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Good news for Spotify users this morning: the streaming music service has delivered a much needed redesign to its web, iPhone and desktop clients. The new look brings the apps more in line with competitors like Rdio, and establishes a single identity across all platforms.

The redesign comes to the iPhone (it doesn’t look like it’s on the iPad yet) by way of the version 1.0 update. It’s much darker than before, and features trendy effects like blur and rounded iconography. Spotify has also made a handful of performance and stability improvements….

new look spotify

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement on Spotify’s blog:

Today we’re launching the best-looking Spotify ever. Introducing a new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography, playing your favourite music has never looked so good.

 – Content is king. Our new design makes accessing your favourite music smoother than ever before. The new dark theme and refined interface lets the content come forward and ‘pop’, just like in a cinema when you dim the lights.
– It’s Your Music collection. Save albums and browse their beautiful cover art, gather your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood and moment. Found a song or album that you like? Just hit save to add it to your collection. It’s that simple.
– We know you’ll love it. We’ve listened to all your great feedback to ensure that everything looks and feels just right. You told us you preferred a darker interface – so here it is. 

And here’s a promotional clip showing the new design in action:

I’m not a Spotify subscriber, but I do use its free services from time to time and I have to say that the new iPhone app is very impressive. It loads quickly, navigation is intuitive and nimble, and the updated design looks great. It truly feels like everything was rebuilt from the ground up.

If you’re a current Spotify user, grabbing this update is a no-brainer, but even if you aren’t I recommend checking it out. You can find the new app in the App Store for free. The base services are free, but a Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month (and there’s a 1 month free trial).

  • Leonard Wong

    I have to say that the redesigned look gorgeous!

    • Steve R.

      Agreed! Much better than before

    • Sokrates

      Where could you update? I downloaded it again from the Spotify website, but it’s still the old version.

    • sadly android wont get it any time soon

      • Guest


      • From their Facebook page. They first said it will come out today, then they said later. So that usually means a few months.

  • weztimonial

    Nicely done

  • Android users being left in the dark like always again with updates.

  • Georg

    Reminds me kind of the Beats UserInterface (App from the Makers of Sunrise and Rise). Pretty nice made 🙂

  • JS3

    im a premium user so this is awesome!

    • Jason Baroni


  • Arew

    I use spotify for a long time and find the new desing worse than the previous

    • Jason Baroni

      I don’t agree. The new design fits my taste. Only problem is that the offline mode is too hidden.

      • Martin Dunsmore

        Offline mode is in the same place it’s always been.

      • Jason Baroni

        Too hidden. It could be better located. But I love the service

  • Owen

    Spotify has always been the best streaming service for me, and this redesign just skyrocketed it to a solid 10 star service. I love the black interface, it looks so good with my black iPhone.

  • YourHonored

    also if you’re student, you can now get 50% discount/month, ipad has 1.0 update, mac update isn’t showing up for me though..

    • Sokrates

      for me neither.

    • Robert Goldberg

      Nice! thanks for the heads up about the discount…

  • Robert Goldberg

    No update for desktop yet…

    • GzyOnline

      WHAT HE SAID^^…

  • Sean O’Connell

    how the hell do i pause music from inside the app