Calculator ProWidget

Slowly but surely, the ProWidgets add-ons keep trickling out. Today’s bounty—a release of three new widgets to the ProWidgets library—is the result of the efforts of a single developer. Tim Perin, the developer of Calculator ProWidget, Fantastical ProWidget, and an unofficial iDB ProWidget, is the one responsible for single-handedly turning the platform into something that’s a bit more decently supported.

In my review of ProWidgets, I stated that only time would tell the true success of the tweak, with much of the success relying on the jailbreak community to lend its support developing new add-ons. I think it’s safe to say that the support hasn’t been as good as most would have hoped, but today’s series of releases is a definite step in the right direction.

Check out our video walkthrough after the break, as I showcase all three widgets in action.

Of all of the releases, my favorite is the unofficial iDB ProWidget. It’s a widget that allows you to access all of the recent articles posted on iDB in a convenient ProWidgets interface. The iDB widget even has the ability to look at comment threads directly related to a particular post. It’s not perfect, as you’ll see in my video walkthrough above, but it’s probably the best of the three releases.

iDB ProWidget

The calculator widget is arguably the most practical of all of the widgets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to search my Home screen to find that Calculator app after throwing it in some random folder. You always seem to need the calculator at the most inopportune times, and this widget makes it easy to find and launch. Even better, is the fact that you can minimize the calculator, which makes it easy to interact with other apps—something I always end up needing to do.

Fantastical ProWidget

Now let’s talk about the Fantastical widget. This release, too, is a practical addition to ProWidgets. It makes Fantastical feel more like it does on the Mac—a utility that’s always available to take input on a whim. In iOS, that feeling is a little disconnected, but ProWidgets bridges the gap quite a bit. It’s not perfect, but if you’re aware of some of its limitations when switching between quick and detailed input modes, you should be fine.

Each of these widget add-ons have their flaws, but, despite that, I can genuinely recommend them all. The question is, are you still using ProWidgets, and if not, are these new releases enough to make you dust it off and give it another shot? Sound off in the comments section below.

  • nice; but my iDB widget was crashing

    • Shay Shtern

      Any solution?

  • CS

    I’m not a fan of that color blue on the iDB widget :/
    Way too dark IMO..

  • Prathik Nair

    Might have to try out ProWidgets again, the design for the iDB pro widget is a little too, well, vibrant.

  • Phil Randle

    I really don’t see the point in ProWidgets, Its basically a mini app, it really doesn’t save that much time from just opening the full app and getting all of the functionality of the official app.

    I think the best tweaks are ones that provide functionality that is needed or missing, A split screen tweak for iPad would be a lot better.

    One of the best new tweaks that hasn’t been covered here is the new LockInfo 7, in beta, but so far a brilliant lock screen replacement.

  • Anthony Snyder

    I don’t understand why you need widgets. It doesn’t save any time at all. You still have to launch the widget anyway.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Multitasking (kind-of) plus I don’t want to exit an app just to set a reminder or an event, etc and no Siri isn’t always an option before anyone says so…

  • ins0mniac1

    Typing this post via the browser widget. The iDB widget is pretty cool, but the dark blue is a bit heavy.
    ProWidgets is one of those tweaks I really want to love as it’s so cleverly designed, however like others I’m struggling to see too many real world benefits and I usually forget to use it . I also find my iPad Air runs out of ram pretty quickly and often crashes if I have multiple widgets open (understandable with only 1GB ram, but still annoying).

  • Joseph Plunkett

    This Dev is responsible for 8 of the 11 publicly available “aftermarket” ProWidgets.

  • ins0mniac1

    The calculator widget isn’t working on iPad.

  • MP

    Can you keep widgets open on separate springboard pages?

  • Dan

    I took this tweak for a trial run, but I simply could not fin a useful use for it.

  • Tim Perin

    Hey, I’m the developer of these tweaks. Just wanted everyone to know I’m aware of all the problems and am working hard to fix them. Before prowidgets I had never really done any objective c so I’m still learning. All the widgets will be updated to look better on the iPad, and I’ve already completely rewritten the iDB prowidget so it doesn’t crash on older devices. Expect them to be released within the next couple of days.

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