

        I don’t care what people say, I buy and use products for myself so if I say they are bad it’s because I used them as opposed to reading what somebody else said then run around blindly repeating it.

        the gear may have had issues but the iPhone 5 and 5S had more–well documented.

  • Jason Baroni

    At the end what I will love most is this nice ad instead the tablets.

  • Maxim∑

    they came out with like 6 tablets in 3 months. all 6 are crap

    • Chindavon

      Double digits by Christmas season.

    • Raashid

      Nothing officially beats Apple’s limited-ass tab in being a useless crap.

  • Chindavon

    There will be still 17, 999 seats still available at the start of the presentation.

  • Martynet

    they make tablets?

  • You mean Galaxy Tab? That, so called, tablet?
    No, thanks. Android sucks as a tablet OS.

  • quitcherbichinn

    18,000 seats? Someone is delusional. And there is also the line of 11 million S5 units shipped. Shipped and sold are completely different things. Get back to me when sales are 11 million.

  • Matt

    They’re gonna be colorful fugly tablets that will not outsell iPad and will not beat the iPad in terms of customer satisfaction.

  • Bunna Chea

    If apple finally come out of the box saying their tablet is lacking som serious functionally like multitasking window then ill consider buying and ipad… shame on you apple

  • Your Mother

    bunch of sad individuals here who post on this just to make themselves feel good.

    • Mac_Guy

      Your the sad individual monitoring the people who post XD