iPhone 6 camera bulge (G For Games 001)

Is Apple’s next iPhone really going to have an unsightly camera bulge on the back akin to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and many other Android handsets out there? You bet it will, if questionable images said to depict an iPhone 6 in trial production are anything to go by.

While there’s no way of determining the veracity of these photographs, we’ve managed to spot a few discrepancies which cast doubt on their legitimacy, so you too are advised to apply some skepticism…

The images are said to be sourced from Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, and were first published on Chinese microblogging site Weibo and relayed by the Chinese blog GforGames.

They depict the back of a device which seemingly resembles Apple’s next iPhone. You can also catch glimpses on a production software displaying what appears to be a 3D model of the device.

The device pictured appears a slightly taller, slimmer and wider than the current iPhone 5s. However, that rounded hole for LED flash on the back is suspicious given the pill-shaped True Tone dual-LED flash on the iPhone 5s.

We have no reason to believe that the next iPhone will revert to a single LED flash design, but who knows… Anyway, provided these shots are legit, the iPhone 6 should incorporate a back camera that protrudes slightly, like on the iPod touch.

iPhone 6 camera bulge (G For Games 002)iPhone 6 camera bulge (G For Games 003)

The camera lens protrusion shouldn’t be a deal breaker, no?

It is entirely possible that Apple was prototyping various iPhone 6 designs, among them the device pictured here, but there’s no way of ascertaining whether this particular prototype ever made it past the testing stage.

For what it’s worth, a purported engineering drawing upon which today’s iPhone 6 renderings are based also calls for a rounded LED flash design and a protruding camera component on the back.

The sketches, seen below, claim that the iPhone 6 will be 7.1mm thin (the iPhone 5s is 7.6mm thick). If its chassis is too thin to accommodate the entirety of the back camera module, the protrusion becomes perfectly conceivable.

iphone 6 drawing

Apple is also said to consider increasing the iPhone 6’s thickness slightly to 7.5mm to do away with the camera bulge. As a reference point, all previous iPhone models have had camera lens flush with their body.

The rumor-mill thinks Apple is working on two iPhone models this year, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other using a screen that measures at least 5.5 inches diagonally, which would class that model as your typical phablet.

Other features of the iPhone 6 are said to include a speedier A8 chip, edge-to-edge display design with sapphire protection, three new sensors, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and an improved eight-megapixel camera.

Should Apple sacrifice thinness for the sake of seamless design or should the next iPhone be as thin as possible, the protruding camera lens be damned?

  • Danger Mouse

    Is that Windows XP?

    • b12arr0

      Looks like Windows XP to me. Maybe Foxconn should consider an OS update.

    • Micaiah Martin

      Yeah! Rocking old school style 😀

    • Strain

      You’d be surprised how many people and companies still use windows xp. It’s extremely popular. Microsoft is trying to kill it with vista, 7 and 8 but it’s popularity still persists even till today.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        They’ll stop signing and updating xp from april 8th

    • Rowan09

      I still have XP on my XPS, I love XP.

  • Tim Cook


    • Guest

      stop it

      • Micky Ganon


      • Jeffrey


    • leart


    • David Villamizar

      That’s an homage to Alan Turing, please don’t…

  • Jeffrey

    I’m pretty disappointed that the camera will be sticking out of the phone…. Hate that… If you look closely you can see that the camera is sticking out on the photo’s as well as on the schematics. Then again this will probably mean that the phone will be so thin that the camera can’t fit in, thats pretty thin… Also I’m curious how the top and bottom of the back will look like, at first i thought the white stripes were stickers but if you look at the 3D images on the screen you can see that the stripes are shown there as well, so maybe it will be white glass, I think that would mess up the design…

    • trumpet444

      IF this is legitimate, i’m not a fan of the protruding cam either. Then again, i’m not a phone nudist so it’ll have a case anyway.

      I am an ipad/tablet nudist though

  • n0ahcruz3

    Curved edges i like that for comfortable hold. Now for the screen and battery life. Camera have to be 8mp above. I may passed this iphone again if it doesnt fit my criteria in those 3 categories(screen size, battery life and camera)

    • pegger1

      If you pick your cameras based on megapixels, you really have no clue on cameras.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Thats why i put camera on third because camera is my least priority. And besides iphone camera blows.

      • arsenal6

        they just did a test it bested htc one m8.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        iPhone probably has one of the best smartphone cameras out there. Unless you prefer samsung’s over exposured 13mp cram

      • n0ahcruz3

        Ok how bout this if apple released 2 iphones this year one sporting a 13mp the other 8mp? Which one would u choose?

      • Umut Bilgiç

        8mp if they kept the lens.

      • Rowan09

        You keep saying the iPhone camera blows. Which iPhone are you speaking about because it can’t be the 5s?

