Microsoft Office for iPad reportedly launching March 27

By , Mar 17, 2014

Office 365 Home Premium (One office, five devices)

Last week, Reuters reported that Microsoft had a full version of its Office suite ready to release for the iPhone and iPad, it just wasn’t sure when the company would pull the trigger. Well it looks like we may have just found the answer: this month.

According to a pair of scoops by both The Verge and ZDNet, Microsoft has scheduled a March 27 press briefing to discuss “the intersection of cloud and mobile computing.” And it’s going to use the event to launch the long-awaited Office for iPad…

Here’s The Verge’s Tom Warren with more:

“Satya Nadella is planning to host his first press event as Microsoft CEO next week. The software maker has been inviting members of the media to a special cloud- and mobile-focused event in San Francisco on March 27th. Nadella is expected to discuss Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” strategy, and there will be some major news ahead of the company’s Build conference in early April. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the event will mark the introduction of Office for iPad.”

Warren goes on to say that Office for iPad will fully support document creation and editing in all included Office apps. Unfortunately, it sounds like it will require an Office 365 subscription, and offer similar features and UI to the current iPhone version.

Microsoft is also said to be readying a long-awaited update for its Office suite on the Mac, expected to be released sometime this year, and earlier today, the company launched its note-taking app OneNote in the Mac App Store. It’s free for a limited time.

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  • Maxim∑

    To late Microsoft, Im not paying a yearly fee when I can do everything I need on iWork

    • Same here. I have Documents To Go, and while it may be a little limited, it still does the job.

  • jack

    I feel so angry they want us to pay them monthly (subscriptions) to use an app

    • lolder

      and u still want support for it, upgrades and are you willing to pay millions in production?

      • jack

        who said that?

  • Raashid

    Smart business move that I would NEVER support…

  • Tumbled_Sea

    subscribe? hell no.

  • lolder

    I’m glad Microsoft doing this, why make it one time purchase when people are hating you and still wanting to use your software?

    • Rowan09

      You will lose sales with a subscription base model. If people hate Microsoft, this is giving them a reason to hate them more.

      • lolder

        well they don’t really care when they are the number one in office software, they are giving customers an opprtunity, if they want it buy it. If they would release the office as one time purchase they would lose a lot. Or if people want one purchase only then Microsoft can charge them $250

      • Rowan09

        They care or they wouldn’t release it for the iPad and iPhone. Paying a subcription fee is just horrible for customer service, especially with a product that doesn’t really update or provide more funtions once purchased. Microsoft can do whatever they want and I won’t be supporting Office on the iPad since I have absolutely no need.

      • lolder

        well they don’t give a crap, if they wanted money they would have released it long time ago. Releasing makes it one more reason for apple to think of them as best

      • Rowan09

        What? Apple don’t need to think Office is the best because it’s the standard and proven as the best. Apple can’t argue or disprove that fact. You keep mentioning they don’t care but they do or they wouldn’t release it for any other OS besides Windows. Office is available for Mac as well know.

      • lolder

        Office is available for Mac and i’t s minimum 2 years old. See they don’t care

      • Byron C Mayes

        I think you may have missed the attempt at humor.

      • Rowan09

        My bad. Lol

  • Byron C Mayes

    Too little, too late. I finally fully understand what that phrase means.

    Thank you Microsoft!