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In line with yesterday’s reports, Apple has launched a new 8GB version of its iPhone 5c this morning, and has discontinued the iPad 2. Originally introduced way back in 2011, the tablet has been a mainstay for the Cupertino company in its second-tier tablet slot.

To replace the retired slate, Apple has resurrected its fourth-generation iPad, which it refers to as the ‘iPad with Retina display.’ The tablet features much better hardware than the iPad 2—with an A6X processor, 1GB of RAM—but will keep the same $399 price tag…

So now Apple’s iPad lineup looks like this: the original iPad mini starts at $299, the iPad mini with Retina display at $399, the iPad with Retina display at $399, and the iPad Air at $499. It’s worth noting that there’s also a Cellular iPad 4 model available for $529.

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It’s not much else to say here. We saw this coming. It was believed that priced at $399, with 3-year-old technology, the iPad 2’s sales had begun to slide. And by bringing back the iPad 4, all of Apple’s current iOS devices are now compatible with its Lightning plug.

I still believe that the iPad Air is well worth the extra $100, as the weight, size and performance differences are instantly noticeable. But at the very least, this makes a lot more sense than selling the iPad 2 for $400. It’ll be interesting to see how customers respond.

To view the iPad with Retina display in Apple’s web store, click here.

  • Does this mean the iPad 2 and 3 aren’t getting iOS 8?

    • David Gitman

      I am thinking that ipad 3 will get ios 8 but without some of the features

    • Leonard Wong

      I will believe that iPad 3 will still get iOS 8 but the features given will be so little
      iPad 2, iPhone 4s probably will not get iOS 8

      • Donovan

        I think 4s will, but 4 wont.

      • Leonard Wong

        Oh yup, my mistake there

    • Jason Baroni

      If Apple kill iPad 2 on iOS 8, the 1st gen iPad mini will not get it too. I don’t believe they are going to do this because of the first mini, but we gotta wait.

      • You never know…look at the 3GS and iPad 1. New hardware didn’t get new firmwares like the 3GS did

      • Jason Baroni

        It is sad, you know? iPad mini is just 2 years old… I actually like the way it holds iOS 7.1. It is much better now when compared to the 7. This gives me hope

    • Daniel Beecham

      I think iOS8 Will be for iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPhone 5, 5c, 5s And new “iPhone 6”

      • Dani Hayes

        I doubt the iphone 6 will get iOS 8.

      • onebyone_

        or iPhone Air ?

  • Litchy

    Very nice 🙂 Since the iPad Air was introduced I thought the iPad 2 was over priced. Now that the iPad 4 with Retina and Lightning took its place the iPad prices look far more reasonable.

    The 8GB iPhone 5c is no game changer but good to have around. They’ll probably stick with the 8GB iPhone 5c when the iPhone 6 arrives as their “cheap” iPhone (like with the 4s right now).

    • Jason Baroni

      And also the iPad 4 has decent cameras for nowadays uses

  • Light

    Where do I pay?!

  • Euphoria

    will apple consider replacing iphone 4 with iphone 4s?i hope so..

  • ic0dex

    When I see people buy the iPad 2 at work i just want to smack them upside their head. I try to explain to them that for $100 you get the iPad Air a WAY better device but they think I’m just trying to rip them off.

    • Lance Baker

      Same thing at my job. And I’ve seen people trade-in the original iPad for the iPad 2. Not much of an upgrade considering the Air.

  • Tony

    The ipad 2 had a price drop to 299.99 which is where ipad 4 should be. 399.99 is way to much for what you get. Essentially your paying 200 more for the air which makes sense as that’s the top of the line. And 8 gb iphone 5c seriously? You can fill up 8 gb extremely fast! 32 needs to be the standard for iphone 6.

    • 16gb should be retired. And pricing 32gb 100 dollars more than 16gb and 64gb 200 more than 16gb is nuts. I wish people wouldn’t pay, then Apple would give a more reasonable deal. 🙁

  • Yujin

    I’m waiting for a refurbished iPad mini with retina for $300-350

  • Hyr3m

    How did they dare sell that old crappy iPad2 for so long ?

    • To see just how much what profit margin they can get.

      • Hyr3m

        I always figured they kept selling it ’cause they had huge unsold stocks of them… They prolly kept an assembly line or two for them though so your question probably has a very interesting answer which can probably be translated into “they used to make sh*tloads of money with it when it was new and then kept making sh*tloads-squared money” 😀

  • n0ahcruz3

    So this means that when the next ipad comes out, they’re going to phase out the current ipad air and keep the ipad 4 as the “cheap” alternative?

    • Jason Baroni

      I believe so.

  • so it’s kinda the New iPad all over again :-s

  • Alberto Espinal

    Good move, cause The IPad 2 was not Retina, they shouldnt have anything thats not Retina!!

  • Tom C

    Apple is a scam they keep selling 8 gb ipad 2 no sd card