      • n0ahcruz3

        The 5/5s both overrated. Suck at low light, slight movement result to blurry pictures, washed out and grainy when photos are cropped. Thats why ididnt upgrade to the 5/5s. Not worth an upgrade to my 4s. my 4s still fast and smooth. The 4 inch still dimunitive to me, battery still sucks, camera not so stellar imo. The only noteworthy is the LTE. Everything else is a meh. I like apple but if i see a worthy upgrade i will upgrade. Im just being a smart consumer.

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok but the 5s is great in low light and I use to have a 5, so it’s a huge improvement by far. The shutter speed is also greatly improved over the 5 as well. We’ll see what this iPhone 6 will look like because it’s a much needed upgrade.

      • blastingbigairs

        So you’re still rocking 3G??? Bro, I feel sorry for ya. I might have an old iPhone 5 I can kick down to ya, stop living in denial. LOL! Just messing with ya!

      • n0ahcruz3

        Higher pixel = bigger picture = better picture when cropped? 10mp>8mp or is it the other way around?

      • Umut Bilgiç


      • monarch679

        NO I am an engineer and I can tell that Apple actualy doubled the info stored on a single PNG Image altho its 8MP but blows up Galaxies and most rivals! also not to forget pixels are just a no of pixels individually and that each single nano pixel is capable of carrying enough detail and if we increase its levels/layers then we will get higher resoution picture with less noise thats what Apple did guys Apple has the smartest engineers in the world never underestimate them!

      • monarch679

        Increasing pixlels will increase size of the image as the picture will get bigger so its useless to increase pixels not the layers!

      • n0ahcruz3

        So if apple released two iphones one with 13mp and the other 8mp. You will choose the 8mp one because its one of the best smartphone camera ever created in the whole universe and you’re satisfied with just 8mp and wont bother with higher pixel cameras?

      • monarch679

        I didnt say that dont interpret my words wrong.But both will be good. 13 MP with multi-layer technology will be awesome but if I get a single layered 13 MP phone and on the other iPhone with Multi-layer I’ll surely go for iPhone then! Dude I studied this in my Digital Imaging Processing Course so you better study the differences then come ask me

      • n0ahcruz3

        Try cropping an 8mp image and compare it with a cropped 13mp tell me the difference

  • Micky Ganon

    How Samsung created

  • pegger1

    The sketch also indicates 4.7 and 5.7 as opposed to 4.7 and 5.5.

  • Jonathan

    Why would Apple be using WIndows XP to design the iPhone 6?

    • Jeffrey

      lol it ain’t apple, the text on the pc is chinese:P

      • Jeffrey

        prob. Foxconn or another company

    • n0ahcruz3

      It may be apple’s supplier or assembler

  • Virus

    Hope it doesn’t have the same back as the iPhone 5 hoping for change

    • Jeffrey

      why? because of the scratching? because the iphone 5s used a different metal as the iphone 5, i got an iphone 5s and i use it without a case, and i haven’t had ANY scratch on it, so it’s pretty durable

  • Conanap

    looks like iphone is designed on windows? Or is that the supplier’s computer?

    • Jeffrey

      supplier, the text is chinese so that wont be apple:P

      • Conanap

        ahh ok

  • Joseph

    It’ll be unsightly until Apple fanboys call it the next best thing, anyway.

    • leart


    • Rowan09

      Samsung calls their tech the next big thing not IOS users.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    It’s fugly so therefore fake (unless it’s an iPhone 5cs?)

    • Jeffrey

      lol then i guess you don’t know apple, because i bet this will be the iphone 6… it has almost the same design as the ipad mini and ipad air…

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Those stripes at the top and bottom of the phone are about as un-apple-like a product can get…

      • Jeffrey

        kiiiinda true, im not sure if it will be as it looks on the picture but think about the iphone 5, it has kinda these things too… just trust me, this will be the next iphone

      • Not many people can tell the legitimacy of certain pictures like us congrats lol

      • Is it still un-apple-like? and most importantly do you still think its fugly?

      • I’ve not seen it in person so it’s hard for me to make an actual real decision but what I will say is that Apples renders look a lot nicer than the leaked parts…

      • you right but leaked photos were never supposed to be high res. i personally never thought it was ugly and it still looks just as gorgeous as it does in this photo. I have the 6 btw.

    • Tonka Thor

      Everyone thought the stock iOS App icons were fake, turns out they were real, really fugly.

    • There it is yet again, the “it’s fugly” claims before the Apple product is released. Then next thing you know, the so-called “fugly” becomes the new “beautiful” when released…

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I’m actually serious. It might just be the atrocious quality of those photos being viewed on my Retina MacBook but that is definitely the worst looking iPhone I have ever seen. In regards to the so-called “fugly” becoming “beautiful” just ask Jonny Ive and he’ll tell you all about how design isn’t constant and is changing all of the time (a real shocker I know). Similarly peoples ideas, feelings and emotions also evolve and are constantly changing so it’s easy to see how I or someone else might call a product “fugly” one minute and “beautiful” another minute (hint I was initially a naysayer in regards to iOS 7 but now I love it).

