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We noted on the most recent episode of our podcast Let’s Talk Jailbreak that it’s an exciting time for jailbreakers right now. It seems like every few weeks we have a major new tweak coming out—Auxo 2, ProWidgets, IntelliScreenX 7—and today we have a another one to add to the list.

It’s called ‘OS Experience,’ and it’s described as a “revolutionary iOS tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad.” Built by developer Evan Swick, the tweak reminds me a lot of the ‘Spaces’ feature in OS X, with a full-featured window manager, live application previews, and more…

Here’s a short video demo of the tweak:

And the accompany text from the developer:

Note: There’s a few UI glitches/laggniness due to Display Recorder. They aren’t really present, and I couldn’t see them when I was recording.

Introducing OS Experience, the revolutionary iOS tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad.

Influenced by Mac OS X, OS Experience is a fully-featured window manager and multitasking switcher. Apps can be resized, rotated, and moved at will. The switcher also includes live previews of all running apps.

We don’t know much else about OS Experience, but Swick says that he plans to release it within the next week or two. He doesn’t say how much he’s going to charge for the tweak, but in response to a question about pricing on Twitter, he does say that he plans to price it ‘fairly, not high.’

Stay tuned.

  • Marcus

    That looks beautiful.

    • DogeCoin

      such beauty, do multitask, much want

  • Noah Mospan

    Anyone remember quasar from ios 5? Dang I wanted that so bad for ios 6 but but the time he updated ios 7 was released. Anyway, this reminds me
    A lot of it but this is so much better.

    • Dani Hayes

      Quasar was never updated for iOS 6.

      • Evan Swick

        Just to confirm – OS Experience will support iOS 6 as well.

      • Anonomous.TECH.man


      • Jonathan

        You = awesome. Thank you for your hard work.

      • Damian

        You are the man. Just don’t follow quasar mistakes

      • Noah Mospan

        What i meant to say was that he had it just about finished it but gave up once ios 7 came around.

    • Ballziton Shnaps

      Quasar was beautiful

      • Just Abe

        No, it was functional. It had very ugly bugs with rotating, also crashed sometimes. I think the developer of Quasar is a real a-hole. Only put out like 3 updates and promised for more bug fixes. No bugs were fixed and I couldn’t even use it anymore after iOS5.

        It’s a shame he had the guts to ask for money for that kind of half-done tweak.

        I hope here things will be different.

      • Maega

        Too true, it was so buggy I ended up uninstalling it, waste of money.

  • lemonhead

    does anyone know if there is gonna be a split screen option?

    • Jonathan

      I would so buy that.

    • smtp25

      Without split screen and from that demo video seems a bit meh

    • ‘Ariff

      Would be nice to “Snap” windows into place.

    • SimonReidy

      That’s what we are all dying for it seems. There’s not much point having windowed apps unless you can interact with them side by side.

      • And transfer files between the two. I can send pictures from one app to another app by dragging them from say the browser to a chat program on my phone. I want to do that if needed on my iPad.

      • SimonReidy

        That would be amazing. Unfortunately I don’t think iOS could really handle that (without some serious changes to the way file transfers between apps work). That’s one of the areas where Android has a big edge.

      • Sure is a nice feature. I wish I could do it on my tablet too

      • Aryl Indolyl

        Yes, it can. All it would have to be is a graphical representation of a drag and drop while in the background an actual root-level file transfer occurs.

        You’re welcome. *bows*

      • ins0mniac1

        Hehe. Good point on the drag and drop part, however I was referring more to the fact that iOS apps aren’t really set up for easy file transfers between apps (apart from the “open in” command for limited file types).

        Unless the apps in question were just Cydiq apps with root access (I guess dragging and dropping from iFile could be useful sometimes)I can’t think of many App Store apps that could benefit from dragging and dropping without a better way native way for iOS to movie files between apps to begin with.

  • Martin

    Definitely buying an iPad for that. And then waiting for iOS 8 jailbreak. And then waiting for this tweak on iOS 8. That is a long time.