        TLDR; This could just be a prototype for all I know but so far I ain’t digging it 😉

      • Jeffrey

        Hahaha i remember the day the first iphone 5 picture was leaked:’) i thought it was so damn ugly but i learned to love it, and it’s not that i love it because apple made it, it’s because my taste is diffrent now… Same story with ios 7. Somehow this leaked picture was the exact same picture of the next iphone i had in my mind before it leaked, and no, i’m not lying… I guess it’s because the ipad mini and air look the same… But yesterday i realised, according to iDB the macbook air is getting a new design, and since the ipad mini, air and now the new iphones are going to look alike (round edges and the back curved), i really think the back of the new macbook air will look like the back of the ipad air, i have it all in my mind… I wish i was a designer so that i could show you what i mean but i’m not… Just think about 2 large ipad air’s laying on top of eachother facing eachother so that you can only see the backs, tjat’s about what i think the new macbook air is going to look like. Hope i’m right:)

      • Rowan09

        That’s how it goes sometimes. I remember when the Dell Streak 5.0 was out and it was too big and now look at phones today.

  • leart

    I am hoping for a better battery life… camera and speed its good enough even on 5s

    • Rowan09

      The 5s camera and speed is bad to you?

      • leart

        I sayed everything is fine except battery life, you disagree ?

      • Rowan09

        I agree the battery life needs to be better.

  • omrishtam


  • mondo

    *cough* photoshopped *cough*

  • James Coulee

    That “production software” is microsoft word…

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    While I don’t mind protruding lenses from a design point of view, they are horribly impractical because when you place the device on a flat service it doesn’t sit flat and the lens is easily scratched.

    • Jeffrey

      One word: sapphire

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    A LOT of Iphone 6 posts today. Gotta be a record. I think this is the 3rd one today.

  • Daniel Beecham

    No WWDC News???

  • h4nd0fg0d

    If tht is an actual iphone 6, may god help Apple.

  • John Herthop

    Reminds me a lot of the HTC One M7’s silver design.

  • Guest

    What could this be?

    • Glorin

      That’s the logo and product info… same as the old one.

  • Roguebantha

    Notice the ceiling. Definitely an office building at the very least; not a house. Also, note the program being used. Those are images pasted into a significantly outdated version of Word. (which someone noted earlier) furthermore, as someone else pointed out, that is Windows XP running in the background.

    As an interesting point, notice how ALL the pictures are taken diagonally. Consider; there’s no reason to do this. In fact, it is much more instinctual to take a picture with your camera (in this case, resolution and quality would indicate it to be a mobile device) with the device facing upwards rather than that awkward diagonal shot. Even if they were trying to hide the fact that they were taking a picture, holding it diagonally still makes little sense. Thus, one has to conclude that it was taken that way on purpose. Note how the orientation of the picture conveniently hides the top left on bottom right corner of the screen. Except in the last picture, where a convenient hand covers the bottom right. In one picture, the name of the program and icon is conveniently hidden underneath that label. However, I’d like to note that the little of the icon you can see is not the Microsoft Word icon even though the program UI looks like it. In fact, the icon happens to be slightly reddish when I examined it in an image editor. This may be because of the image quality loss, but it may also mean the version of MS Word is not legitimate, which is supported by the fact of how old a version of the MS Word UI it is.

  • Paul M

    In the picture with the schematic of the lightning connector we are looking at the 5.5″ the connector in that picture is roughly half the width of the actual connector on the 5/5S (99.9% chance they stay the same from 5/5S) … The width of that iphone is 2.75″ so it cant be the 4.7 unless Apple makes its iPhone shorter 99% not happening. So in that picture the iphone is roughly 2.75 x 4.75.

  • Framboogle

    On Windows XP?

  • A’s Network

    One of the images looks like the iPod touch 5th generation. IMO, the iPhone 6 will look like the iPod touch except a little bigger and with glass antenna windows like the current iPhones.

  • Technocrz!

    Yes still producing with Windows XP, seems legit

  • I am in the weird part of iDownloadblog… time to close the window.

  • Winblows XP & MS Office for Designing iPhone 6 Really Bad Project

  • Darrick

    I’d prefer it to be thicker so the camera won’t protrude. And even better would be using that extra thickness for a bigger battery

  • Techno Ventures


    What do you think?

    • Arya Kalashi

      Looks nice!

  • Sam Draper

    I hope it doesnt have a protuding lens, the whole point of apple products is that theyre sleek and unflawed. The camara would be too much of a flaw and would make it similar to lesser products and rivals. Although i would more than likely still buy it, its a must to go with my other Apple products!

  • so something like this?

  • Arya Kalashi

    If they just could take the iPhone 5s and make it wider and thicker, it would be perfect