  • Jonathan

    Shut up and take my money!

    And I’m talking to the dev, not some random person that will come up and grab it. =_=

    • Mark

      I refuse to pay for any tweaks after my terrible experience with Mitch Treece’s Fancy tweak. Paid the money only for him to not have any more updates, go silent on email and twitter. Basically, I will download the cracked version, see if it works well or as described, then and only then if it works, consider purchasing it. It’s devs like mitch treece that makes even the honest ones not trust worthy.

      • smtp25

        You got the initial release though right? Was there some sort of guarantee of updates?

      • Mark

        I’m not sure how to respond to that? My sarcasm meter is going off but maybe you were serious. Are you suggesting if any software company or developer sells software or in this case a tweak , no future support should be provided because the sale is final-regardless if the software works? I’m not sure if you’re new to this whole technology thing but when a company sells a software product the update or revisions to the code are free until a major update is applied such as a new entire interface or a redesign, etc. this is usually called product support. Many tweaks were available in cydia with iOS 6 for a price. When iOS 7 came out and was jailbroken the developers charged the people who already downloaded the same tweak for iOS 6. This make sense because of the time they spent redoing their tweak to work for iOS 7. A simple update to fix an issue several people are having according to my experience and twitter should be a free update. I am not sure how else to explain it.

        My point in the first post is I’m hesitant to purchase any tweak because I’m not sure if the tweak will work or with what other tweaks it will work with. It easier to install the cracked app to see if it works. If it does then download the official one and pay for it. If it doesn’t and no updates are provided to fix issue then you saved yourself the time and frustration. I hope this makes sense.

      • James Gunaca

        Come on, it’s like, what, a $1? Or $2? I used Fancy for awhile but eventually removed it. I don’t want a refund for it. Pay it forward for the devs who put a lot of time into these tweaks.

        I can understand with larger tweaks that are in the $3.99-9.99 range which there aren’t many.

      • Mark

        Okay so now you agree but only if it’s 3 bucks or more? Mitch treece stated in twitter thanks for over 10000 downloads. So he made over 10grand off of a product that didn’t work. It’s not right. What’s your cydia username and password. I’ll have you pay for my tweaks since you’re able to throw cash around. You sound like a jackass that’s probably a contractor that rips people off.

      • Mark

        Your Asian wife looks nice. I’m pretty sure it was her that gave me the happy ending.

      • Carlos Gomes

        You are a really frustrated person, aren’t you?
        First you decide to bitch about a tweak that has nothing to do with the article. Then you bitch about a ‘company’ who took you 99 cents.
        And to make things even more ridiculous you insult not only a guy who didn’t agree with your opinion, but also his wife?

        Clearly you’re here to release the frustration that you got somewhere else.
        Please leave, the internet is not your personal psychologist.

      • Mark

        I am sorry. I meant it as a compliment. Maybe it came across the wrong way.

      • Damian

        You are embarrassing lol

      • Mark

        Q: What’s the difference between Simba and O.J.? A: One’s an African lion the other a lyin African!

      • Aryl Indolyl

        Fancy works perfectly fine for me. What is your issue with it? You realize you likely have an incompatible tweak, right?

        Right? You know that, don’t you?

        And on top of that, what are you, 5? $1 gonna break the bank?

      • Mark

        That’s great it works for you. No, it’s not a tweak that I have installed. You have no clue what my phone is, what tweaks I have, etc., software version. And asking me twice about it and then saying right a couple times doesn’t help your argument. And yes, throwing a dollar away will break the bank. F off.

      • Evan Swick

        Piracy forces us to spend valuable time on DRM for people who wouldn’t even consider purchasing if it was available for free. You at least stated you would ‘consider’ it, if it worked.

        Instead of contributing to piracy, if you *really* are concerned that what you’re purchasing won’t work, you can always email me for a free copy to test. It’s not like we’re charging very much. Most tweaks are $1-2, with the bigger ones going for $10. Most people spend more than that on their daily lunch.

        You wouldn’t steal something from a store because ‘it might not work’. You bring it back. If the store goes out of business, you’re out of luck. There’s a risk with purchasing anything, tweaks included. That’s how the world works.

        It’s not like we’re huge, money-hungry companies. We’re individual, hard-working people, and for most people (myself included), it’s our only source of income.

      • Mark

        Dude. Again, missed the point. If one pays for a tweak and it doesn’t work for the masses there should be a reasonable expectation that the tweak will be updated to work-free of charge. If you released a tweak and you got enormous feedback people are having problems with says an iphone 5s, would you try to figure out what’s wrong and tweak the code so the tweak works for most? You sound like a decent guy with a valid point of view but you can’t defend a developer that seeks a broken tweak only to go silent and not offer any support. With your analogy, when intake back the product purchased from the store I expect them to make it right. I think you would be upset if you bought a computer from the store only to get home and the screen is cracked or battery cable missing. What would you say if you took it back the same
        Day and they told you sorry, maybe the next model you buy will work?

      • Evan Swick

        I understand your point of view. I will consider some sort of trial option for OS Experience.

        The reason that most developers do not implement trials is because it’s another vulnerability for people attempting to crack it.

      • James Gunaca

        I think what you’re asking for isn’t unreasonable. Even if the tweak is $0.99 you’d expect with such overwhelming response as Fancy that there’d be ongoing support. And when developers don’t follow through on that it’s extremely frustrating.

        But that isn’t always the case and not the norm; at least not in the 6+ years I’ve been participating in the jailbreak community.

        I don’t think your single experience with fancy justifies pirating tweaks, though. And it certainly doesn’t justify the cheap shot on my wife. But it’s the internet so I don’t get take offense to such things.

      • Aryl Indolyl

        The tremendous amount of buttrage that you exhibit is frightful.

      • Mark

        The responses I have gotten as reassured me that I will just download the cracked version. Clearly the community thinks it’s ok to charge for something that doesn’t work.

    • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

      Damn I was standing here with a net.

      • Jonathan

        Too late. xD

  • Adil Hussain

    Im waiting for the Multi-Window tweak from Ryan Petrich for iPhone. I’d like to see how that works out

  • Stuff Apple knows how to do, but doesn’t, because they design for my grandmother.

  • Malik


    • Jonathan

      I’ve never seen a person actually want to give money to crooks. Hm. Okay. Well, always a first. *runs*

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Another tweak people will complain that it has too much going on(Auxo 2).

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    1. What’s the battery life like?
    2. How much will this impact the iPads performance
    3. What about games? For example with this can I play Infinity Blade and edit a Pages document at the same time or will my iPad commit suicide and reboot over and over if I even attempt to do so?
    4. What’s the RPM (Resprings Per Minute) since a tweak like this is surely going to cause my iPad to enter a fit of sporadic resprings, reboots and safe mode crashes is it not?

    • Platy

      1. Battery will most likely take a bit of hit, it has to. But that said, Apps are generally kept running in the background anyway (for a period of time if you don’t have smartclose). So it will really depend on what your doing.
      2. I doubt it will impact much on the iPads performance? But then it depends on what device your using. I expect iPad 4/mini retina/air will be fine. iPad 2/mini and 3 could see performance dips given the lower RAM / CPU.
      3. I think this will depend on the game and the amount of RAM it requires. I see no reason why the iPad would reboot over and over if anything goes wrong lol, at best once. Again probably comes down to the device too.
      4. Can’t really answer this question until the tweak is released, but if it was as unstable as you are implying what would be the point in even creating it?

      It will come down to the user and what they do too. If you go nuts and try and open 4 games at once then sure the iPad is probably going to respring/crash. But I see no reason why it should be too much of issue nowadays for having 2-3 apps open provided they aren’t super intensive and RAM ‘eaters’.

      • Jerwyn Feria

        1 & 2 Jailbreaking your iPad already brings down battery life and performance down(not much, maybe very little). You can do things like turning off features in settings App(internet, location, bluetooth). iPad Battery, don’t need to worry unless you modified your
        3. I would just stick to doing homework without multitasking into a game like Infinity blade where your attention to details is required. Also doubt you would be doing a document during a racing game either. So stick to the one game app, while editing documents or homework with two or more applications (pages, ibooks, safar, numbers etc).
        4. Instead of RPM, I would do RSPD (or RPD, Respring Per Day), because the number isn’t fractioned and more likely to have whole numbers. Stock iOS give about 1-2 RSPD on light usage, 3-4 RSPD on Moderate Usage, Heavy Usage 5-7 RSPD. On Jailbroken Device, Light usage will make it 2-3 RSPD, Moderate Usage 4-5, heavy usage 6 – 8 . These are all on average based on new tweaks releases and High tweak usage.

      • Platy

        I disagree with a few points lol. Battery life for me I see no difference, I’m sure it’s there but it’s not noticeable. Performance is arguable, how do you even measure that? CPU? I guess…but what about the gains in productivity and usage speed – because they are way up.

        I agree with 3, but what is all this talk about resprings lol. I have had 2 safe mode resprings across two devices since December. I guess it just depends on how you use the device and knowing what works well together :/

      • Just Abe

        You do realise that the iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air all have 1GB of RAM?

        It’s a shame the iPad Air has only 1GB of RAM. When I open a new webpage in a new tab, I have to reload the previous tab when I open that one again. Sucks and makes the iPad Air feel less snappy….. 🙁

      • Platy

        “You do realise that the iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air all have 1GB of RAM?”

        Yes I do, which is why I said 4 and air would be fine. I said RAM/CPU. iPad 3 only has the A5 CPU and I don’t know whether or not that would impact performance.

        Its mainly just Safari that has the issue, the reloading tabs problem was ‘reduced’ with the 7.1 ios (obviously that doesn’t help when talking about jailbreak tweaks but it means it wasn’t entirely a hardware issue). Its also an issue with Safari not being very RAM efficient.

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    iPad or iPad mini, logitech keyboard, btc mouse & trackpad, apple magic mouse and this Tweak = ¡EXCELLENT!

    • Jonathan

      What tweaks do you use that allow you to use these?

      • Jose Antonio Gomez

        The logitech keyboard you just bree Bluetooth and to use the Apple Magic Mouse you ende the tweak btc mouse & trackpad!

      • Blip dude

        Wait, has BTC mouse and trackpad been updates to iOS 7?? I got the Logitech Keyboard because of Microsoft Office, so with a mouse, this would actually be nice. But I would use my iPad as an actual Tablet of course.

      • Jose Antonio Gomez

        Yes, It has been updated for iOS 7! =)

  • Implement that in pro widgets and you have yourself a good tweak; closing and going to the home screen to open
    Another will get to some.

  • Dan

    Kind of looks like another Quazar, I don’t really see myself using this

    • Infinite Production

      Take a Shamesong advert:
      Imagine you having a Skype call and needing to see a Keynote document, you can look at both at the same time without closing either.

      Now, if you are a guitar beginner, it would be good to have three apps open. Music, Safari and a guitar tab app. You can see the chords you have to play on the tab app, search unknown chords on safari, and listen to the next part or play along and control the music from the music app all at the same time.

      Now this Quazar saved a lot of time for me. I hope to see this do the same.

  • Sachmach29

    Moments like these that make you want an iPad…

  • Just Abe

    Who else thinks they should call this OS Xperience

  • CS

    Well darn :/ …. I updated my Mini 2 to 7.1 since there really weren’t any tweaks for iPad. This one looks neat.

  • n0ahcruz3

    This will impact battery life for obvious reason. But the tweak is great props to the devs!

  • czbird


  • This is how not to do multitasking on a mobile device. Split screen like on the Note series and on Windows 8. Why all the wasted space and wasted time changing the size of the window. Stupid

  • 3l Principe

    This is probably one of the best tweaks I’ve seen in a long time!

  • All I want is split screen.